The Gift of Chronic Pain.

The Gift of Chronic Pain.

Life is a gift. Every single breath of life is a gift.

Every. Single. One.

Chronic Pain is a Gift.

Every day in the last 2 years I have experienced pain of some sort - some days are better some days are not so great. But every day has been a gift.

Chronic pain forces you to take a deeper look at your life. It forces you to re-examine the not so good. It forces you to make your health a priority- something you may have ignored before.

Prior to my health issues- my life was so- so. I was lost, could not figure out what my passions were, I felt half dead- and didn't believe I would ever have the focus or drive to go after anything. I repeat- chronic pain is a gift.

Like so many of you- discovering that I had to cut out foods came overwhelming, depressing and quite simply turned my world upside down.

My world needed to be turned upside down.

My new marriage was a struggle. I fell in love with a man that is just as stubborn and strong willed as I. A man that challenged me to my core- a man that I was madly in love with but also hated some days. Throw Chronic Pain into the equation and things can get ugly. Really Ugly. It needed to happen. It pushed us to our breaking point- a point in which we could only build up. This husband of mine wanted to fix the problem- he spent so much time trying to diagnose me- he felt angry because he could not solve the problem. In time he learned that I didn't need him to provide the solution- I just needed the love, affection and affirmation.. that I would find my own way.

Chronic Pain offers opportunity for rebirth. It forces you to open closed doors. It forces you the question your Doctors, your life, your happiness. your habits, your passions and so much more.

I encourage each of you to take your physical and emotional pain and turn it into something beautiful.

Don't feel guilty for the fact that now you must question everything. Don't ever stop questioning. When it comes to your health- you deserve the best. But the fact is- that only you can find the answers. If your doctor can't provide relief or the answers you need- find another. and another. Don't give up!

Each day you have a choice to wake up smiling- or to wake bitter and angry.

You can choose to persevere or to give up.

I believe that there is a solution to all health problems, to all pain.

I'm finding my answers. Little by little my pain has lessened. I have found my passions, discovered a career that I bound out of bed to start each day.

Its just a matter of time until you find your answers- your way. Just as long as you keep searching. 🙂

Love and Encouragement to EACH OF YOU!

Big XO,


Brittany Angell

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  1. Barbara

    You are absolutely right!! I haven’t found my passion to make me jump out of bed yet, lol. I am working on that though!! I am so happy in the end your husband offers the love and support you need. That is something that is making my chronic pain harder to live with. We all need someone like your husband. My husband just doesn’t “get it” 🙁 Take care and thank you for such an inspiring article!! Barbara

  2. Deanna

    Beautiful post, Brittany. Very well said.

  3. mel avjean

    You are a very inspiring woman! I needed to hear this message today. Thanks!

  4. Bernadette

    Awesome, I just sent this to a friend who has suffered from Degenerative Disc Disease since 2005 and lives in constant pain.

  5. Bean

    While it sucks that you suffer from chronic pain, I'm happy and impressed with your attitude toward it. Keep on living, girl! *hugs* 🙂

  6. Maggie

    xo to you Brittany.

  7. SunnyB

    What a beautiful post Brittany!

    It was the chronic pain of a herniated disk in my back that ended my last marriage…a marriage that needed to be brought to an end. It was the chronic pain of celiac and working through that healing process that brought my friend, now my husband and I together.

    Thank you for bringing perspective to our life. xo

  8. Iris

    Love this Brittany! It almost brought me to tears, as I'm sitting here feeling frustrated by my reaction to something I just ate! It's a great reminder that something good can always come from something that seems bad. And like you, I've discovered a career that I love out of this journey towards being healthy, so even when the pain is at its worst, I can thank it for giving me something to focus on and feel passionate about.

  9. Coletta

    What a beautiful, powerful post! Straight from your heart to ours. Thank you so much for sharing with the world your wonderful, insightful blog.

  10. @PaulineCulver

    Thank you for this Brittany, feeling very low today as in pain, reading this has shown me i can come through the other side…

  11. Tracy

    Thank you for posting this. It was beautiful and inspiring as I try so desperately to figure out which foods to eliminate from my diet to get rid of my constant pain. I haven’t figured it out yet but I have no intention of giving up on me, my wonderful family, or life!

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