Paleo Honey Buns! (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Nut Free)

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Dear Little Debbie, Your little packaged goods are awful. I mean..delicious yes. Actually probably not even that delicious..but yet somehow we are all fixated on them.  Anyways..It makes my stomach turn thinking about little kids being handed your little bags of crap. So I'm going to recreate EVERY SINGLE ONE of your recipes in a MUCH healthier way that works for those of us with allergies/ food intolerances.. since I know you won't ever bother.

So hey, you guys. THESE Honey Buns right here are pretty stinking unreal. They have REAL honey in them, and oh my are they soft, fluffy and caky. I had a blast coming up with the recipe.

Best part of all- this recipe is SO simple. So so so simple. Anyone can make them!  Send one of these little darlings in your kids lunch box. They will go bananas.

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Brittany Angell

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  1. Cynthia

    Hi Brittany! I found your site and am very impressed with all the recipes you have come up with! I’ve been doing Paleo for a few months and am craving baked goods.

    I am trying to use the search filter to find nut free paleo recipes, but the filter doesn’t work. The first page recipes are all nut free. When I click page 2, all recipes including ones using nuts are shown on the subsequent pages. They also don’t stay in any order, so when I go from pay to page I often see the same recipes.

    Also, I am considering becoming a member, but I would like to know how many of the recipes for baked goods use nut flours? For example does this Honey Bun recipe use nuts? I eat nuts, but I try to avoid nut flours.

    Thanks for the help!

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