Paleo Ding Dongs! (Gluten/Grain/Dairy/Nut/ Refined Sugar Free)

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Get Hostess on the phone, I think we have their newest re-crafted creme filled delight! Can you remember eating those yummy tasty treats Hostess Ding Dongs when you were a kid.

I made these little darlings with Coconut Flour, and they also happen to be gluten, grain and dairy free!

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Brittany Angell

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  1. Laura Kocheran

    I’m trying to access this recipe, but it keeps telling me I need to be an exclusive member, but I’m already an exclusive member and I NEED this recipe for Easter TOMORROW! This happens a lot when I try to search for an exclusive recipe. I have no problem seeing them when they’re posted for the day. I’ve even signed up twice because I needed the recipe so badly, so, I’ve paid $20 for my membership already, I really don’t want to do it a third time…HELP!

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