Paleo Corn Dogs!



The ultimate carnival food has arrived to Club Angell with NO CORN! Isn't that fun?? When we made these yesterday I had my husband taste test them and I didn't tell him we left out grain! He couldn't  tell the difference!

I'm obsessed with making my recipes look exactly like the real deal.. and trying to make corn dogs without corn = white dogs.  They tasted amazing but they were the wrong color! They didn't look county fair quality.

SO- I added a little turmeric to the badder! It worked like a charm- and you can't even taste it. Yay for the perfect color with some added health benefits.  You can of course leave out the turmeric if you want..but do keep in mind that they won't have the same hue as the dogs I have pictured!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Mark Moke

    Would sweet potato starch work?

  2. Kathy O'Hare

    Is there anything I can use in place of the potato starch?

    1. Denae Thomas

      I was wondering the same thing ^^^^

  3. Joanna Bowyer

    any substitute for tapioca starch?

    1. patti

      you definitely can substitute the starch even if is not recommended, it will work perfect

  4. Erica Gott

    I can’t eat almonds any more (severe back pain if I do). Any suggestions for what to sub for it? What about green banana flour or fufu (plantain) flour? I have potato starch and arrowroot and the others.

    1. Carrie

      I don’t know it would work for this specific recipe but I am allergic to almonds and whenever I use hazelnut flour (doesn’t taste like hazelnuts) it works great.

    2. Michelle Lewis

      I’ve had good luck using flour made from ground pumpkin seeds (grind in blender or coffee grinder) instead of almond flour. I’ve also heard that ground sunflower seed flour can work, but baked goods may turn out green.

  5. Stephanie Schiel

    Darn, I was going to make these, but I forgot to buy oil! I will have to get some oil this week and make them next week!

  6. Kelsey Highland

    Do you have any step by step pictures for a lot of these recipes including this one? If not, I would recommend adding them especially for beginning cooks to see how everything should look!

  7. Sofia Cuevas

    I just made a batch for my kids and husband and they were great! Used arrowroot and potatoe starch and a little stevia since that’s all I had. Great recipe, thank yout so much for these “normal” recipes my kids can enjoy like everyone else else and I don’t feel bad giving them

  8. Kimberly Green

    Cananyone tell me where and what kind of sticks they got for these that would be suitable for a 3yr old?…in other words, no skewers.

  9. Angelina Fracchiolla

    I just made these today and they tasted AMAZING!!! However they did not look anywhere near what these look like. I tried everything, dipping by hand, rolling it in the batter, using my fingers to batter, trying a spatula. Everything but WISHING the batter on the hot dogs 😉 I put the batter in a tall mason jar and dipped, but the batter would slide off or be clumped in one particular area of the hot dog. Any tips would be GREAT!!!
    Thanks for this Yummy Recipe. The kids were thrilled to eat them.

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