The Paleo Kitchen Book Review!

If you didn’t see my post already for the Banana Chip Encrusted Paleo French Toast, DO SO NOW! It is from the soon to be released book The Paleo Kitchen by two of my very, very talented friends Juli Bauer (PaleOMG) and George Bryant (Civilized Caveman). I have already tested a few of the recipes from this book and I cannot tell you how AMAZING they truly are.

paleo kitchen

While Juli and George led very different lives, they both adopted the Paleo lifestyle in order improve their health. And it worked! Juli had always been plagued with stomach and intentional issues. On the other hand, George had struggled with his weight and body image most of his life. But after learning to nourish their bodies through cooking delicious, whole food recipes they have never been in better shape. I mean they do INSANE CrossFit competitions, so clearly it’s working.

But let me be clear, you DO NOT need to do CrossFit to adopt the Paleo lifestyle!! Paleo is about listening to your body, removing processed foods, and allowing your body to heal by replacing them with nutritious ones. The Paleo Kitchen is an excellent resource to help you get you started on your journey. Juli and George include helpful shopping lists, guides on essential kitchen equipment, cooking tips and tricks, and advice on sticking to a Paleo lifestyle (most of the time). Oh, and all the PHENOMENAL recipes of course!!!

To get a sneak peak on the awesome recipes you find in The Paleo Kitchen, check out their blogs PaleOMG and Civilized Caveman. And make the french toast I talked about earlier. You’ll be pre-ordering their book while you’re licking the plate after breakfast! 🙂

And ps. When you buy the book- make the honey ginger wings first! We have now made them THREE times. I brought them to a memorial day cookout with my family..No surprise they  asked me to bring them again for fathers day and the 4th of July. They are THAT good. I love how practical this book makes being paleo easy without spending time on complicated recipes. For that reason alone I'll be coming back to this book again and again.


My Picture of the Honey Ginger Wings!

This is a pic of the Banana Chip Encrusted Paleo French Toast. Mmm Mmm good.  Make sure to try it!


Brittany Angell

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  1. Ruth Fryman

    Thank you so much for saying you don’t have to do Cross Fit to be a Paleo person!!!!! I’ve been Paleo off and on for 4 years. I have Fibromyalgia and M.E/CFS so I cant exercise save for a 2 length swim once a fortnight! I have often read the Paleo websites and feel inadequate because they bang on and on about keeping fit, cross fit, extreme Frisbee etc, etc add nauseum. So when I read your blog I sent you a big internet hug!!!

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