Gluten Free/Vegan Gingerbread Waffles

November 8, 2010

Gluten Free/Vegan Gingerbread Waffles

Making Pancakes Egg Free Can be a challenge- but its usually very possible compiled with a little patience. but waffles.. tough. Very tough. Making a batter that will actually hold together and not turn into a goo-ey mess in your waffle maker may seem close to impossible.

I scoured the web before putting together this recipe- and saw very very little in regards to egg and Gluten Free Waffles- so I felt even deeper a burning desire to make this happen. And to my Luck- they turned out perfect on my first try!

We LOVE these waffles. Not only are they delicious but they are also healthy! Imagine that 🙂 I selected Teff which is a protein powerhouse, Brown Rice Flour which is great for Fiber and Arrowroot as it is the easiest starch to digest. Whenever I make them I double the recipe and then freeze them. They are awesome toasted in the morning. These waffles are pretty filling- each batch will make 8-10 large waffles (depending of course on the size of your waffle maker)

Here is the Link to the Recipe!

Gluten Free/ Vegan Gingerbread Waffles


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