Paleo Teddy Grahams!



 Really these should probably be called animal grams..since I didn't have a teddy bear cookie cutter! But I assure you they taste AMAZING just like the little teddy grams from the store.

I ordered my cookie cutters on amazon- I use this same set to also make the Circus animal crackers also available in club angell! 🙂


Brittany Angell

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  1. Holly Durn

    Followed the recipe exactly, and they are tasty and satisfying without being super sweet… But I don’t think they taste much like teddy grahams. More like slightly bland chocolate animal crackers. Is there really supposed to be a half cup of cocoa powder? Mine were much darker than the picture, too, due to the cocoa. Still, I have eaten more than I care to confess, and my toddler is enjoying them, so I count this recipe as a win.

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