Sugar Free Pumpkin Smoothie (And Fruit Free).

Sugar Free Pumpkin Smoothie  (And Fruit Free).

Sugar Free Pumpkin Smoothie

There was a day when I believed that a smoothie without fruit was an impossible indulgence. Not to say that fruit is bad- its just something I need to avoid since I deal with longstanding candida issues and metabolic syndrome.

Frozen fruit is what gives a smoothie its thickness and body. The wheels spun in my head ferociously for about a day trying to figure out how to make a pumpkin smoothie thick with the limited ingredients that I can consume. Eventually the light went off and my solution came.

Freeze the pumpkin puree. Simple and Easy! Seems obvious doesn't it?

So that I did. I took a can of (unsweetened) Pumpkin Puree and spooned it into an empty ice cube tray. I took my pumpkin cubes and added them to the blender along with some yogurt, spices and stevia and I had a winner.

Try it. You'll like it. I promise.

I love using smoothies as a way to take my vitamins and supplements. Wellesse carries a really great tasting certified gluten free Orange flavored Aloe Vera that is sugar free/ stevia sweetened. Aloe usually doesn't exactly taste good.. so I was pleased with this product. The orange flavor compliments pumpkin. If I had kids I would totally sneak vitamins into all of their smoothies.

Pumpkin Smoothie.


  • 5 Frozen Cubes of Pumpkin
  • 4 Ice Cubes
  • 1/2 Cup Yogurt (any variety, dairy or nondairy)
  • 1/4 Cup Milk (any variety, dairy or nondairy)
  • 1/2 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Tsp. Powdered Ginger
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Sweetener to taste. (I use stevia, maple syrup would also taste great!).
  • Optional Add Ins
  • 1 serving of Wellesse Aloe Vera
  • Maple Flavor (for those that cannot consume the sugar in maple syrup!)
  • Vanilla Extract (about 1 tsp. tastes great)


  1. Spoon pumpkin puree into ice cube tray and freeze.
  2. Combine all smoothie ingredients in blender and process until smooth.
  3. Sprinkle with additional cinnamon.
  4. To get the marbled effect seen in the photo above- swirl in a little additional yogurt into the top.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Heather's Creative Concoctions

    Omgosh yesterday I kept clicking on your link like “I have to see this recipe-this looks amazing!” and I knew it would eventually get resolved but I was so enticed, especially since I finally picked up some pumpkin at the store. Good idea to freeze it, makes it so much easier later- I will have to give this a shot now 🙂

  2. Lynn

    This was great this morning! I added a small amt of apple cider and used truvia. I also used greek yogurt with vanilla and truvia.
    I don’t have ice trays so I just froze the pumpkin in dollops on a plate. Worked great 🙂

  3. hallie

    I do the same thing with carrots and sweet potatoes. I like to add almond butter and chocolate protein powder for my smoothies. I put veggies in oatmeal too and no one is the wiser.

  4. Erin Smith

    This sounds delicious, but I am supposed to avoid fruit for a sugar-free/yeast-free elimination diet. I thought pumpkins were technically a fruit and not a vegetable. Any insight?

  5. nikki

    Every year when the fam goes pumpkinpatching we get extra pumpkins and I quarter them and bake then puree then freeze, so I always have quite a bit of pumpkin that usually goes into breads and waffles throughout the year ( coffee creamer too :)) so I am excited to try a yogurt smoothie! dont know why I never thought of it before! ive been making my own yogurt for a couple years now…… yea pumpkin pie yogurt smoothie here I come!! thank you!

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