Worlds BEST Keto/Low Carb Fluffy Pancakes! (Gluten/Grain/Nut Free)

keto pancakes

Baking without starch isn't easy. I mean its not difficult as far as the process- but getting a texture as good as pancakes with carbs is HARD.

I made these pancakes EIGHT times to get them perfect. I hate pancakes that taste like an omelet trying to be a pancake. I tested out many of the top keto pancakes and I wasn't impressed with any of them. I wanted a recipe so good that they could become a guilt free weekly recipe to help keep me on track. I nailed it with these- they are the perfect thickness, fluffy, soft and best of all I don't feel like Im eating an egg with a little flour mixed in!  You'll make these all the time..I promise 🙂

Note: This recipe can be used for waffles as well but they will not be crispy!

Stay tuned as I'll be working on some keto syrups for these pancakes (or even coffee!) Starting with a pumpkin spice syrup first..


Brittany Angell

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  1. Kaleki Hill

    How would these fair as waffles? Kinda addicted to my new waffle iron at the moment but my waist line says I need keto 😉

  2. Bobbi Kenow

    I was so excited to see this recipe…but then saw the cream cheese…say it ain’t so!! 😉😜 I may have to give it a try with coconut cream and see if I can get in the ballpark of “fluffy/non-eggy”. At least I know I now have a rockin’ recipe to feed my non-dairy-sensitive family members. You are awesome!

  3. Karen Mahoney

    I made these this morning and I have to say that these are absolutely amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! I get so tired of boring breakfasts and pancakes that taste like &*%!! Today, I had a very satisfying breakfast!

  4. Sharon

    I couldn’t find the recipe.

  5. Sheri South

    Hi, Brittany! I’m excited to try these soon. is this recipe for a single serving, or more than that? Thanks!

  6. Emily Limaye

    If I didn’t want to use xylitol should I try substituting a regular sugar such as honey or maple syrup 1:1? I realize this is an experiment but just curious about sweetness ratios as I have little experience with xylitol.

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