Real Answers: Debunking Hashimoto’s Disease (Podcast Episode 1)

Real Answers: Debunking Hashimoto’s Disease  (Podcast Episode 1)

Hashimoto's disease can be difficult to figure out. On a daily basis I receive emails, messages and comments from various readers desperate to feel better, and to find answers.

I launched this podcast to provide REAL ANSWERS . Twice a month I will be interviewing my very own Dr-. Richard Herbold who has helped me get a strong understanding in how take care of myself and treat this disease. I am so excited to have him on board, as I know his knowledge has the ability unravel the mysteries to all kinds of different chronic health issues. He has helped me in great ways.. I wanted to share the wealth!

In this weeks episode we talked about Hashimotos disease, Leaky Gut, Food Intolerances and more.

In future weeks we will be covering a wide array of health issues (Outside of Hashimotos)

This podcast is for YOU. If you have any questions or have a topic you would like us to cover- please leave a comment below.



ps. Please excuse the presence of my precious little dog Chloe towards the end.. she was very upset that she could not sit on my lap, and wanted her voice to be heard. Consider it a big hello! Next time Chloe will be on a playdate while we record.

Brittany Angell

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  1. George

    Have you heard of the GAPS diet? (Gut And Psychology Syndrome: My wife and I are just getting into it. She’s finding answers that have eluded her for YEARS!

  2. Karen Rogina

    I’m starting to wonder if I’ve got Central Hypothyroidism d/t a right hypothalamus lesion caused at birth.Central Hypothyroidism is related to pituitary or hypothalamus defects or lesions.
    I’ve found only one very good medical article I’ve given this too my doctor hoping that we will be exploring this avenue.
    After 4 months of Eltroxin along with a GF/dairy free diet symptoms of fatigue, hair loss,weight gain, salt cravings are returning.
    Any info about ANY Hypothyroidism is helpful.

  3. Ligea

    Hi Brittany,

    Thank you so much for this podcast! It opened my eyes to the link between my hashimoto’s and celiac disease and treating my autoimmune diseases as a whole not just the Thyroid and Gluten parts. I have known for the past two years that if I limit how much I eat and just barely eat enough to satisfy my hunger, I don’t get the fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, migraines, and insomnia issues as bad as when I fill my stomach. I have stopped wanting to eat because every time I do I experience some side effect. I have been suspicious of dairy, tomatoes and nuts (I get hives), but never would have made a connection with legumes or potatoes. None of my docs have put all of my symptoms together as AI. I intend to do the Paleo Autoimmune challenge for June and look forward to seeing how it helps and finally determining for sure which foods are causing inflammation. I’m so glad I found your site.

  4. Amanda

    Hi Brittany, I was wondering if you know if your doctor is accepting new patients. I live about an hour and 45 minutes away and i would love to go to a doctor that deals with food issues/stomach problems on a regular basis. I did send them an email from their website last week but have not heard anything back yet. Thanks!!

  5. Trish

    Do you know what the protein is in coffee and soy that is cross reactive with gluten?
    Thanks so much!

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