How to Overcome Candida & a Recipe for Lime Green Juice!

How to Overcome Candida & a Recipe for Lime Green Juice!

Up until about 3 months ago, I thought that candida was a made up diagnosis given to people when nothing else could be figured out. That was all until it happened to me. Holy cow is candida a very real thing, not only is it real, but its terribly unpleasant.

In desperation to get rid of this yeast overgrowth I have tried everything. Some remedies helped, others made the situation worse. Here are some basic do's and don't that made a difference for me.


  • Drink green juice everyday! I drink up to 40 oz each day of fruit free- green veggie juice (recipe below).
  • Take Supplements such as: Oregano Oil, Gi- Synergy (by apex energetic) Candex and Colloidal Silver.
  • Take Probiotics. They are essential in balancing gut bacteria and the overall system. Make sure your probiotics are alive!
  • Take Magnesium Citrate with a lower dose of calcium citrate. Doing so will help keep your digestion in working order (Candida die off can cause constipation!)
  • Take your supplements at the same time each day. Consistency is key!
  • Eat a diet filled with Meat, Veggies and soaked non moldy nuts. (soak nuts in lemon or lime juice!) For those able Eggs, Cultured Goat and Sheep plain yogurt can be a great addition as well. Think high protein low carb!
  • Request a script for Diflucan from your MD if the yeast is spreading to more than one area of your body.
  • Eat lots of freshly minced garlic and coconut oil.
  • Keep a solid sleep schedule and avoid stress. Adrenal fatigue and candida can run rampant together. Keeping your adrenals balanced is crucial in overcoming candida. One can cause the other and they can quickly make each other worse.
  • Take your vitamins. Make sure your immune system has everything that it needs to aid in fighting off the infection.
  • Avoid any foods that you are intolerant or allergic to like the plague.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Balance blood sugar levels- If you are experiencing adrenal fatigue or blood sugar issues Acupuncture may be hugely beneficial.
  • Fight your way through the die off period. It can be intense, and you may feel like you have the flu. But it means you are headed in the right direction. Brave your way through it. Understand that you may feel discouraged, depressed or too sick to do much of anything. This is normal, and it won't last forever!
  • Be patient and resilient! It might take time- months even. It also may get worse before it gets better! Keep up the hard work and you will make progress.
  • Take the time to learn what works best for you! We are all different, and understanding which foods trigger the yeast to grow is the most important tool you have in overcoming the infection.


  • Consume ANY sugar. Even low glycemic fruit- especially in the early stages of trying to get the infection under control.
  • Consume grains and starchy foods. This includes the avoidance of Carrots, Parsnips and other starchy veggies. The Paleo Diet has worked best for me.
  • Avoid Coconut Water. Though coconut is anti fungal the water contains sugar and will feed the yeast beast!
  • Do NOT take Nystatin unless it has been compounded to remove sugar. YES, sugar.. why they put it in an antifungal is beyond me. It caused more problems for me than it helped.
  • Avoid moldy nuts such as peanuts and pistachios.
  • Avoid all vinegar except for Apple Cider Vinegar. Limit even the apple cider variety.
  • Don't skip doses of your medication or supplements.
  • Don't cheat on your diet. One starchy, sugary treat can set your progress 10 steps backwards. You may find that you have extreme cravings for sugar and carbs! Don't give in!

Research shows that many health problems, including yeast and cancer flourish in an acidic environment. Green juice helps to create a much healthier alkaline internal balance- one that does not allow the yeast the flourish. I know I noticed a difference in my symptoms right away when I started to guzzle my green juice. Not only did I feel the yeast subsiding, but I also felt my system start to effectively detox. My die off symptoms were not as brutal! My energy levels came back to a much better place, and my adrenal and blood sugar issues quickly balanced out. Fresh green juice is a powerful healing tool- one that I'll be clinging to for a long time to come!

Lime Green Juice

1 Large Cucumber
1/2 bag of celery

Lettuce/ Collard Greens/ Kale/ Swiss Chard
Handful of Parsley
Green Pepper (optional)
1-3 tbs Lime or Lemon Juice
Stevia to taste
Pinch of Sea Salt.

Juice veggies, stir in stevia and sea salt and serve over ice! Do any mix of vegetables that suites you. I find using a hefty dose of cucumber and celery makes for a nice and mild tasting juice. Add enough lemon/lime and stevia and it will start to taste like lemon or limeade.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Jillian

    I really do think I’m suffering from this now, but I’m completely out to sea on how to make myself well. It seems as though there is endlessly conflicting information.

    I think I’m headed for paleo and will keep your “do’s and don’ts” handy. Do you have any other resources that you trust?

  2. Christine

    I so agree with the trial and error statement. And yes, it is frustrating to have all of the conflicting information. I have also found that what works one time doesn’t always work another time there is a flare up. I think everyone around me is sick of my food issues because of the Candida, leaky gut, and delayed food reactions. My diet evolves constantly even with the “OK” foods. Have you found that GAPS(with the bone broths and fermented foods added to the Paleo diet) seems to help heal the gut and get rid of Candida? I am not sure what else to try. I hate living like this. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just freely eat ANY vegetable, nut, and fruit without a reaction or Candida issue. Thankfully I can eat all meats.

  3. Amy

    I went through this a few years ago and followed Doug Kauffman’s anti-fungal diet! Life changing!

    1. Trish

      Hi Amy,

      I watch Doug’s show, “Know The Cause”, and I have been considering purchasing his book. He has a few books. Can you tell me which book (or books) to purchase for the anti fungal diet? And how long did it take for you to feel well on the Phase 1 Diet?

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    This is a super helpful summary on what to do for candida. There are so many different types of anti-candida diets (and so many sources now!), but I know I can trust you because you also have Hashimoto’s and use that wonderful book by Dr. Kharrazian. Thank you for using your difficult struggle to help others heal faster and more efficiently. Wishing you happy, healing thoughts!

  5. Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy

    This is such a great post! Those are excellent tips! I’ve been on the Body Ecology Diet for 2 months to combat candida. You’re right about the die off — horrible. I had fevers of 104 for a 48 hour period. Nightmare for sure. Best of luck in your healing!

  6. Ricki

    I’m so glad you’ve got things under control now, Brittany! I agree entirely that the specific diet has to be tailored to each individual. It took me several months to find what really worked for me, and what worked for me is different from what worked for you (and what might work for other people). I think the constants, in the beginning at least, are NO sugars (I also avoided all fruits at first) and lots of alkalizing foods. I know a lot of people who were able to beat it without prescription meds, but I wasn’t one of them, either. It’s such a tough diet, but thank goodness it works in the long run!

  7. bitt

    Thanks for this. Although I have to be the first to say that your diet doesn’t need to be “filled with meat” to do this. I was able to stay vegan and get better. I know many others who have too. Also staying away from antibiotic-laden meat is really important.

    I am glad you mentioned the nizoral having sugar as now I switched back to diflucan. I do think it still helped me but after awhile it was giving me nausea, maybe from the sugar. I also take pau d’archo tea nightly, which really helps, and just started grapefruit seed extract too, in capsules because I heard the drops are nasty tasting. Have not done oregano oil yet but I might start.

  8. Andrea McCarthy

    Great post (and recipe), Brittany! I will add this recipe to my diet immediately. I always do a green smoothie for breakfast (can’t live without it) but I like the addition of lemon/lime and the celery and cucumber. I just met with a health coaching client today who also has Candida and sent your post to her right away! Appreciate any and all information I can find as this is still a learning process for me only being diagnosed a month ago. I’ve been taking collodial silver (mixed with aloe vera juice) and it has done wonders! I think I need to implement the Magnesium and Calcium Citrates as well. Thank you for your continued help!! xo

    1. Jenna

      I have been battling Candida for a long time now. I have been doing aloe juice with apple cider vinegar and was thinking about adding in colloidal silver. How did it end up working for you? Also, how much colloidal silver did you use?


  9. Julie

    Hi all,
    I was recently diagnosed with a candida issue. My symptoms are more skin, bad breath and headache related. I am just about 4 weeks in to the diet with no grains and no sugars. It was hard at first but I feel it is helping. I am excited to try the Green juice this week. I love kale smoothies but haven’t made any yet without a banana. I am starting this week with no fruits. Wish me luck! Good luck to you all. Thanks for the posts and Brittany for the great recipes!

  10. Heather

    Can you recommend probiotics?

  11. Tresia

    Brittany, I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos but not candida. I have just found your site and am learning lots. You are right about having lots of information out there. It is sad that a person can’t go to a doctor and find this stuff out. And it has been more error than trial. I used to be the person who could eat anything, not gain weight, and didn’t have problems. Then I hit menopause and now I am all mixed up inside.

  12. Suzanne

    Just wondering if there is a reason you don’t put spinach? I hear spinach is the one thing not to miss in a green smoothy. But again that might be a food you avoid so just curious. Thanks

  13. Christina


    Thank you for taking all the time to write this for us.

    May I ask how you were diagnosed with candida? There are blood, urine, hair, spit, etc. tests and not sure. Each one says theirs is the best method??? Thank you!

  14. amy

    anybody have some ideas about what I can substitue for cucumber? long story cucumber is on my list of ‘do not eats’ from doctor/accupunturist/nutritionist. . . . my GP prescribed Nystatin and i had no idea it had sugar — thank u Brittany for telling me. i am struggling so much right now with elimination of sugar, its so much harder than i ever thought. i’m trying, but i’ve already fallen off the wagon a few times.

  15. B

    Thank you so much for this post! At the tail end of 2011 I found out I can’t have gluten. Over the past year I have also found I can’t have soy, diary, or peanuts, so I cut them out thinking I would be better, but the stomach problems still persisted, especially when I ate anything with sugar. Even carrots. First I thought it was a fructose/sucrose allergy, but now I suspect Candida (along with other possible allergies/intolerances), but nobody here seems to know much about it. I really do think I have had Candida for most of my life. Though I don’t have every symptom I do have quite a few.

    I know you said you didn’t even need to be tested, but how could your doctor tell just by looking? Is this something most doctors can identify or did you have to see a specialist? Would you recommend getting an “official” diagnosis? I’m just afraid to start such a radical diet without a diagnosis in case I am barking up the wrong tree:/

    1. Lisa Magel

      Hi B – just wanted to comment on your post here, and sorry Brittany for interjecting…. Take the time to look at the website
      I had also had heaps of intolerances, went on strict diats, avoided everything I should, and it didn’t get better. It took every test in the book (where they ruled out candida with me) but after various MRI’s scopes etc…. they said – go home you’re fine. It wasn’t until last year that an Australian Dr. finally did a stool test and diagnosed me with these two wonderful parasites. These parasites will NEVER go away on their own. I’m using several plant based supplements to manage them, and my quality of life has improved tenfold. However, about once a month if I go astray with my strict nutritional regime, it rears it’s ugly head!!! The only true Dr’s that have understood this to date are Dr’s at the Center for digestive disease in Sydney. Brilliant Internist, who is actually diganosing and helping people and Dr’s worldwide to understand how to help people. Mind you – where 3 yrs. of testing had missed this! This may not be your ailment, however it is always worth getting a simple stool test done (infos on the above noted web site re. test – where and what to look for), and find out. It’s worth checking for Candida, they can do this over urine and stool quite effectively, and will often do those plus blood. Find the answers and it will help set you on the right path. The worst is not knowing & feeling alone. You are NOT alone, trust me!
      Best wishes!

      1. Gina

        Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for posting this. My 8 year old son swallowed lake water when he was 2 years old and started having horrible stomach pains and problems. He went through all types of tests and they found nothing. They sent me home and said don’t let him have anything with high fructose corn syrup. I kept telling them I think it’s a parasite….no one would listen. I started giving him a strong probiotic and it has helped some. I will be checking out this website as it has been my gut feeling it is some type of a bug. Thanks again,

      2. sona

        Hi Lisa,
        Which Dr was it that’s treating you? Do they also treat for Leaky Gut? Was it costly?

  16. Annette

    Is shredded, unsweetened coconut okay for the beginning stages of fighting off Candida? Thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel better just knowing that someone has been able to fight this. It gives me hope. Would you maybe consider sharing what a day of eating looked like for you in the beginning stages of your anti-candida diet? Just trying to figure out how to eat this way. Thank you!

  17. Desi

    How long did it take you to overcome candida and when did you return to a more balanced and varied diet?

  18. Heather

    Is it important to juice the veggies or can I process them in my vitamix? I don’t have a juicer and would love to start this regimen. Thank you so much for all you do to educated and encourage us!

  19. Jaye

    I have the same question ^^^ have you ever made this in the VitaMix?

  20. Ann

    Do you recommend a specific brand of probiotic?

  21. K

    I recentally discovered I had candida. Even eating the gluten free carbs make my nerves ache and I feel sick, so I will have to go paleo like you said, as well as avoid fruits…at least at first. I have some questions though…
    You say to avoid vinegar other than cider vinegar, but lemon juice and lime juice are okay? What’s the difference? How does the vinegar affect it, and why doesn’t the lemon and lime have the same effect, especially since they are fruit?

    Also, you include stevia in your drink, but isn’t that a sweetner, so how does that work?

    What are the kind of starchy vegetables to avoid, is it mostly just potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and corn, or is there other vegetables to avoid?

    Sorry, I’m pretty new to this. Thank you so much for posting this and for all of your help!! You are a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. K

      One more question I just thought of…..would mushrooms be off limits? I just realized that since they are a fungus maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea to eat them in an anti-fungal diet, or would they be okay because it is a different kind of fungus.

  22. Kacey Bostrom

    I am wondering if I can just put all of that in my blender as I don’t have a juicer. Do you think that will work or just be too thick?
    Thank you,

  23. Holly

    I tried an approximation of this recipe today and really enjoyed it! I felt like I was doing something healthy for my body and tasty at the same time 🙂 Thanks so much for the help and hope you give those of us in similar boats!

  24. Guy Blume

    Hi Brittany,
    My friend told me about your website after I shared my Alcat Test experience on my Facebook page. After deteriorating health I was left hopeless after seeing multiple health practitioners. Then I took a leap of faith, paid $900 for the Alcat blood test which measures what foods I have a high, medium and low tolerance for. I discovered that I need a gluten sugar free diet for the most part and need to eliminate all forms of potatoes entirely. This would explain why the paleo diet and juicing made me feel the best in the past. I didn’t figure it out until the Alcat test. Looking at your diet recommendations it’s clear to me that I’m on the right track. Thank you for sharing your experience and here’s to your good health. All my best, Guy Blume, Alameda, CA

  25. Natalie

    Do you have a “group” page…so I can find you easily-
    or send a newsletter?
    You are awesome!

  26. Monica hocking

    Hi I’ve been diagnosed with candida and leaky gut-but figured it out on own a while ago. I’m a vegetarian and now only eat fish egg and low carb veggies. I’m still having problems though and wondering when this die off will end. Some days I cry for days at a time and can’t move I’m so exhausted, some days my muscles ache and u get adrenal fatigue, some days I feel a bladder infection but never really comes. I feel like each day is different. Am I in the right direction? Am I killing this thing? Also, I’ve just recently started juicing and love it! I feel better after drinking juice than I do after eating food. Does anyone know if a good liquid way to get my protein in? I’ve been told protein is a huge deal for me but I’m not sure if fish is too hard for me to digest. Thank you so much!

  27. Denise

    I’m wondering the same as some others on here if using a vitamix would work instead of dropping another hefty penny on a juicer?

  28. Gloria B

    Hi Brittany,
    I would love to get your personal input on something. I see that you recommend drinking lots of green juices. I have found that I am really enjoying this daily as well. I have read a lot about some of the green used in green juices (especially kale and spinach) being goitrogens, which can suppress thyroid function when consumed raw. I hate to give up the nutritional benefits of my green juices and I am wondering if just adjusting thyroid supplementation as needed to accommodate for the goitrogens seems reasonable, in your opinion. I guess consistency is still important so that thyroid levels do not start fluctuating all over the place, and consulting with a medical professional who is aware of goitrogens and thyroid issues would be important. But I know some people who avoid goitrogens because they have hypoT. I am thinking it is about finding a balance and paying close attention to the juices on your body. What do you think??

    1. Trish

      I read a lot on this.

      The recommendation I’ve come across is to lightly steam spinach and kale before eating them with meals, and to do the same if adding them to a smoothie. I have no idea if you can juice steamed kale and spinach in a juicer, but you could blend the steamed kale and spinach in a blender or Vitamix and then add them to your green juice ingredients you made with your juicer.

      The other recommendation is to eat sea vegetables as snacks or sprinkled on foods. Kelp flakes and dulse are two such products. Or take Kelp supplements Do a search on sea vegetables or kelp and thyroid to get an idea of recommended amounts.

      You could also rotate spinach and kale and limit them to once every four days. Day one, day five, day nine, etc. All other days utilize a variety of different lettuces.

  29. Meera

    This is so helpful. It’s so overwhelming, when I see how others are struggling like me to ward off these monsters from our body. I would like to know which probiotics do you use and where can I get them?

  30. janice

    Diflucan contains fluoride. I think this is still not a good medication for anyone for any reason. What have you found out about diflucan that might change my mind? Your information has been life changing and most welcome. Thank you for your help.


  31. Felecia

    I have the most basic of questions! I don’t juice yet, and would like to know what brand of juicer you would recommend I purchase for making your Lime Green Juice? (I own only a blender and food processor). Three of us in our family have yeast problems, and I want to make these every day this summer for us. Also, do you strain the pulp and fibers out of the juice, or does a good enough juicer get it all mulched so well that you can drink it all? And do you put the cucumber seeds in, or chop them out first? Thanks so much!

  32. Maria

    This information has been helpful. I’ve been suffering with all the symptoms mentioned and bad breath for years. I can’t wait to try the green drink as soon as possible. It’s been difficult to go with out sugar. The symptoms have effective my ability to live a normal life. Thank you for your post!!!

  33. Heather Kealamakia

    How do you really know when you have conquered the yeast overgrowth? Is there a test to take to show you have the yeast overgrowth to compare later to see if things have improved? Also, is taking a prescription anti-fungal a must, and if so, which one? I did the anti-candida diet once before, and the die-off was awful!!! SO tired and weak! Is there anything you have found that helps with this, like infared saunas or clay baths?

  34. Brooke

    I’ve been suffering candida related symptoms for years now. With a few recurrent vaginal yeast infections over the last few months, I am finally done. I am dizzy, have headaches, nausea, endless fatigue, dry itchy skin, acid reflux, sinus problems, etc etc. I haven’t talked to anyone yet who believes me though. How does one show a doctor reason for extended antifungals? If I’m not able to obtain a prescription, what natural means are strong enough to conquer a lengthy candida infection like this?

    1. Trish

      You need an MD with an integrative heath practice. Or a chiropractor that also deals with digestive health, else a Naturopath, etc. who can work with your MD if you prefer prescription antifungals. There are anti fungal supplements that are non prescription as well.

      From what I understand from researching, yeast and parasites, mold even, can get starved out of the body if you don’t specifically feed them. No sugars, grains, processed foods, etc. Look into all of the anti candida diets.

      Eating no wheat/gluten, zero grains, no sugar, no eggs, no dairy, is what is helping me not create new disease or furthering existing issues. I tried Paleo, but lost weight quickly and that coupled with adding good healthy fats kicked off gallbladder issues. So I removed fats. Added bone broths. I do a modified Paleo Diet and Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). Very little nuts per week. Green juices, steamed veggies, a little animal protein. I recently added bean soups for energy. (Though it may be increasing energy I do wonder if it also feeds candida issues. Itchy ears is a symptom for me. I used to get ear infections, urinary tract infections, stomach infections, throat infections, sinus, and vag yeast infections. I was on antibiotics at least two times a year!). I now chew food extremely well. Properly food combine. Use digestive enzymes. Probiotics. Vitamins that blood tests show I’m low on (apparently typical for Celiacs). On occasion I take Formula SF722 by Thorne Research when I feel a symptom tweak. But starving the Candida by diet seems to be a strong and continual line of defense. Some say diet alone can’t help, hmm, okay, and I agree that a prescription and/or a supplement anti fungal in combination with diet is good too.

      My stomach is healing. I can feel my hormones starting to become a bit more balanced.

      FYI, The next step for me is furthering my research into liver/gallbladder detox.

  35. TR

    Do you juice your veggies or smoothie them? Blender or Juicer? And then which machines have you seen to work best?
    Personally, the idea of blending for smoothies seems “best” as I want all the parts, pulp and all, of that veggie to be digested. Juicers take that stuff out. But then, is there even a blender strong enough to take a cucumber and turn it into more liquid then solid? AND THEN, why are so many blenders made of plastic?!?! I want stainless steel, glass, strong, larger capacity, easy cleaned (no dishwasher) and user friendly. I guess that is too much to ask of the designers and producers of machines.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Trish

      Breville juicers are good. Perfect liquid from solid veggies. Any juicer, even cheap, will do the trick. You can read forever as to why the more pricier juicers are healthier. Get one on sale during a major appliance weekend sale. If you can, spend about $100 to $200. But a $50 juicer still makes juice!

  36. Amber

    Probiotics are essential for our body because they help in synthesizing certain fatty acids and vitamins in the body to support a healthy body and strong immune system.
    Even though all cells in the body are capable of producing
    glutathione, medical studies have shown that the production of
    glutathione by the liver is critical. Up until a few years ago,
    only the people of Southeast Asia knew of the miraculous nature of this fruit.

  37. Julie

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe! I have been diagnosed with candida and gluten intolerance. Such fun. Just wondering how many celery stalks would equal half a bag for the Lime Green Juice? Also, so thankful to find your site. Your recipes look delicious! Blessings.

  38. Danette

    Hi Brittany,

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now… I LOVE your recipes and it has been super informative as I try to go paleo. I was wondering, when you say you’re in remission, do you mean your thyroid antibodies are back to normal or are your symptoms diminished to the point that you feel normal?

    Thanks for sharing so many helpful tips and recipes!

  39. M

    Hey, just wondering what nuts you were using? Are almonds ok? Sorry if this is a stupid question but why would you soak them?

    I’m new to this and any help would be much appreciated!

  40. Claire

    Thanks for mentioning diflucan. So many natural wellness proponents recommend against it which drives me crazy. After you’ve tried everything and are miserable there is a time and place for prescription medications!

  41. Kristina

    Hi Brittany,

    I am 22 years old and dealing with all the same symptoms. I’ve been paleo for about 3 years now but the flareups from Hasimotos are back at full force. I just got prescribed Diflucan and was wondering what dose you normally take?

    I LOVE all your recipies and am an avid follower of yours on Instagram.


  42. Cindy

    Wow I was stunned when I read your article on How I kicked Autoimmune Disease as it is exactly me and after moving from California to Ohio have had the same problems all over again. I went to a new doctor who did some lab work to tell me that I am extremely low in Vitamin D, I have systemic Candida outbreak again and dealing with it. I don’t have a job, so buying supplements is a bit tricky….but have experience with The Body Ecology Diet which I was on 15 years ago and helped me get over the Candida not realizing I needed to be on it the rest of my life. I am so encouraged by your article.

  43. Maria


    Im glad that you posted this online. I been dealing with this issue for over 2 yrs. I do have a question regarding the lime green juice…. When adding the green such as the Swiss chard or lettuce. Do I choose one of the greens you mentioned??? and how much of it?? Is the parsley a separate green that is added after you choose one of the other greens or is that one of the green I should choose? I hope I am not confusing you!

  44. Nadine Bryant

    When you mention candida, what symptoms are you referring to? I have had a painful white film on my tongue for over a year now, and the doctors don’t seem to know what it is or how to treat it, so I was wondering if you might have some information for me. Thank you!

  45. Jen

    Try putting the green juice with half an avocado and 4-6 ice cubes in a blender. Makes it a delicious smoothie.

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  47. Megan

    Hey Brittany!

    I’ve followed both you and Hayley of Primal Palate on instagram…one reason is because I noticed you both have symptons similar to mine (which – for so long, I was the only one I knew of who had this issue)…basically anytime I work out – especially the high intensity stuff which I used to love, I GAIN weight. If i do anything beyond pilates or yoga or walking, i seem to hang on to weight. I also found out I had lyme in addition to Hashis and as I have treated that, my weight returned to normal…without working out. so strange. Its been a real roller coaster

    I have a couple of questions – 1. do you take diflucan every day? or once a week? 2. how do you know if the yeast has spread beyond simply tummy stuff?

    Just curiuos…I noticed a big difference when I was on paragard and gi synergy…but now those have stopped working so just got an RX for diflucan. However its only a script for 10 days so I’m curious if I should talk to my dr about doing it longer….

    I wish I could do the no starch thing, but it always seems to tax my adrenals and thyroid too much…anytime I’ve done too low carb with high protein I get way worse – its almost like my thyroid tanks…so now i try to get plenty of carbs (potato or rice) along with a ton of veggies (big fan of green juice as well). I’ve also found I tolerate grass fed organic dairy extremely well so eat a cup of that a day to help the probiotics (I take VSL #3 probiotic in addition to that of course).

    Definitely different strokes for different folks. Thanks for sharing as It gave me some good ideas.


  48. megan

    Hi Brittany
    I really need your help and advice i am going insane i dont know what to do anymore. Its been a year since a nutriionist diagnosed me with leaky gut and i have been fighting it for too long i thought i cured it but then its come back..
    I eat no suagr or proccessed food i have probiotics, magnesium, glutamine & licorice root every day. I sleep 8 hours every night and i cant socialise because i cant eat anything or drink or move as im so tired.
    Iv been to the doctors a thousand times but they wont help me but im going to give up soon i feel like i have no hope anymore.
    I have been expereicing die off i think, every afternoon at work i get cold sweats and feel so faint and sick and bloated this has happened for about a month now, last week it stopped but its back again, my skin is looking better but its getting worse again…
    i dont know what to do the doctors wont help me theyve sent me for blood tests ive had cameras down my stomach dont every sample but they just said you have a wheat intolerence maybe?! and thsts it they dont know what else to say.

    Please help . megan x

  49. lynette

    Thanks so much for all the tips and recipes. God bless xx

  50. Anthony


    Can you comment on how many TPO and Thyroglobulin antibodies you had prior and after?


  51. Jax

    Hi their, I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this…I have been told i have a bad case of mouth thrush and have been having treatment by my doctor for over two weeks now, but still not better.. My symptoms are a very dry mouth, tongue feels like a cats tongue all dry and rough, and my tongue is quite painful at times, can have two days of being ok then I might eat something that triggers it to get really sore again !!! I have a thin yellow coating over all over my tongue and at times it looks very pale…. I am following a no gluten, no sugar diet and drinking copious amounts of water… I am feeling very depressed over this whole situation and really dont know what to do anymore… Is anyone else having the same symptoms as me and what are you doing to try and fight this nasty problem.

    Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated 🙂


    Hi Brittany
    I live in the UK and will be ordering all the products you have stated to take to help with explusion of Candida but would like to know the best brand to buy for oregano Oil, Candex, Colloidal Silver, magnesium citrate, and calcium citrate.

    We sometimes can’t get the same brand in the UK or even delivery to the UK but any information would be great.


  53. Nikki

    How often and what mg diflucan did you take? Know all are different…just curious. Thanks!

  54. Esti

    Thank you so much-how much probiotics should one take with hashimotos (/and thyroidectomy).

  55. Ann

    It is really nice to read how patiently u answer everyone’s queries. God bless.
    Well, my story is some 10 yr old. I had a rash on my palm. Went from one doc to the other but steroids, homeopathic, etc etc all made it more chronic than ever. Today, medically it is called psoriasis of the Palms. I had almost given up trying to treat myself when I came by a video on Systemic candidasis. I cud relate to the leaky gut causing candida overgrowth n resulting in psoriasis. Since Jan 15th, I am on the anti-candida diet. I hv probably had a few die offs- had a sudden rash on my neck which is almost gone; mid night wake ups; my hands are worse than before etc etc. I am also taking pre and probiotics, milk thistle, wheatgrass, LGlutamine n slippery elm supplements. In my mid 30s n a single parent, my diet n supplements has pinched a big hole in my pocket. I dunno how much I’ll be able to take this further. But diet, I’m a 100% loyal follower so far (into my 8th week now). Last few days my one eye is bloodshot. Dunno if it’s a die off too. Any help we’d be appreciated. I am from India so the recipes/ diet plans in most recipe books don’t work as v don’t get all those ingredients here. It’s the first time I’m writing out on the www. But I believe, help comes to those who seek and share. Thank u in advance.

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