Grain Free Pizza Bombs! (Gluten/Nut/Yeast Free)

pizza bombs

These pizza bombs are all sorts of fun. You can choose to cover them with dough for the full bomb effect, or leave them uncovered for a G-rated bomb. I uses classic pizza filling, but feel free to experiment with different melty cheeses and sauces. Just keep the proportions the same, and the pizzabilities are endless.

This recipe yields 8 covered pizza bombs or 14 uncovered pizza bombs.



Brittany Angell

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  1. Holly Sale

    Thank you so much for putting gram measurements on your recipes now Brittany! It’s so much easier to weigh things on a digital scale then to measure in baking cups. That alone makes your recipes my go to first choice. These were AWESOME by the way!!!

  2. Christine @ Gluten-Free-Bread

    Hi Brittany,

    Just wanted to drop a note to sing your praise – these are fabulous little rolls! I actually substituted out the xanthan gum and they were awesome – will definitely keep this recipe handy.



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