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  1. Melanne

    Hi Brittany – this looks amazing and I’m going to make it for my 100% Italian boyfriend! I just ordered a large bag of psyllium husk powder and do not have any in the whole form. Do you think this will still work? I made your Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies for my GF niece last week and she was in Heaven! Thanks for all of your recipes!

  2. Kelly

    Seriously. You. are. a. GENIUS!. 🙂 So about how many “noodles” does this make and what size/shape/thickness should we make the dough before cutting? 🙂

  3. Rachel

    Hello! This looks great! I have to ask, what exactly is psyllium husk? Is there anything I can substitute in place of it? Thank you!

    1. Alyssa

      Brittany, thanks so much for posting this recipe! Does your chef mind ever stop working? Rachel, I was wondering about a psyllium husk replacement as well. My recent food intolerance report came back with about 60 foods I should not eat and to my surprise, psyllium was one of them. Strange, I had never heard of it before looking at some of Brittany’s recipes. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work. After finding your website, I no longer feel trapped by my inability to eat my “old” favorite foods. THANK YOU!!!

      1. Suzanne

        Alyssa do you mind me asking what food intolerance test did you take? I took one but only for grains and dairy. I am looking for one that test for more things. Thanks for any help.

  4. Chris

    Can the egg be replaced with chia egg?
    About how many people will this serve?

  5. Tessa@tessadomesticdiva.com

    Good lord Brittany, I cannot keep up with you…you are a recipe machine!!! This looks great and is pinned!

  6. Sarah

    I second the question about egg replacers, as my 4yo is allergic to gluten and egg. Thanks!

  7. Deborah H

    Any chance there might be a sub for the starch? I’m thinking maybe chickpea flour….or would that not be a suitable replacement?

  8. Suzanne

    Instead of a food processor do you know if I can use a VitaMix?

  9. Megan @ Allergy Free Alaska

    Brittany, I swear you’re a genius! I can’t believe that’s grain free – awesome!!

  10. Elena

    Brittany, how to cook these noodles by themselves ( not in lasagna ) ? Thanks..

  11. Elise Adams

    What a great idea…and wonderful recipe!

  12. Maria

    Ok, two things: 1) this recipe made my Italian head explode. No lie. I’m sending this recipe to my mom asap. Sunday family dinners just got AWESOME! 2) for some reason this page only shows up in mobile theme (both on my kindle and PC) but when I try to switch mobile theme off, it won’t load. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I still can see the recipe. I just don’t want to miss out on any pretty pictures. 😀

    1. Maria

      wait, what the… I reload the page to see my comment (oh, the narcissism) and the page loaded properly. So weird.

  13. Michelle

    Hi Brittany,
    First of all I LOVE your recipes and have tried many with great results. I am curious if I can use Ricotta cheese in this recipe or if it will make everything too wet? I would love to see a picture of the finished product but I can totally understand why there wasn’t one posted! LOL

  14. Jessica Harris

    I made this last night for my kids and parents and we ate an entire 11×13 pan full. I subbed a cup of flax for one cup of the almond flour. It was so amazing I think I will make it once a week for the rest of my life. I also added ricotta mixed with 2 eggs. Seriously the best grain free recipe I’ve ever had. I will never miss lasagna again! Thanks!

  15. Kat

    Hiya Brittany. I LOVE your recipes, but is there an easy button for getting a printed version. My computer and kitchen are on opposite sides of my home 🙂

  16. Nicole S.

    Made this last night for dinner, and I used chia seed meal to replace the eggs. It works great! Family gobbled it up, we have not had lasagna in a loooong time. Thank you for the recipe, we are all very grateful! Love your blog and recipes, keep em coming!

  17. Barb P.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful,awesome recipes with us. It is very kind and caring of you! Keep up the good work.

  18. Claudia

    Dear Brittany,

    thank you very much for the receipe. i am not allergic but try to avoid grains and espically wheat for health reasons. I used quinoa flour and it worked very well, just had to aadd a little more water for the dough. I also made a bechamel sauce, with soy rice milk, butter and potato starch. I also had to add parmesan cheese, because without parmesan it’s not a lasagna for me. It was very good, tasted almost like the original. Thank you for inspiring me! Without your receipe it wouldn’t have had the courage to go for grain-free lasagna. Greetings from Germany,

  19. Vikki

    Dear Brittany thank you for you lovely recipes. As the parent of a corn allergic I have had to be creative in my cooking. I know its asking alot but is it possible to get nutritional information on your recipes? My daughter now has to watch her cholesterol and lower her carb intake, further limiting our choices.

  20. oriel

    Im really glad I found this recipe. I was almost tempted to buy those new grain free pasta sheets that cost an arm and a leg. A grain free filmmaker thanks you!

  21. Lily

    I have made these noodles twice, the first time, I did half almond flour, half garbanzo bean flour, turned out amazing, the 2ed time just almond flour, was good, but fell apart much more then my first batch, wich I made thin in a pasta mechine

  22. Kim

    Hi Brittany! I’m sure you get tired of all the substitution questions, but I can’t find psyllium husk in my area. I read on another one of your recipes that you could sub it out with flax meal. Do you think that would work here as well?

  23. AnneMarie

    Hi there, thanks for the recipe! I made a carb free verion and left out the starch, water and psyllium husk. Added a tbs of olive oil instead and rolled out between sheets of parchment paper.

  24. Tiffany

    Just curious why you reccommend not pre cooking? I am conditioned to boil the noodles first. Do they explode? Turn into a pile of mush? Tell me more! Thank you.

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