Life Changing Chocolate Chip Cookies. (Gluten/Grain/Egg/Dairy/Nut Free)


Β These cookies are other-worldy. They taste like a cross between sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies; kind of a hybrid of sorts! Β The texture will BLOW YOUR MIND. Or tastebuds? Either way.. be prepared to make this recipe many many times.

Ps. If you can stand to save them.. they taste even better the day after they have been baked!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Rosemary Michael

    Do you mean tapioca or tapioca FLOUR?

  2. Karla Rufus

    These were amazing! I used Arrowroot starch instead of Tapioca Starch and they turned out wonderfully. I am also above 3000 elevation so the recipe works at high altitude πŸ™‚

  3. Madison Sillaman

    These are incredible!! I’m making them again today for the 3rd time this week! I’m obsessed, I seriously can’t get enough of these. You’re amazing!!

  4. Laura Crain

    ok. i am finding it hard to believe that these are life-changing given the fact that the worlds best are so dang good! i guess anything is possible! will report back! πŸ™‚

  5. Jessica De Ruiter

    Wanted to make a double batch but was low on flour so used about 1/2 homemade coconut flour, and potato starch because I was all out of tapioca. Turned out amazing!!!

  6. Erin Carlson

    I don’t know what went wrong, but I followed the recipe exactly as written and I really, really didn’t like them. The texture was gummy and not in a nice, chewy cookie way and the taste was bland bland bland. Made me sad because I really wanted a great cookie that doesn’t use nuts or eggs πŸ™

  7. Sheri Gray

    Do you think that coconut oil would work instead of butter?

    1. Nikki Archbold

      Hi Sheri,
      Did you try the with coconut oil? Just wondering because cannot get any kind of dairy free butter or shortening in France so can only use oil! And don’t want to waste a load of expensive coconut flour if oil isn’t going to work.
      Thanks Nikki

  8. Rebekah Pyne

    Can I use shortening instead of butter?

  9. Elaine Luck

    Just made these and although quite (maybe not long enough in oven), they were fabulous. I made 2 batches, 1 lot with choc chips the other with cinnamon chips which found for first time yesterday. Will defo be making again and again as really bored of the taste of almond flour.

  10. Lori Willson

    Genius! These are so easy to make and my kids LOVE them. I made a double batch at 6:45 this morning so the kids could take them for Valentine’s Day. They are perfect for school. Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes!

  11. Lori Streator

    They barely made it into the oven! My house smells soooo good! And I love that they have no egg in them, because I love letting my lil guy lick the beaters πŸ™‚ These are so easy and flippin amazing! I’m an ardent supporter of Brittany’s genius mind!

  12. Melissa Lanzon

    Do you think xylitol would work in these?

  13. Melissa Lanzon

    hmmm… I ended up using half xylitol and half coconut sugar and ummmm well…. the mixture precooked was really really wet. So when they were baked they were as flat and thin as you could imagine. It’s really hot here today. is it really just 1/4 of a cup of coconut flour?

  14. Melissa Lanzon

    OMG! I tried them again. Not sure what I did the first time but this time, they are “life changing”. Xylitol works a treat. Probably helped not to bake with my 3 year old. Thank you Brittany, you’re a star!


    OK, I made these last night. Followed recipe exact but used coconut sugar. I will probably not use coconut sugar again. And I was confused about the forming part….I just rolled the dough into balls thinking they would spread and form round cookies. Wrong….they stayed in ball form….so I took a spatula and gently pressed them down while they were still baking. I thought they tasted better the next day…found them a lil gummy chewy when they were still slightly warm. I also made these in smaller form as there was a lot of dough for just 6-8 cookies so I made smaller versions about 12 of em. I will try again but use regular cane sugar. And I might even try the shortening/butter split too. Any other suggestions?

  16. Sarah Nowlen

    AMAZING! I couldn’t resist eating the entire first batch! I guess I will need to make a second batch for the hubby πŸ˜‰


    Not sure if anyone else had this problem. I used coconut milk and tapioca starch….they were really flat and crumbly. What would cause that?? I am still struggling with this new style of baking. Help!!

  18. Jennifer Skinner-Cisse

    Michele I had that problem too the last 2 times I made them. I made them before and they were amazing, so I have NO idea what I did differently. πŸ™ I think if the fat is too warm they will spread too thin, but I chilled mine before baking and they still spread way out. Gonna try again today.

  19. Elizabeth Detelich

    I just made these and after taking them out of the oven (18 minutes) they were super soft and seemed underdone. Any advice/ tips?

  20. Monica Calicchio

    Mine were very crumbly. I used almond milk and coconut sugar. Does it change the texture that much? Thoughts??

  21. Brita Nordgren

    Amazing! Made my husband fall in love with me all over again πŸ™‚ You’re recipes are just fantastic. My daughter is egg free so now I can make everyone happy with one recipe.

  22. Jessica Turner

    These are incredible! It is so tempting to try the warm from the oven, but definitely WAIT! So much better when they are cool.

  23. Pauline Evans

    Great! Fantastic! Yummy! My husband said these were the best cookies I ever made. I used erythritol instead of sugar and added some chopped walnuts. They are life changing, my husband wanted one with his coffee in the morning, that was a first! Making more today. Thanks Brittany for your time and taste buds to create such great recipes.

  24. Marni Gallerneault

    I’ve made these a couple of times now, and I love them. They are so yummy!! Ty for coming up with an egg-free and nut-free cookie!

  25. Jessica Freeman

    I followed the recipe and they were flat and really spread out in the oven. I used tapioca starch, almond milk and baked them on parchment paper.

  26. Stephanie Burke

    We didn’t have parchment paper and used coconut palm sugar and they still turned out great. Everyone loved them!

  27. Diane Hart

    I made these with 6 Tbs earth balance butter the first time, and
    used 3 Tablespoons room temp coconut oil with 2 Tbs earth
    balance the second time. Second time was better, and I flattened them
    on the parchment paper before baking. The coconut oil spreading wasn’t
    an issue.

  28. Andrea Ronnebaum

    I’m not sure what I may have done wrong. I followed the recipe, used coconut palm sugar, and cooked on parchment and mine are super crumbly. I can’t even pick them up they totally fall apart! πŸ™

    If butter is too warm could that do it? Thanks in advance for any advice

  29. Rachel Vaughan

    I used coconut oil before looking at the comments….result=cookie tray bake! One giant cookie for me right?!

  30. Melissa Weber

    i love that this recipe makes just a few cookies! i cannot be trusted with dozens of chocolate chip cookies in my home πŸ™

  31. Jenny Carson

    These were really delicious! I’ve got a gas stove which means the oven doesn’t get quite as hot as an electric would so I baked them at 365 degrees. Mine turned out very similar to shortbread cookies. Wonderful recipe.

  32. Michelle Gray

    Amazing cookies! I used Earth Balance and everything turned out fine. Would love to try with some coconut oil instead next, but honestly – this is the first Paleo, no egg cookie I’ve tried that satisfied our craving for something normal. I could even bring it to a party. My 10 year old thanks you! (He’s the one who has to avoid eggs, and be Paleo – but it’s worth it).

  33. Melanie Ober

    These are great first time making them. Nice and chewy πŸ™‚

  34. Stephanie Mullins

    Made these this afternoon for my toddler. We used coconut sugar and shortening since I didn’t have any vegan butter made. They turned out fantastic!

  35. Natalie Shaki

    My husband can’t tolerate gluten, nuts or dairy and now found out he’s also allergic to eggs so this recipe looks just right for him!
    Do you think ghee would work here?

  36. Shannon Curtis

    I made these last week and they had a powdery texture from the tapioca I’m assuming. Did anyone else have that issue? I’m a professional baker and have never had that issue before. Other than that they rose nicely and had a great crumb, I just couldn’t get past the powdery feel.

  37. Sofia Cuevas

    What can I use to replace the granulated sugar? We are on a no sugar phase right now. I just picked up stevia and xylitol, what would the ratio be if I used either? I would love to make then tonight lol

  38. Angelique Greetham

    I made these autoimmune compliant by using palm shortening and coconut sugar and omitting the chocolate chips. So good! My husband commented that these are even better than regular paleo. I think I’ll play around with them and add raisins and spices or even coconut for ranger cookies. Thanks for giving us such a great autoimmune cookie!

  39. Joana Peixoto

    second time trying this recipe and It seems I just can’t get it right.
    first time, it turned out super crumbly. today I tried it again, and it spread all over the cooking sheet, and now that they are cooled, they look like a rubber hahah the texture is so funny! it looks like plastic.

    I’m not giving up, though. Maybe I’ll try it again over the weekend…

  40. Malorie Clark

    Hi everyone,

    Wanted to share a substitution I made (on accident- I am awful at labeling). I used arrowroot instead of tapioca. They were still very good! A little browner in color and slight chewier and definitely took less time to cook. Thought I would share in case someone had that question!

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