How to make your own Vitamin Water.

How to make your own Vitamin Water.

I don't buy vitamin water. Most brands are loaded with sugar and other ingredients I don't feel I need to consume, not to mention that that the vitamins in these many brands aren't even usable in our bodies. Can you say waste of money??

I'm a huge fan of Wellesse Liquid vitamins. For starters they are certified gluten free- then throw in that the majority of their products are also dairy free and sweetened with stevia. They are perfect for me. Their multivitamin is even free of iodine which is AMAZING since I need to be cautious of iodine having hashimotos disease. (and for anyone out there with hashi's you know how hard it can be to find a multivitamin without iodine!)

I throw the vitamins into smoothies, but most recently have started using them to make my own quick vitamin water. It takes two seconds to make. This drink is a great way to get your kids to take their vitamins- tell them its lemonade and they will be thrilled!

Homemade Vitamin Water

Mix together and enjoy! Serve over ice, or pour it into a water bottle to go.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Amy Roberts

    I would love to try the iron, as I am anemic and have to take it all the time! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  2. Jackie Sebell

    Looking forward to trying the multi-vitamin! 🙂

  3. Crystal Wendling

    Any Vegan supplements would be welcomed.

  4. Shannon Primer

    The multi-vitamin sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Teresa

    The Vit. D and Calcium

  6. Kris W.

    What an awesome giveaway!! I would love to try the liquid D3 supplement 5000iu. Thanks!

  7. Ashley

    I would LOVE this!

  8. Christina weidner

    I would love to try the multi vitamin

  9. Sarah Hanson

    I can’t wait to try the vitamins!! I am severely anemic and am having issues finding vitamins that are gluten free AND that absorb into my body. Everything just gets flushed away as of now :-/ I’m excited to try new and fun things as well!!!

  10. Courtney S

    Done and Done!
    i would like to try the multi and b complex!!!! i need my energy reserves back BIG time!

  11. Deb

    I would love to try the MultiVitamin (gluten free and sugar free – yeah!)

  12. Lucy

    These all sound great – thanks for the entry! 😉

  13. Stehanie

    I need a good multi vitamin

  14. Hillary

    I have extremely low ferritin and hate taking my big iron pills, I would LOVE to try this! I also am low in b’s these look great!

  15. Christopher Sorel

    Digestive 3-in-1 Health Liquid

  16. Lori

    I would love to try the multi-vitamin!

  17. Juli Wendt

    Thank you Real Sustenance for your amazing dedication to bringing us great tasting, healthy recipes! I feel very blessed and grateful for what you have brought into the world of health and wellness. Keep up the great mission you have started here.

  18. Rachek

    I’d love to try the digestive health because of my IBS and dairy/gluten sensitivities.

  19. sheila gorham

    I love the fact these are gluten free and I’m looking forward to trying them.

  20. Juli Wendt

    oops! forgot to add the Digestive 3 in 1 Health is my Wellesse Product I am most interested 🙂

  21. Rachel

    I am definitely excited to try the iron supplement! I am anemic and all other iron supplements make me sick so it would be great to find one that didn’t!

  22. Carolyn

    These look great! Love that they are iodine free!

  23. Dawn Beattie

    Thanks, always love to hear of a new product:-)

  24. Tree Plant

    I would like to try all of them but especially the glucosamine!

  25. sondra

    I would love to have liquid vitamins again. So much easier

  26. Rhonda

    love it and love wellesse my life depends on it

  27. Suzanne H

    The B-12 siblingual liquid. My B-12’s low and it’s taking a long time to get it up.

  28. Juli

    I would love to try the iron and the multi-vitamin.

  29. Katie Green

    It would be great if these would help out my Leaky Gut Syndrome, and everything else! Thanks for the opportunity, Real Sustenance! 🙂

  30. Jen

    I wanna win this giveaway!

  31. Evelyn Meadows

    Really trying to be healthy this year and would love to make my own vitamin water as i have small granchildren that live with me and have recently had some down turn in the income department. i love all your ideas and have made the cookies several times with great praise from the kids…the multivitamin would be great to try.. Thanks

  32. kim

    I think the multi-vitamin or the digestive since I am celiac , I have not seen this brand before excited to see more gf options available

  33. Carrie

    The iron — keep looking for one I can tolerate. Thank you! “Likes” and “Shared” on Facebook.

  34. AdronsCatherine

    Oh wow! I would love to win this! And I had no idea about iodine being bad for Hashimoto’s!!! Ackkkkk! Let me go pull the kelp tablets out of my daily supplements!

  35. Denise Studstill

    I would love to try the digestive blend for my 8 year old daughter. 4 years of hard work to repair an autistic digestive system was undone by a school party and a misguided parent with cupcakes.

  36. Erica

    To funny you posted this- I’m searching hi and low for a multi or prenatal vitamin and can’t find something my body likes that is gluten, dairy and sugar free. Also thanks for the iodine comment. Do you know where I could go to find out more about that?

  37. Tammy

    I would like to try the aloe supplement.

  38. Jamie

    I have a friend who has am allergy to gluten and always looking for recipes. Your site gives me great ideas and I love it.

  39. chocolatechip69

    I would love to be able to add some kind of probiotic to my vitamin water. Seems like I tend to forget to take them in the form of pills in the morning. I think that would be the Digestive liquid vitamin, right?

  40. Katie

    Wow. This is awesome!! Thanks Brittany!!

  41. Kathryn Taylor

    I would love to try the magnesium. I have MS and I find magnesium really helps with the stiffness I feel. Thanks

  42. Val

    I would love to try the iron, my levels have been low lately despite eating plenty of iron containing foods!

  43. Kristina Elliott

    Oooooh pick me! Pick me! I need a pick me up. This faulty thyroid of mine always has me feeling crumby:(

  44. Jennifer

    I would love to try this product as I have multiple health issues. I think this would help me a lot! Thanks!

  45. Rosemary Erickson

    Hey Brittany! I would really like to try the iron and glucosamine wellesse 🙂

  46. Catherine A Kennedy

    Liked and shared. Great Prize!! Thank you.

  47. Claudia Patterson

    I’d like to try the multivitamin.

  48. Vonda Thelen

    I’m so glad I found you! Great recipes & encouragement. Thanks!

  49. Erin

    I would love to try the D3 5000mg supplement. I take a lot of d pills. Also the B complex. I think B vitamins are supposed to be really good for me having MS. 🙂 I already like you facebook page and I’m going to share the image now!

  50. Jennifer Barber

    I would love to try the B12 and iron supplements.

  51. Stephanie Moore

    Sharing, and commenting now. The liquid vitamin D is the only one I can digest, so I use it all the time.

  52. Heather

    Aloe Vera sounds soothing to the digestion right now 🙂

  53. Patricia Preczewski

    Love these products, thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  54. Lori Tobin

    The vitamin D- I’m always testing low on it!

  55. Patricia Preczewski

    BTW, i would love to try the vitamin D3

  56. janine kotwicki

    More cookies!

  57. Lisa

    I would try the aloe one for sure, as well as the digestive one and possibly glucosamine.
    I’ve heard glucosamine is used for joint issues and such, and have not yet tried it as a supplement. I have peripheral neuropathy, polyarthralgia?, and diffuse connective tissue disease apparently.
    A prize package would be wonderful, as that would be the one way I could have the opportunity to try these.

  58. Tamara

    I love your site and am so glad there are people like you out there to help us! I do my own research as well, but am thankful to have your knowledge there, all ready researched! I am interested in this vitamin water! 🙂

  59. Mary S

    I would love to try the multivitamin. Making your own vitamin water sounds great.

  60. Amber

    This looks delightful!!!

  61. Shannon

    I would love to try the digestive 3 in 1 and the Vit D

  62. Tom

    I would like to try the multivitamin. I hear it is Bariatric friendly.

  63. Cheryl Kelly

    Hi Brittany. Love your fb page and recipes! Would love to win this. The aloe vera liquid and Vitamin D3 liquids look great as do all of the products. Thanks, Cheryl

  64. Heather Alwine

    I would love to try them all, but am most intrigued by the Liquid Vitamin D and B12. 🙂

  65. Michelle Ring

    I’d try any…but maybe most curious about the Calcium 🙂

  66. Elizabeth Johnson

    I honestly wouldnt mind which one to try. I know that I do not get enough calcium nor iron. I also do not like swallowing huge multivitamin pills. I would LOVE drinking something besides water as well since I have stayed away from soda and fruit juice for so long. I do love water but adding healthy supplements to it sounds amazing. Im always looking for ways to better my health an try new things

  67. Jules Parker

    Soooo live the real sustenance website! Thanks for sharing all your tips & recipes. They’ve made a huge difference for me & my hubby. He has a blood disorder where he needs to drink LOTS & he lives on these vitamin waters. Would love to make them at home to give him something healthier and save money! Thanks so much!

  68. Elizabeth Johnson

    .. actually I take that back I have lack of sun (vitamin D), dont drink milk (Calcium), dont eat much meat(vitamin B12) and hardly any grains (Vitamin B), never eat red meat(Iron), have been getting sick so much easier after this last pregnancy and I always have terrible gas and bloating (digestive enzymes and Aloe Vera). These would be needed and greatly appreciate to change my health

  69. Amanda Sprinkle

    would love the Aloe.. great for the tummy.. and the kids love it !!

  70. Reese

    Never tried any of them but there is a first for everything! I’ll try any food once!

  71. Amy

    I can’t wait to try the vitamin water recipe!

  72. Brooke

    I really like the idea of the liqued Vitamin B-12. I would try that!

  73. Shaena F

    This is great! Thanks for the info and the giveaway!! 🙂

  74. Byn

    I would like to try the one for joint health. I need that one SO bad!! Thanks for introducing us to this company. I’m going to order some as soon as I get paid, regardless of if I win.

  75. Jen Parmeley

    I would love to try the calcium. (and why didn’t I know iodine was an issue?!?!)

  76. Melanie L

    YUM! So much better than the unhealthy vitamin water on the shelves

  77. Debra

    Would love to try the Glucosamine supplement for my middle aged joints!

  78. Barbara

    Oh, I’m so sad, I don’t “do” Facebook. I’d get sucked in and my family would wonder what ever happened to me. 🙂

  79. Chris

    I am most eager to try liquid magnesium

  80. Lynda Highway

    Thank you! <3

  81. Ashley

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to try the Multivitamin and the Vit D. I can tell my body is starving for the Vit D especially!

  82. Ginean

    Like and shared… multi-vitamin for my hubby… swallowing pills/vitamins not easy on him…!

  83. Kathleen Conner

    I’d like to try the iron, and see the difference with what I’m already taking!

  84. nabeela wahid

    Would love to try their digestive health supplement

  85. Erika

    I would love to give these a try. Thanks for letting us know about them and for this give away opportunity to try them all. Thanks 🙂

  86. Lynda

    EBV virus for 4.5 yrs + 17 doctors = looking for new healthy options. Real Sustenance provides that & more….Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin D3 are my first choices to try. Thank you.

  87. Cristy

    I would like to try multivitamin Wellesse Liquid Vitamin.

  88. amy lecroy

    B complex

  89. Caitlin Swopes

    I’d love to try these!

  90. Caitlin Swopes

    I’d love to try these! Hope I win!

  91. Missy Sepos

    WOW! Vitamin I can drink! Thanks for the info!

  92. Dawn

    Oh my goodness!!! I’m so excited about this! I didn’t know you could buy these in liquid form. Apparently I don’t absorb my vitamins and nutrients, with the gluten intolerance and the Thyroiditis, so something like this would be soooo perfect to drink through the day!
    I’m not sure which one I would be most interested in. I think the B12 , or maybe the digestive 3 in 1, or maybe the iron…..oh heck, any of them!! I will end up trying them all anyway!
    Thank you Brittany for introducing an amazing product! Woohoo 🙂

  93. Bethany Z

    I am looking forward to trying the Aloe Vera to hopefully alkalize my acid body and also to the Digestive aid as I can really use some digestive help. I tend to be incredibly yeast-y to the point of complete insanity. These supplements look very friendly to those with nutrition issues (especially because they are liquid). A wonderfully healthy give-a-way!! Whoever wins win be very lucky and on their way to great health!

  94. Trisha

    This sounds great! Thanks for another healthy option!

  95. Angela Fisher

    Would love to try the iron and the multivitamin. Tested deficient not too long ago.

  96. Suzanne

    Sounds really good, I will definitely try this!

  97. Jessica

    Liked and shared. I like all of their products!

  98. Mandy M.

    I would like to try Vitamin D3 Liquid 5000 IU or B-Complex Complete Liquid

  99. Niki

    I haven’t tried this brand before but being a big fan of Aloe and the need for Digestive Support – those would be my Go To’s!

  100. Patrycja

    I would like to try Multivitamins or/and Vitamin B12. I hope they are vegan as well. 🙂

  101. Angela Brummel

    I am looking forward to trying the b complex the most! I have not found all of my energy yet, was diagnosed celiac with 14 symptoms and dh! (It took 12years 17doctors and 2 kids to before being diagnosed, also have acute asthma/allergies ), we have the whole family on a gluten free almost grain free diet and we are LOVING your recipes! Thank you for all your hard work, you make this lifestyle possible for my 2 yr old, 5yr old and husband 35 and me 33yrs!

  102. Mary E Morris

    I have Hashimoto and I have never heard of these can’t wait to try them.

  103. Deborah

    Can’t wait to try the multivitamin!

  104. Janyre

    I’d love the multi-vitamin!

  105. Sarah D.

    Pick me!

  106. Susan

    I would love to try the protein complete! It would be nice to get a shot of protein without having to cook or eat meat. Not to mention those grainy sand like shakes.

  107. Amy Pola

    Cool. Sometimes I use vit C packets but there are lots of sugars in those too. Thanks for sharing an alternative.

  108. Jaclyn Hoover

    This is so great! Thank you for being such an advocate for wellness! I’d love to try all of them but especially Vitamin D and Digestive mix. Thanks!!

  109. cdm

    Perhaps to start out with the D3 and calcium. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize.

  110. Cindy W.

    I would like to try the digestive blend. Thank you for the giveaway.

  111. Sarah Lehman

    I’m most interested in the multivitamin. I love vitamin water zero and had no idea about these products. Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing about this company/product.

  112. Londa

    Multivitamin for sure!

  113. Lynn

    Vitamin D3 5000 IU or multivitamin

  114. Mason

    I would like to try the glucosamine.

  115. Emily

    The multivitamin and the protein (never been a fan of meat). Just found your site today and am trying choc chip cookie dough tonight!

  116. donna

    what a treat it would be to try their products….AND your vitamin water 😉

  117. jenni

    i am excited to try the 3 in 1 digestive health!

  118. Nicole Bottles

    always looking for a ‘high potency’ iron, to beat darn anemia, so that’s what i’m most looking forward too!!! you should do a giveaway and give away your baking :P. that woudl be so awesome!

  119. Chris

    Great idea !

  120. Kelly

    I think I need the calcium the most- avoiding dairy and all the “enriched” products that you don’t get when you are gf I don’t think I get enough calcium and have been thinking of starting a supplement. I also need the iron!

  121. Kelly

    Would love to try Calcium + vit D. Have a tough time with vitamins. Thanks so much Brittany.

  122. Diane Barranti

    The iron would be best for me. I need to take more of it.

  123. Erin

    I’d like to try the Digestive 3-in-1 or the Bone Health

  124. Jill Weeks

    Can’t wait to try this one. Our kids need something like this rather than all those “sports”
    Drinks out here in the market! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!!:)

  125. Cat

    These sound great! I’d love to try the multi and D3 for starters. Thanks for introducing us to this brand. I’ll look for it in the health food stores where I shop.

  126. Kate

    multivitamin for me

  127. Alexandra Falconer

    Haven’t tried these, but would love to see how they taste! Love your blog. Made the pizza the other day and it was delish!

  128. Karen Douglass

    My Dr. just told me I need more Vit. D, so that would be the one I would try 1st.

  129. Deborah

    I am most eager to try the calcium.
    Thank you

  130. Sarah Roy

    I know I need the liquid D, but would really like to try the multi for my kiddos

  131. Kacey Bostrom

    I just saw these at my health food store. Very excited to try them especially with your endorsement.

  132. Jill Weeks

    I’m eager to try them all! Wow! But if I had to pick one I think the multivitamin because the no iodine is awesome!!!!

  133. Cathy Caron

    Thanks for giving us wonderful alternatives to conventional ‘treats” that are unhealthy. It makes a much healthier way of eating to live enjoyable. I had no idea that vitamins came in liquid form and would like to try them.

  134. Leslie Moreland

    I’d like to try them all!

  135. Kristen

    I’d love to try the Iron as I have to take iron every day on doctor’s orders. 🙂

  136. Sheila M

    I would love to try the digestive 1-2-3 thanks for the chance to win!

  137. Deborah

    Would love to try thre multi-vitamin! I can’t like this on Facebook as I don’t have an account, but would if I did!

  138. Sidney

    I would love to give the Calcium & Vitamin D3 a whirl – the winter months are long without lots of “D!”

  139. Becki

    I would love to try the Multi!!! Thanks so much!

  140. tamara

    I love the lemon and stevia water
    .. would like to try the vitamins in it.

  141. Trish

    I look forward to trying the D3! Your recipes and dedication to sharing your knowledge is abundantly appreciated!

  142. Mary Daley

    Having never heard of this brand before Im excited to try any/ all of them since they r gluten free

  143. Pat

    The multi vitamin is my choice

  144. Katie

    I would love to try the Vit D and Calcium! Always trying to get more of that in my daily eats!

  145. Erin

    Im looking for a new Glucosamine supp & B complex supp so those would be top on my list –

  146. Teresa

    Love Wellesse! Have only tried one supplement so far and would love to win the prize!

  147. Tammy

    I would love the opportunity to try this out. always looking for ways to drink more water!

  148. Jamie

    I’m always up for trying new things! Never had a liquid multi before!

  149. Heather Carty

    Would love to try the liquid multi-vitamin!

  150. Jeanene

    Hi Brittany,

    I all ready Like you on FB. I shared your give-a-way.
    I would love to try these liquid vites. First choice is the multi, second is the Cal/Mag.
    I always love stopping by. You so inspire me!

    Have a great day!

  151. Tonya Marcombe

    Sounds good! I liked and shared the picture and giveaway instructions!!

  152. Jordan D

    I’d love to try the calcium supplement!

  153. Velta Mack

    I need lots of D3 because of Sjogren’s Syndrome and Raynaud’s so would love to try the D3 5000 IU.

  154. Jennifer

    Would love to try the aloe for my son’s IBS.

  155. julie

    I would love to try the calcium to help with sleep and bone support!

  156. Patti

    Love this site! Eating became a chore because of my dietary limitations. Now I have choices! Vitamin recipe sounds especially good for the grandkids that hate to take pills. Thanks again!

  157. Janna Bee

    I’ve been looking for a good multi- vitamin:)

  158. Theresa Lance

    My favorite is the calcium with D3. Taste great and so easy to take.

    1. Theresa Lance

      Would love to try the protein

  159. Donna Ciaccio

    I love your site. I’m new to it but sooo happy to have found it. I have multiple health issues and am currently on several meds , trying desperately to get well and get off of them. If I had to choose only one, I guess it would be the B12. i am very anemic but also have a malabsorbtion issue–take tons of vitamins (pill form) but they are not working as they should. I love the idea of liquids, just the thought of having to open all of the individual bottles everyday is grueling. Then there’s the nausea after taking them. In all honesty, I would love to win any of them–anything free would be such a help–taking so many vitamins everyday is extremely expensive.

  160. Tina B

    Ooh, the Digestive 3-in-1 would be a great find! Even though I’m changing what and how I eat, I still have some digestive issues. 🙁

  161. Deborah H

    The multi vitamin and digestive ones would be my first choices..and I agree with Tina B as well. Same as here.

  162. Melissa C.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway of these great products. I would love to try the multi-vitamin +.

  163. Lenae Cobb

    a little over a year ago I became gluten free after reading an article ongluten and casseine in my MS magazine. I feel better but I would like to try the Multiple from Wellesse. i have used the calcium and would like to try other products of Wellesse. Thank you for supporting them. Thank you also for all your wonderful recipies and all work you put into them.

    Lenae Cobb

  164. Rachel N

    I have Hashimoto’s too and have to watch out for iodine. I am definitely going to try these vitamins!

  165. Michael G.

    The Multi-Vit.

  166. Donna K

    I would like the calcium + Vitamin D.

  167. Candace McCabe

    I really need to take a multivitamin but I can’t seem to force myself to do so. I do however mix my own electrolyte/ protein water for my post-run hydration. A liquid multi in there might be perfect!

  168. Caia

    All the products look great, most interested in the iron – having trouble staying above the anemic range.

  169. Tzeitel

    The multivitamin sounds great! I need a good new one as the ones I have been taking seem to upset my stomach!

  170. Tracy

    I would love to try the Aloe Vera and Glucosamine supplement! These look great because I hate swallowing pills.

  171. Michele McKiernan

    I would love to try the multi vitamin. My daughter has a real hard time swallowing the capsule she currently takes.

  172. Mary Zelli

    Would love to try the multivitamin.

  173. Eustacia Miliusis

    I would like to try the multivitamin, thank you!

  174. Diane Huot

    I would love to try the Glucosamine supplement. thanks so much and GREAT website.

  175. Marya

    It’s a toss-up between the D3 and the mulitvitamin. I always prefer vitamins that are easily absorbed.

  176. Shawna O

    I’d love to try the liquid iron as I’ve got low iron.

  177. Shauna

    First time visitor of your site and facebook page, and I’m so glad I found it! I firmly believe our bodies funtion at optimum levels when we pay close attention to what they need and don’t need. I’d love to try the digestive 3-in-1!

    1. Shauna

      ^function 🙂

  178. Kelly

    Woohooo – I hope I win! 😀 I’m most interested in the multi-vitamin.

  179. Krish

    I am looking forward to trying the multi-vitamin.

  180. Siobhan G

    I would love to try the iron! I have yet to find an iron supplement my stomach can tolerate!

  181. Nancy G

    All those drinks are crappy and making our kids overweight and unable to focus, hence obesity & ADHD. Thanks for creating this!

    1. Nancy G

      And I would like to try the multi vitamin! Would be nice for an over 55 women’s complex.

    2. Holistic NJ Mom

      I’d like to try the Vitamin D “flavor”.

  182. lisa biddle

    Terrific recipe! I haven’t tried Wellesse but I will have to now.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Love all the recipes!

  183. AJ Lopomo

    I’d like to try the gloucosamine!

  184. Denia

    I would love to try the liquid vitamins both myself and my son steer clear of gluten (he has add, eczema and asthma all of which have shown vast improvement)

  185. Lindsay Charles

    I want to try the Vitamin D!

  186. Shari

    Hadn’t seen these before. Wonder if the absorption is superior than pills.
    glucosamine, vitamin d – heck – all of them – this intrigues me.

  187. Wendy Tinkler

    Protein Complete

  188. Dif

    I know I missed the giveaway, but I need to look up the D! The liq D I am taking now is oily and nasty. Even if I try to mix it into something else it is still a trial. I will look into this one, hope it is better! I need some omegas too. The ones we have are lemon creme, yuck yuck. But it is so difficult to get quality liquid vitas. Thx :0)

  189. Latasha Smart

    I would love to try the multi vitamin

  190. Mel

    I would love to try the Digestive 3-in-1 Health supplement. You have inspired me, Brittany and given me hope. I suffer from an autoimmune condition that has changed my life TOO much! I’m on a quest to get better and help my body heal itself! I’ve been SERIOUS about this quest, starting only 3 weeks ago, and I’ve already seen some HUGE improvements. I’m so excited, and I always look forward to your posts and recipes! Thank you for all that you’re doing!


  191. Coral

    Mmm, this kind of technology could help me get more of the vitamins I need AND more of the water I need! (I am so bad at drinking water.)

  192. Coral

    I forgot to mention: I live in Alaska, so obviously I’m in it for the vitamin D. And I’m gluten-, egg-, and dairy-insensitive (AND allergic to nuts — it’s a tough life), so a multivitamin with B in it wouldn’t hurt me, either. 🙂

  193. Ekanem

    Vitamin D, please!

  194. Angelee Richardson

    Thank you soooo much for the information you provide. I would love to try the vitamin D3, and the multivitamin. Thank you.

  195. Angelee Richardson

    Thank you for the information you provide. I would love to try the vitamin D3 and the multivitamin. Thank you.

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