Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread! (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Nut/Yeast Free)

Introducing my Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich


Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread

Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread

 I'm writing a Paleo Bread Book- titled Every Last Crumb coming out in the fall. (Now available for pre-order on AMAZON- Click here)   So I've been in bread recipe development mode 24/7!

HOLY MOLY.. This Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread recipe was a BEAST, A BEASSST I tell you. I spent literally the last 15 days making it over and over AND OVER until it was absolutely perfect.

I went through TEN DOZEN eggs, 5 POUNDS of Coconut flour and 10 POUNDS of starch during my trials.    And I know- even after all that work these last days..that without the last 5 years of constant baking and learning under my belt I could have never pulled this off.

I'm incredibly pleased and proud to introduce this Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread recipe to you. It does't taste Paleo. no no no. Paleo bread is usually not worth eating. But this. Oh myyyyy.

You can use it for sandwiches, french toast, name it!

  Its SO soft and light. It  has a beautiful outside crust and just wait till you see how big and beautiful it gets while baking.  Get ready for a real deal bread making experience..just without the gluten, grains dairy, nuts and so much more!

I feel 100% confident that once you taste this Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread you will agree that it is without a doubt the worlds best Paleo Bread. I feel strongly about this because I spent over 80 hours working on it. I made sure it was perfect.

Before you bake..Lets talk a few important details:

  • Please NO substitutions. NONE!!!!  I know that will be disappointing for some people. But trust me, bread is finicky in general and making even small changes could throw things off.  DO NOT ALTER A THING!
  • If you don't own a baking scale, go buy one TODAY.  When making bread, precision will make or break a recipe. I'm providing both the cup and gram measurements for this recipe. But if you want the bread to actually turn out as its intended to. PLEASE USE A BAKING SCALE! One slightly different amount of any ingredient will cause your bread to become too wet or too dry!
  • Yes I know.. the recipe calls for A LOT of egg whites. But I promise there is nothing "eggy" about this recipe nor does it taste like coconut flour. Please use real egg whites, not the ones that you can buy in a milk shaped carton. You can use the leftover yolks to make Custard or Even Mayo! (Custard recipe in Club Angell)
  • Follow the directions EXACTLY. This bread isn't hard to make, anyone can do it- but its important you take the time to read the directions and follow them to a T. Skipping something will change your results! Don't be lazy!
  • I used a stand mixer to make my bread- if you don't have one a mixing bowl + hand mixer will work! Its extremely important that you use one or the other. DO NOT try to make this by hand - you need electricity!
  • This Bread Slices BEAUTIFULLY once it has fully cooled. The day after baking its especially easy to cut into thin slices. You'll notice that the day after it has baked it may also seem kind of hard in texture. Just pop it into the microwave , toast it or warm it up in a skillet and it will taste absolutely incredible!

Worlds Best Paleo Sandwich Bread!


  • 9 Egg Whites from Large Eggs
  • 1 1/3 Cups of Coconut Flour ( 165 grams)
  • 1 1/2 Cups of Potato Starch (251 grams) (Or Sweet Potato Flour- see note below)
  • 4 1/2 Tsp. of Xanthan or Guar Gum
  • 2 TBSP Baking Powder ( I use Bob's double acting)
  • 1 Tsp. Salt
  • 1 Cup of Shortening (190 grams) *I use the brand Spectrum Organics.
  • 3 TBSP Granulated Sugar (Coconut Palm Sugar or Organic Cane)
  • 3 Packets (3 TBSP) of Knox Gelatine or other brand of choice like Great Lakes.
  • 3/4 Cups (174 Grams) HOT water
  • 2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Get out a standard bread pan so that its ready to use.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer (or a mixing bowl) drop in the 9 egg whites. Set aside.
  3. In the microwave (or a saucepan) heat up the 3/4 cup of water so that its nice and hot (but not quite boiling). Pour it into a little cup or bowl and whisk in the 3 packets of gelatine with a fork until full dissolved. Set aside.
  4. In a mixing bowl (placed over your kitchen scale) add the coconut flour, Potato Starch, Xanthan Gum, Baking Powder, Salt and Sugar. Mix together. Add in the shortening- and cut it into the mix so it becomes part of the flour mix. Set aside
  5. Place the whisk attachment on your stand mixer, and begin whisking the egg whites at high speed until soft peaks form (this will take just under a minute). Pour in the gelatine and water mixture and continue to beat for another 10- 15 seconds.
  6. Begin slowly pouring the flour mix into the stand mixer, while its mixing on low. Once all the flour is in- beat on high for about a minute.
  7. Pour in the 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Beat for 20 seconds longer. Then turn the stand mixer off.
  8. Lightly oil your kitchen counter- and use a spatula to drop the glob of sticky bread dough onto the oiled surface. (Oil your hands too as needed)
  9. Pound the dough a little with the palms of your hands to beat out any big crevices in the dough. Then roll it around to form it into the shape of a loaf of bread that will fit into your bread pan.
  10. Don't spend too much time doing this- the quicker you get the dough into the oven the better!
  11. Put the dough into your bread pan and then place it on the middle shelf of your hot oven. Bake for 20 minutes and 400 degrees. Then turn the heat down to 375 and bake for another 40 minutes.
  12. Remove from oven and allow your bread to cool 100% before you slice it. Waiting, makes a huge difference in how the bread will slice for you! (If you slice too early the bread will be goo-ey on the inside at first!!)
  13. I'll be gathering an inside temperature to add to this post of the finished bread recipe. But another way I test doneness is by sticking a long skewer stick into the bread to see if it comes out clean..kind of like you can do with muffins and cakes. I'm able to tell by the way if feels when I poke if the dough is still goo-ey on the inside or if it feels baked through like the outside crust. The only way I can think to describe this is that the inside texture should have almost the same "give" as the outside texture when you put the stick in. You shouldn't feel a ton of resistance when you hit the inside portion of the bread dough. Take note of how it feels when the stick going through the outside crust and look for a similar "resistance" on the inside


Store the bread at room temperature in a sealed bag (after it has cooled). This bread tastes best slightly warm so I like to heat it up briefly before serving. Be sure to try toasting it as well! Feel free to freeze this bread once it has cooled to use later. However, do not store it in the fridge!

If you want your bread crust softer- you can gently tent it with tinfoil after the first 20 minutes of baking. Don't press the tinfoil down hard as the bread is going to continue to rise for at least the next 20-30 minutes of the baking time.

** Online from Barry's Farm you can order "Sweet Potato Flour". Its actually sweet potato starch and it will work as a perfect substitute for the potato flour in this recipe, if you would like to use that instead!. I have also seen sweet potato starch/flour at asian grocery stores. Its super cheap there and also should work as a great sub! **

PS. Not sure what to do with all the yolks?? Make the custard in Club Angell to stuff a bunch of my donut recipes with!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Nanci

    wondering what the measurement would be for using Great Lakes Gelatin?

  2. Megen Hilbrand

    Do you think you could replace the potato starch with tapioca or possibly arrowroot?

    1. Deneen

      No substitutions, not if you expect her results. She “kinda” said said that in the intro. (?)

  3. Heather

    I can not wait to try this, this weekend! Have you tried making it into buns?

  4. Stephanie C

    This looks amazing!! Which coconut flour do you recommend?

  5. Deneen

    Already I see people asking about substitutions. . Ay yi yi . Thank you for this recipe, I know it was a lot of work, I honestly don’t think I will tackle it any time soon, I am so intimidated looking at it. I will though eventually! Loved following your progress in IG!

  6. Colleen

    Can you make this in a bread machine?

  7. Rebecca

    So excited to make this! Is it the Great Lakes green or red can gelatin?

  8. carolina

    is Potato Starch paleo?

  9. Krista Edman

    I have got to try this so I’m going to order that sweet potato flour. Thanks for all the hard work Brittany!

  10. Jenny @ Paleofoodiekitchen

    Yay for nut free!!!! Need to get some potato starch and guar gum then im making this 🙂 thanks Brittany!

  11. Crystal Robinson

    I just ordered Sweet Potato Flour and Guam Gum from!

  12. Jeff

    I’m giving this a try today! We stock extra-large eggs in our kitchen… and so I found an egg white converter at convert-to dot com (they have everything on that internet!). For anyone else with other-sized eggs:

    Nine large egg whites =
    Seven jumbo egg whites
    Eight extra-large egg whites
    Ten medium egg whites
    Twelve small egg whites

  13. Cassandra McManus

    What is the size of a standard bread pan? I’m finding mixed results on Google!

  14. Michelle

    Did you happen to weigh the egg whites in grams?

    I’m just curious, did you try tapioca or arrowroot starch in this recipe? I know potato starch is known for giving softness to baked goods, so I’m guessing other starches make it more dense and possibly gummy. I’m always so interested to learn from other bakers’ process!

  15. Jennie

    Was waiting for this! But sadly my son is allergic to potatoes and sweet potatoes, did you do any tests with tapioca starch instead? If so what was the result? Slightly denser, or did it just not turn out at all? Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Shelly Dolbeer

      Hi Jennie, I know the recipe said no substitutions, but after a series of almost comical errors and multiple trips to the store (which is a 30 minute round trip) only to get home and find out I didn’t have enough potato starch like I thought I did – I decided not to make another half hour trip back to the store and used the tapioca flour I had on hand. I’m not sure how the regular bread is supposed to turn out, but compared to the many other bread recipe’s I’ve tried this bread tastes pretty darn good. I have however ordered the right products online through and should have them in time to make the recipe the correct way this weekend, so I can update you on how the breads vary.

    2. Shelly Dolbeer

      Update: I used the correct ingredients this week and I notice no difference. I would say try giving the tapicoa flour!

  16. Kim

    Are Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum Paleo?

  17. Emma Jane

    Hi, recipe looks great but cane sugar is defo not paleo! Coconut sugar, that’s fine, but not cane, that’s just regular sugar

  18. Dawn

    Could you tell me what shortening is as we don’t have anything called that in Australia.

    1. Shelly Dolbeer
  19. Val Baker

    I found this Dawn. I am in Oz too and am wondering if we could sub coconut oil??

  20. Candice Harris

    its in the oven right now!!! My house smells amaaaaazing! Not as difficult as it looks to make….I dont have a stand mixer so I had to buy a hand mixer (Cannot afford KitchenAid) ….worked well! Cant wait till it cools and I can slice it n smear on some coconut spread (earth Balance). I will leave another comment at that time and post a pic on IG for you Brittany 🙂

  21. Val Baker

    Yum, just made this. Formed a lovely crust. Used cups because my food scale broke. Even forgot shortening and subbed in coconut oil which was solid at the lat mixing stage. Enjoying with some “cashew cheese” right now!! I will be making this again for sure. Can’t wait for the bread book. Now can you make a hot cross bun recipe pretty please…

  22. Cassandra McManus

    I’m wondering if you personally use guar gum or xanthan gum? I used xantham, but 2 tsp turned out to be 9g…. I used 4.5 tsp still.. waiting for the bread to come out of the oven! Thoughts on why this happened?

    1. Cassandra McManus

      Update! It tastes amazing but is quite dense.. do you think the xanthan had something to do with it?

  23. Stephanie Koochack

    I made this tonight and am blown away! blown away!! lovely sweetish flavor. Beautiful crust and soft. Although, the batter was different than described for me. I couldn’t roll it at all, it was more “scoopable” but very airy. so I scooped and smoothed, patting down as I well. I baked it in a 9×5 and next time I’ll try my 8×4 to try to get a taller loaf. but wow, the flavor is great, no grains and not even yeast! total score on this one! thank you thank you thank you!!!

  24. Shaunach

    SOOOO excited to try this! Have an allergy to baker’s yeast and have been searching for a good bread! YAY! 😉

  25. Erica Boarman

    Hi Brittany!

    I do not have any restrictions, so I am going to attempt to make this bread as cinnamon raisin bread! Wish me luck! 🙂

    Thanks for the recipe,

  26. Carrie T

    I can’t wait to try this, but I will sub homemade baking powder (baking soda + cream of tartar) as most baking powder contains cornstarch – not paleo, and usually GMO! Hain is the only one I know of that contains potato starch instead of corn, but it is not available near me.

  27. meshe

    Hi everyone!

    I am sensitive to corn, so just in case anyone else is, please beware that BAKING POWDER has corn starch in it, unless you buy a brand that specifically doesn’t have cornstarch. The other option is to make your own BAKING POWDER using Baking Soda and Cream of Tartar (a wine-making derivative).

  28. SP

    Super stoked to try this, but quick question: “Cool completely.” In the pan, or turned out?

  29. Laurie

    Looking forward to trying this recipe. Just wanted to double check that you mixed in the flour to the egg whites using the wisk attachment.

    Thanks for taking the time & effort to put this recipe together!

  30. Shelly Dolbeer

    Hi Brittany, Thanks for all you do. I have been so happy since I found your site. Just wondering if there an easy way to get nutritional facts from your recipes? Such as Calories, Fat, etc.?

  31. Lance Rybka

    I made this exactly as the recipe and it was amazing!!!! My 3 year old ate–inhaled–two thick slices–and asked for thirds. He was munching away saying, “hmm, hmm. I like dis’ skin Mommy” he hates crust but ate every crumb. Thank you! Today I made the recipe again but when it came time to put into the loaf pan I rolled them into 12 balls and put on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Perfectly crusty rolls with a soft, fluffy centre. Baked for about 20 min at 400 and they were done. Going to try as kaisers next time and recipe should yield 6 kaisers. Excited to see how this recipe can be a baseline for all kinds of bready goodness. Thank you!!!

  32. Kimberly

    Do you have any bread recipes that are made without egg whites? My son can’t have gluten or egg whites. Haven’t found a decent bread for him.

  33. Jessica

    Your bread is in the oven right now; my husband and I couldn’t be more excited!

  34. Jessica

    Brittany, I followed the measurements exactly (with a scale and all), and followed the mixing times with a timer. My bread turned out pretty flat, it didn’t rise.

    Could it be that I over-mixed the dry goods with the shortening? What might I modify next time to have a risen loaf?

    Thanks so much for your feedback and for making this possible for all of us!

  35. Jessica

    Hmm…I’m thinking I might not have whipped the eggs LONG enough, now that you mention that. I wasn’t familiar with egg whipping vocal, and just followed the time listed, but if I had looked this up it would have made more sense to me:

    Thanks for the feedback! We’ll try again next week when we eat this up. I’m sure it’ll still be tasty =)

  36. K

    I wish I knew what I did wrong. I used a scale followed all instructions… made buns that rose well golden took them out and within a minute or two they fell. The flavour is good but they are dense and flat like pucks… I live at high altitude… any suggestions or am I a lost cause. Ps I have an oven thermometer temperature is good.

  37. K

    I look forward to your note of bread temperature when done this might help. Thanks for all your hard work.

  38. Tawnya Marsh

    Hi! I just made this bread but I have a question about the gelatin. I’ve never worked with it before and when it put the gelatin mixture into the egg whites there were lots of clumps in the water mixture. Is this normal? I can see on the outside of my loaf the shiny spots of gelatin. I’m super hoping I didn’t ruin it. My water was hot and not boiling but I’m wondering if it wasn’t hot enough? I’m waiting for the loaf to cool before I cut into it to taste it. Smells amazing, I hope it’s still edible. Thoughts?

    1. JR

      Same thing happened to me! It’s in the oven; guess I’m going to have gelatin clumps in mine lol. 😛 Hope it tastes awesome anyway!

  39. Christina Dwyer

    I need to order shortening. Is Palm shortening the same thing? Butter flavored or plain?

  40. Dave

    Could you please clarify re cooking. Your recipes seem to make no mention of fan forced ovens.
    Do I assume all your baking is done in a conventional oven and therefore I shouldn’t use our fan forced option (which I always use).
    Your website and recipes are wonderful, thanks for all your research.

  41. Jaclyn DiMicco

    Okay, so I know substitutions are not your favorite topic, but, as far as the shortening goes, how do you think using Palm Shortening will affect the taste?

  42. Julie

    My kids are gluten free and struggle with wanting toast and other bread based goods now and then. It’s so hard to find substitutes that aren’t full of junk! I made this bread subbing in butter for the shortening and using cup measurements due to having no scale. It turned out amazing!!! Thank you for this!

    1. Lily

      Thanks for posting this Julie! I wanted to make this but I avoid palm shortening as it is really hard to get ethical sources (I like Orangutans 🙂 so I plan to use butter as well 🙂

  43. Christina Dwyer

    Is there a place to post photos? Also I used my 9 egg yolks to make paleo creme brûlée.

  44. Martha

    You don’t grease the pan, right?

  45. Courtney

    Just wanted to leave a note to let you know that this bread is fantastic! My 7 year old daughter and husband recently transitioned to paleo. I rarely eat paleo baked goods, but having them around seems to have made the transition much easier for my daughter. I love that this bread isn’t made with nuts or seeds, since she seems to get plenty of those in other ways. I sliced the loaf into 20 thin slices, which I am thankful for since it isn’t an inexpensive recipe to make. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in creating this recipe! You are a true artist!

  46. Justine

    Hi, I am In Australia. I made this bread tonight and wasnt sure what shortening to use so I used vegetable cooking shortening. I am very pleased with the way it turned out but it’s very moist almost doughy. I left it to cool before cutting. I used potato flour is this different to starch? Thanks heaps for receipe!

    1. marsha

      I believe potato flour is ground from the whole potato; potato starch is the starch that settles in the water when potatoes are soaked; a truly ambitious person can collect his or her own (I can find it easily on my store shelf, so I buy mine.) But the nomenclatures may be different in different regions.

  47. Julie C

    You are wonderful. This is so close to real bread, I will definitely be making this again. I really enjoyed my bacon egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast! Its a bit on the hard side but I am assuming that it is supposed to be? Either that or I cooked it too long but I followed the time exactly. Do you think this could be made into a bread bowl somehow? If so that would be awesome for some clam chowder. Please let me know if you think it would work and what pan to use and if the time would be different. Thank you!

  48. Alanna

    LOVVVVVE this! It’s so good. Can I ask what kind of bread pan you use? My bread came out short and wide. But my family still very much enjoyed it. 🙂

  49. Moran London

    made this bread today. much like any of your other recipes- it’s wonderful!!!

  50. Tawnya Marsh

    Hi Brittany,
    Another gelatin question 🙂
    I just purchased and received the Great Lakes hydrolyzed gelatin because I was inspired by Kelly Brozyna’s gelatin smoothie recipe. I love it. It can be dissolved in cold water, I’m wondering would this work if I just added it to the dry ingredients? Would it do its magic once mixed with liquids? Just thought you may know or maybe have tried this already and have any insight… Thanks again. This bread is amazing!

    1. Carla Bowling

      To reply to Tawnya Marsh. The Hydrolyzed gelatin( in the green canister) does not act the same as regular ol’ gelatin( red canister ). It’s great for smoothies and mixing into cold liquids, but will never ” set”. Of you read the entire label, it mentions that fact. It’s great for so many applications to sneak extra goodness in. But a gelatin that needs to be heated and dissolved is what will set liquids, once cooled.

  51. marsha

    Hello, the recipe sounds great. I get farm fresh eggs that are a variety of sizes. Do you by any chance have a volume on the egg whites?

  52. Kim

    I just had my first slice of this bread. WOW! It’s delicious! The crust is very crispy but the rest of it is light! I didn’t have a kitchen scale so I just used measuring cups and hoped for the best. It didn’t rise as much as I thought it would and I’m sure that’s the reason. But it still tastes great! Thank you!

  53. Karen Alessi

    Hello, Is there a way to make homemade double acting baking powder as I can’t have corn starch? Is this why some people are getting flat loaves because they are using their homemade baking powder that is not double acting? Also I wanted to clarify that you use potato starch not potato flour because the last paragraph in the notes section reads “It’s actually sweet potato starch and it will work as a perfect substitute for the POTATO FLOUR in the recipe.” What are we to use? I know potato starch and potato flour are very different and I get you can sub the sweet potato starch/flour but if not using the sweet potato stuff, what am I using potato starch or flour? I have both in my pantry. thank you so much for you hours and hours of toil! You’re amazing!

  54. Tracy

    Can you use this bread for hamburger and hot dog buns?

    Thanks for the detailed instructions!


  55. Tracy

    What I meant was, can I put it in the hamburger and hot dog pans?

  56. Stephanni

    i made this last night & it was good but very dense. it may have been because i squished it down in the pan, wasn’t for sure how to exactly put in the pan, next time i will just plop it in there. 🙂

    my question is how many servings do you guesstimate this makes?

    love the recipes, i even purchased the club membership. thanks again!

  57. Lexi

    I am not even going to attempt this. I will surely ruin it 🙁

    1. Krista Spina

      Not a baker…..made this today….LOVED IT!!!!! Smells great, very dense, the kids liked it with butter, husband even liked it….will be making it again!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  58. Rich

    Do you have any idea of the cost for a loaf of this bread. I know Danielle Walker “Against All Grain” has a Sandwich Bread recipe, but I checked and it cost $8.50 to make a loaf. Sorry, but that is a ridiculous price to pay for a loaf of bread. Thanks for your recipes.

  59. Patty

    Wondering how you think the powdered egg substitute would work? I am sensitive to eggs, yeast, wheat, & cows milk so finding a bread recipe has been pretty tough.

  60. Krista Spina

    Oops, I did that wrong 🙂 THANK YOU to Brittany for the yummy recipe 🙂

  61. Maria Bachteal

    I’m confused by your suggestion of using the egg yolks for your custard recipes. I looked at all the custard recipes, and they seem to require whole eggs. Am I missing something? Thanks!

  62. Bobbi Friling

    I tried this today and it has a great flavor but is way too dense. I will be trying again with the double acting baking powder. It just didn’t rise at all but still has good flavor. I’m still new to gluten free/paleo baking and it’s so different than baking with flour! Takes some getting used to. Thanks so much for all the wonderful recipies.

  63. Pam Rutstein

    Thanks for this recipe! The first time I made it I used potato flour by mistake and I got a brick of a loaf! I also didn’t have double acting baking powder or shortening (I used butter) but I think the potato flour was the biggest factor. I just made it today again and this time I used each ingredient as it is written and WOW it turned out just perfectly! My very picky children loved it also so that’s saying something. I haven’t been able to eat bread in a long time so this is such a treat. I was also curious about the price per loaf. With what I paid for all the ingredients, I estimate it cost me about $4.50 per loaf with the eggs being the bulk of the cost. Definitely worth it! Thanks again for sharing all your recipes and all the time you put into them! PR

  64. Dena

    Hello, what could you suggest instead ofshortening? As we do not have it in our country. Thank you in advance. Dena

  65. Cherrelle McCloud

    Hello! I finally got around to making this bread after having Every Last Crumb since December! Taste wise it was great, but mind turned out very dense and did not rise. I used double acting baking powder, and the recipe in the book listed yeast as an ingredient as well. I’m wondering if something I did while mixing made it dense. I used the whisk attachment until it was time to add the flour, then used the dough hook. Any advice? Thanks!

  66. Maria

    Much like another commenter, I am confused as to what type of potato flour we are to use. Potato STARCH flour or Potato flour? From what I understand, these are very different to bake with. Could you please clarify? Thanks!!

  67. Maria

    I have made this bread 3 times now and have used either butter or coconut oil instead of shortening. It turns out perfectly each time! I am so pleased to have found this recipe though I only make it after I’ve collected lots of egg whites (I freeze them a few at a time until I have enough). Next time I am going to reduce the sugar as I think it doesn’t need to be so sweet. Thanks again.

  68. Sally

    Bought your EVERY LAST CRUMB book!!!!
    Tried this bread recipe today and it got REALLY DARK! I am sure because I used dark pan. Also when I measured the coconut flour using the weight vs cups… It could be my scale(cuisinart) I could tell it was more than 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons. But I used the weight amount! I would like to know what type of pan you use and scale. I will try again using my glass loaf pan and probably go borrow someone else’s scale to measure.
    Would LOVE to have your thoughts …
    PS … Made the waffles on page 144 . SPOT ON AND THE BEST EVER 🙂 DELICIOUS

  69. Stefanie

    My bread came out very dense and grainy tasting. I followed your recipe exactly. Any ideas what went wrong? My baking powder was old. And I used guar gum instead of xanthan gum. Seemed like all I could taste was coconut flour. Cut beautifully and looked great. Maybe the brands I used? Any suggestions?

  70. Mel

    Thank you so much! I am still fairly new at this whole gluten free/mostly grain free thing-And having a hard time finding recipes that don’t call for oats, quinoa, millet or brown rice. I was so excited to find your recipe today. It looks and tastes amazing.

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