Keto Fudgy Brownies! (Grain/Sugar Free/Low Carb)

keto brownies

Creating these brownies was quite the challenge! I ended up making them 4 times! Making baked good sugar free isn't difficult- but getting them the texture and sweetness level that you want is tricky. I got these close to what I was aiming for and my husband really enjoys them.  Once they cool down fully they remind me of a fudge texture!

You can find the keto friendly chocolate chips in many grocery stores or on amazon!


Brittany Angell

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  1. Floreen Cunningham

    I have a cookbook that claims xylitol is high in carbs. Just thought I’d pass that on.

    1. Espen Samuelsen

      Xylitol is sometimes counted as a carb as it’s a sugar alcohol, but it’s not taken up by the body, so can be used freely on a ketogenic/low carb diet.

  2. Brianne Durkin

    Do you mean “amount of *xylitol* to 3/4 cup”?

  3. Nitha George

    Do you a substitute for xylitol?
    I can safely use most types of sugar. Would date syrup or maple syrup work?

  4. Espen Samuelsen

    Would erythritol be a good substitute for xylitol?

    Also, you say one can sub a bit a of xylitol for stevia powder, could one also just sub 1/4 of xylitol with stevia glycerite, or would that mess with the consistency of the brownie?

    Thanks, these look amazing, will make them soon, great after a summer with a bit too many carbs! 😉

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