Paleo Corn Dogs – Gluten, Grain and Dairy Free

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 paleo corn dogs


CORN FREE - PALEO CORN DOGS!!! Can you believe it??

It was tricky figuring out this recipe. But soooo worth the effort! My paleo corn dogs taste like the real thing, its nearly impossible to tell they are any different than the one's you can grab at a fair.  My version though uses only clean REAL ingredients- and it gluten /grain/ dairy free! I used Almond flour to make these beauties.  Best of all they are really easy to make.

You can have a batch of 8 paleo corn dogs in less than 20 minutes.

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Brittany Angell

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  1. Hana Mebratu

    These were AWEsome, by the way, however I would like to ask a tip on how to even distribute the batter over the hot dog when nearing the end… my last corndogs were lumpy (which, on the bright-side, makes it kinda funny looking…)
    Also, since I don’t think I could use so much coconut oil in one recipe (as it’s not cheap) I used vegetable oil, which was okay however the outside of the corn dog was really crispy and sometimes bubbled up as it was frying, which made my corn dog much different from the corn dogs used in the picture. They still looked and tasted good though…
    And another thing, is the batter supposed to be so thick? I thought I did something wrong so I added a couple tablespoons more oil… maybe that was a bad idea.
    Please respond if you could and thank you for the recipe!

  2. Julia Garrett

    Made tonight!! Big hit with the family! I didn’t have turmeric so I added a bit of paprika and dry mustard . Color and flavor were great. I was going to take a pic for IG but I fried in a shallow pan with not enough oil to cover. I had to flip em and the shape was more triangular than round! Great taste, thanks for the recipe!

  3. Karen Heims

    It won’t let me view the recipe

  4. Susan Corgan

    It won’t let me view the recipe either and I am a Club Angell member.

  5. Kristin Wilson

    I also can’t view this recipe and I am a club angell member

    Not cool :(

  6. Ester Perez

    I am looking forward to trying your gluten free/dairy free recipes. I just joined ClubAngell. I know how much work it takes to create excellent recipes and I am grateful for all the hard work you do!!! Thanks!!

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