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  1. Susan

    I just want to let you know that Eden Foods makes gluten free soba noodles. I'm not sure when they started but FYI.

    1. Woodlandmoon

      I don't think it's actually gluten-free. It doesn't contain wheat, but is made on equipment that processes wheat. Even small amounts of wheat/gluten can cause problems in some people. It isn't truly gluten-free if it's in contact with surfaces that process wheat.

  2. Jason Malecka

    Thanks for the recipe. I made the dough as posted but it would not come together. I added two more egg yolks and it was perfect to run through the Cuisinart pasta press. I cooked it for one minute after the water returned to a full boil or about two minutes total time. It made four servings that would pass for handmade in Japan by a skilled artisan. I'll never eat boxed or frozen soba again.

  3. James

    This company from the Uk sells gluten free noodles in a gluten free factory. They did have a recall couple years ago but it was contaminated product that came into the factory. It's been Fixed since then obviously. They are fairly widely available in Canadian health food stores and all of the varieties I have tried before have been fabulous.

  4. John Baker

    I am in Minneapolis MN. 55402
    Where can I purchase your gluten free vegan soba noodles?
    Does US Foods, Sysco, Reinhart have your product?

  5. Barbara Holley

    The Vegan/Gluten Free Buckwheat (Soba) Noodles recipe sounds delicious but I can't open it to get the recipe. Could you please send it to me?

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