Sugar and Dairy Free Cream Soda. (aka an Ice Cream Float)

Sugar and Dairy Free Cream Soda. (aka an Ice Cream Float)

Sugar and Dairy Free Cream Soda

As I look out the window I see yet more snow..enough is enough. I'm dreaming of sunshine and ice cream!

I grew up in a very healthy household- but every once in awhile if there was leftover ice cream and soda in the house from a birthday party my mom let us make ice cream sodas.

I recreated those ice cream sodas with a few simple, and much healthier ingredients.

All you need to get started is some Zevia (stevia sweetened) soda. (It comes in tons of great flavors.). An ice cube tray, any plain yogurt or kefir (dairy or nondairy) and some additional stevia to sweeten the drink further.

Additionally I love adding Gluten & Sugar Free Liquid vitamins to my cream soda! It tastes amazing. I use and love Wellesse Liquid Vitamins. My favorite cream soda uses Grape Zevia and a serving of the Wellesse vitamin B. Not only does it taste great- but you get a nice little burst of energy from the vitamin B.

Sugar & Dairy Free Cream Soda. (aka an Ice Cream Float)


  • 1 tray of plain or vanilla frozen yogurt ice cubes. (dairy or nondairy).
  • 1/2 cup Zevia Soda (flavor of choice).
  • additional NuNaturals stevia to taste.
  • Optional: Wellesse Liquid vitamin of choice.


  1. Spoon plain or vanilla yogurt into 1 ice cube tray. (I used plain goat yogurt, but you could also use Coconut Yogurt or Kefir OR Almond Yogurt.) Place into the freezer until frozen solid.
  2. Place frozen cubes of yogurt into a blender with the zevia soda. Process just until blended. Taste test- and add additional stevia to taste to bring out the soda's flavor.

Brittany Angell

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  1. Shannon

    In Canada, Superstore sells several Zevia flavours in the Gluten Free aisle.

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