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  1. Elizabeth Good

    Nice. And I LOVE your photos and colors.

  2. Virginia

    How did you get YOUR green and red? Are those naturally derived? I know beet works well for red.

  3. Chris

    Can you use powdered stevia in this recipe?

  4. Norma

    Second time making these cookies !! They turned out awesome and we made sure we made them thicker this time !! We also did the frosting ! with cranberries and blueberries, the cranberries frosting turned out pinkiesh and the blueberries very red !! I loved the cranberries flavor in them ! They’re soooooo yummy ! It’s almost 10:00 at night and we all had to try one each !! 😀 My daughter’s class is having a Christmas Party tomorrow … So thanks to you, she’ll have her very own ALLERGEN’S FREE Christmas cookies !!!! THANK YOU ! They’re delicious !!!

  5. Juniper Rain

    I just made the frosting recipe and added arrowroot starch to make it more like a creamy frosting and it really worked!!! I also added some earth balance dairy free butter but i’m not sure that was necessary. good stuff!! 🙂

    1. Nicole Smith

      How much arrowroot powder did you use?

  6. Eggnog Pancakes | The Paleo Prize

    […] use corn starch which I’m not okay with.  IF you have an issue with using cane sugar — you can make your own powdered sugar with your granulated sugar of […]

  7. Benazir

    i used turbinado sugar I stumbled on this because I kicked the white sugar habit for good

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