The *Best* Gluten Free Recipes of 2010!

The *Best* Gluten Free Recipes of 2010!

It crossed my mind briefly this week to feature my own recipes for this posting- but then I quickly decided that No- I wanted to end this Year Thanking the MANY of you out there that have inspired me! I watch so many of you out there write incredible recipes that most people would think Impossible- the creativity throughout every blog that I have come to love and follow has blown me away. I wish today I could feature every recipe on every blog that I love- but Im a teeny bit short on time - so for today I have come up with 20 Recipes that made me go " YES!!" -Gluten Free Life really can be wonderful thanks to the many dedicated Bloggers out there. I would love to toast to each one of you.. (and many more unmentioned)

*Egg Crepes- (Gluten/Sugar/Grain Free) From the Spunky Coconut*

*GF Maple Marshmallow Cream Whoopie Pies From The Sensitive Pantry*

*Raw Cookie Dough Tuffles from Diet, Desserts and Dogs*

*GF Apple & Carrot Breakfast Cake From Simply Sugar @ Gluten Free*

*Chai Spices Bread with Chai Chia Streuesel from Cook It Allergy Free*

*Gluten/Dairy Free Cream Puffs from Simply Gluten Free*

*Guiltless Gluten Free Pizza from The Daily Dietribe*

*Dairy Free Cheese Crisps from the W.H.O.L.E Gang*

*Sugar -Cinnamon -Crusted Almond Popovers from Gluten Free Easily*

*Beet-iful Cupcakes from Gluten Free Gigi*

*Almond and Hemp Milk Yogurt from Lexi's Kitchen*

*NY Style Sun-Dried Tomato Bagels GF From Jenn Cuisine*

*Oatmeal Almond Waffles from the Gluten Free Diva*

*Puffed Gluten Free Pancake from Celiac Teen*

*Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers from Adventure of a Gluten Free Mom*

*Gluten Free Sorghum Rosemary French Bread from the Book of Yum*

*Gluten Free/Vegan Crusty Bread From Ginger Lemon Girl*

*Sourdough Bread (Boule) , Gluten Free From Art of Gluten- Free Baking*

I would ALSO like to Mention :

Gluten Free Trifle from Aunt Jayne's Blog

Hamburger Salad from Hunter's Lyonesse


As a reminder the Kick Off For SEASONAL SUNDAYS is THIS Sunday (01-02-11)

Can't wait to see all of your recipes!

Happy New Years to both the Recipe Writers and the Recipe Readers!!

Much Love to All of you!


Brittany Angell

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  1. Iris

    Wonderful list, Brittany! You should add all of yours there. You have so may recipes that I want to try!

    Will add this to my top ten link love.

  2. Kim-Cook It Allergy

    Brittany! What an amazing round up of recipes!! Love this list of gluten-free awesomeness! Thank you so much for including me in it!! Here is to astounding creativity in the gluten free world in 2011!!!

    Happy New Year!! And I agree with Iris…your recipes should be at the top of this list! You are so talented!! 😉

  3. Debi

    I need to make some of these things! They look so
    wonderful! 😀

  4. Heidi @Adventures of

    Aww Brittany, you are so sweet! Can I just tell you that
    YOU inspire me everyday, I mean really, dairy-free cheese sticks?
    You rock lady and so do all the other amazingly talented bloggers
    you listed here. Happy New Year! xo, Heidi

  5. Nancy @ The Sensitiv

    Brittany – so thrilled that you added my Whoopie Pie recipe. The list is definitely a Top 20–and featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Thanks so much for including me. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  6. Kelly

    Thank you so much! Warms my heart 🙂 Hugs, Kelly

  7. Diane-thewholegang

    Thank you for including me in your Best of post. I'm honored. Happy New Year!

  8. Shirley @ gfe

    Oh, what a great surprise to be featured here in your listing, Brittany! I'm so tickled! 🙂 Thank you, dear. What a great roundup it is, too … so many of my favorites with such scrumptious recipes. BTW, I got a popover pan for Christmas and made the popovers again and they are tall and even more beautiful. 😉

    Happy New Year and all the best … hugsss,


  9. Sophie

    What lovely recipes these all are!! The food looks stunning too!

    A very Happy & fun 2011 filled with good health, joy & good food!

  10. Sea

    Great list! Thank you for including me and my french bread.
    😉 Now I have a bunch of new recipes to try, thanks to this! Have a
    wonderful New Year! -Sea

  11. carrie @ gingerlemon

    Great list!! And thank you so very much for the link love
    on my gluten free vegan bread! I truly appreciate it!

  12. Amy @ Simply Sugar &


    Thank you so much for including me – what an honor to be listed among the best of the best. It's been so much fun getting to know you and seeing your recipes each week at Slightly Indulgent Tuesday. 🙂 Wishing you a joyful. prosperous 2011!

    Much love,


  13. goggly

    I liked viewing these biscuit cutters, as they are precisely the ones my mother
    always had (and also now I have).

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