Spicy Mulled Apple Cider

Spicy Mulled Apple Cider

Spicy Mulled Apple Cider

Ahhhh Apple Cider. Its just wonderful isn’t it! Its quite simple to make! I'm keeping the amounts of the ingredients completely open. This is your chance to experiment. No matter what you do with this Spicy Mulled Apple Cider recipe- the results will be good!

I am a very Proud Breville Juicer Owner. I use this machine EVERY day. If you also own a Juicer this process will be extra simple for you. If you don’t own a juicer- NO FRET you still can make your own cider.

You will need: Apples and MORE Apples, Zest of an Orange, Cinnamon Sticks, Nutmeg, Whole Cloves & Cardamom.

  1. If you DO have a Juicer- Wash and Juice the amount of apples of preference. Skip to Step 3.
  2. If You DONT have a juicer- Wash, Peel and Core as many apples as you would like. Slice the Apples into quarters. Place the slices into a Food Processor and Blend until extremely pureed. Pour this Puree on to a sheet of cheesecloth placed over a large bowl. Squeeze the cheese cloth and twist to extract all the juices.
  3. Pour the Juice into a sauce pan- And add a little water if you would like. Add the Cinnamon Stick , Nutmeg and Cardamon, zest of the orange. You could also add a little bit of pepper for a kick. Or only use some of the spices- DO WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES :) Let it boil gently for awhile to allow the flavors to become one! Make sure to bring the Cider to at 160 degrees in order to kill the bacteria (aka Pasteurize). Once Pasteurized it can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. I prefer to keep it covered. Or It can also be frozen for up to 1 year.

Add Some Booze if you want to! Or Make an Apple Cider Float and serve with Non-Dairy Ice Cream. OR Make my and drink it with them :) Got to Love Fall!

Spicy Mulled Apple Cider

Spicy Mulled Apple Cider


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