How I kicked my Autoimmune Disease into Remission.

How I kicked my Autoimmune Disease into Remission.

Its been a LONG Journey. almost 3 solid years of chronic pain. Today, I am living virtually pain free. I decided to share my story to give you hope- because you CAN get better too.. I don't care what your health circumstances.

In the winter of 2009 at the age of 25 I became pregnant. It was a surprise, but we were overjoyed. With that pregnancy came HORRIBLE morning sickness. Or so that's what I thought. In reality I was having severe sinus issues and my digestion became a complete mess. Headaches, nausea from post nasal drip, headaches. Each day was a struggle. Then, just as I entered the second trimester I miscarried. My health from that point on was never the same.

Months after the pregnancy my digestion continued to be off balance. One morning 6 months after the miscarriage I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right side.. as if someone was jabbing a pencil into me, over and over. That began the serious quest to get better.

Doctor after doctor after doctor. No one knew what was wrong. I tested negative for celiac and my health looked perfect on every other front according to bloodtests. . I suspected hypothyroidism as it runs in my family. But my doctors refused to treat me for that. Finally after seeing my 2nd gastroenterologist I was told my gallbladder was acting up. I did not have gallstones, but yet it was over- working and causing me the cramping and stabbing sensation. It took 7 months to get that diagnosis. During that time frame my digestion literally came to a hault. I became dependent on laxatives and fiber, which barely worked.

My gallbladder was removed, with the promise that my health would return to a perfect state thereafter. What they found during surgery.. was an extremely inflamed organ. I thought my struggles were over.. little did I know they had just began!

The stabbing pain went away, but my digestion worsened. Again I went on the circuit to find a doctor to figure me out. During this time I was in and out of the emergency room with heartburn so severe I was afraid to eat. I was exhausted, cold, my hair was falling out, my face and eyelids always puffy, I had muscle and joint pain so severe it was impossible to get out of bed some days. I was falling apart and no one could tell me why.

Finally, I struck gold. Doctor number 13 had my answer. Hypothyroidism- coupled with Hashimoto's disease. I sobbed tears of joy in the doctors office that day. She could have given me any diagnosis and I would have rejoiced. I had an answer! With that answer I knew that if I worked hard enough I would get better. And that is just what I did.

Due to the fact that I went undiagnosed for so long, my health issues had grown and spiraled into a much more complicated place that I had ever imagined. And I must note that after doctor #13.. I have since seen 3 more to really dig through all of the elements of my health crisis.

In additional to Hashimoto's I had:

- Severe Adrenal Fatigue

- A severe Candida Infection that had become systemic

- A leaky gut

- Metabolic Syndrome (I was borderline diabetic).

I began my healing journey. Its been a process! I wanted to share the many things that really made a difference for me:

  • Going gluten and dairy free was my starting point. Eventually I moved to a grain free, low carb, sugar free diet.. that was the icing on the cake that really got me moving in the right direction. After about a year on this diet, I started feeling like a new person!
  • In conjunction with the last tip- An elimination diet is essential. Its extremely extremely important to learn what foods cause problems for you, and which one are non-problematic. This will make or break your recovery. Many ask me what the perfect healing diet it. This diet will differ person to person. Only you will be able to figure out what your perfect eating plan is through trial and error.
  • Making sure ALL of my vitamin needs are always met. With Hashimotos disease Iodine can be problematic- I took this multivitamin from Thorne.
  • When receiving my diagnosis I was low in Vitamin D. This is common.. make sure to get your D up to perfect level.
  • Taking fish oil! Balancing your omega 3's and 6's can make or break you when you are in a fragile inflammitory state.
  • Taking HIGH levels of probiotics. I'm talking 100's of millions of thousands. I don't play around with this. With candida, and gut issues which are all too common with various autoimmune diseases probiotics are one of the MOST important things to incorporate. It is important to take probiotics seperate from your other supplements so that they are most effective. I start each morning with a hefty dose of probiotics with a tall glass of water and wait 30 minutes- 1 hour before I eat or take anything else.
  • Drinking TONS of freshly made green vegetable juice. It will help you detox and reduce inflammation. You can get my recipe here.
  • Minimizing my stress levels and meditating when I feel overwhelmed.
  • Sleeping! I always, always get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night. Without this I start feeling crummy.
  • In my case a dosage of armour thyroid was needed- I will probably remain on this medication forever, and I have no problem with that. Some people are able to wean off of thyroid medication if their thyroid has not become too damaged- I most likely will not be on of those individuals. Thyroid medication is harmless- there are no longterm health risks. Popping a pill every morning is something I am more than happy to do!
  • I took L-Glutamine to assist in healing my leaky gut.
  • I took a product called Glutithione Recycler . It supports the immune system and for many people acts almost like a bullet proof vest helping to decrease autoimmune attacks. I no longer seem to need this product- but it helped during my sickest period!
  • For about 6 months on a weekly basis I went in for accupuncture. This helped balance my adrenals which made a huge different in my energy levels day to day. Money was tight, so I found a community acupuncture. This concept is growing- and you might be able to find one in your area. I paid only $15 per visit.
  • Be cautious when trying new supplements. Try only one a a time per day as you never know if one may throw you off. For example: when you have an autoimmune disease its possible that the herbal supplements for adrenal fatigue could make you feel 100 times worse.

To deal specifically with the candida I have followed a careful protocol. I believe the years of slow digestion is what caused the candida to take over my digestive tract in turn causing the leaky gut- and then my food intolerances. This portion of the process has taken the longest to heal. I probably have at least another year of following this regimen.

  • First its important to know that "die off" is a very real thing. You may get much worse before you start to feel better. This period of detoxing can be difficult. During my first heavy die of period I become very depressed, emotional, and felt like I had the flu every day for almost 2 months straight. It was difficult- but also the most important thing I pushed myself through. I'm still dealing with low level die off symptoms. Sometimes you have to be patient and be willing to deal with a little discomfort for your long term health.
  • I learned that my adrenal fatigue, and blood sugar issues were directly related to the candida. As my candida started to get better under control those two issues began to dissipate.
  • Following a low carb, sugar free diet has been essential for this department. I still adhere to this diet.
  • I take a series of herbal antifungals. The best product I have tried (and I tried many) is GI Synergy . It does a remarkable job of cleaning out the candida from the digestive tract.
  • Again, the probiotics.
  • I discovered a product called Biofilm Defense and it made a HUGE difference in my treatment. Yeast has the ability to build up walls that prevent antifungals from getting in. The biofilm sweeps in and digests those walls which will make your other antifungals far more effective! Without this product I would not have made any progress.
  • I take prescription antifungals. I go back and fourth between Nystatin and Diflucan. Whenever I take Nystatin I have it made by a compounding pharmacy as otherwise it contains sugar (seriously!!). If you have to go this route, call around to get quotes from various compounding pharmacies around the country as some will fill this script much cheaper than others.
  • The latest treatment I started is through a doctor in NYC. Its called sublingual immunotherapy and it is used to build up the immune system. My doctor explained to me that in my case, the antifungals are only acting as a band-aid. That my immune system is functioning at a very low level. The sublingual immunotherapy treatment little by little is rebuilding my immune system so that it eventually will be strong enough to keep the candida in check all on its own without the help of antifungals. We all have candida- the difference is that those with a healthy immune system do not experience overgrowth in extreme ways as I have.
  • I recently learned that if your thyroid hormone balance is off, specifically your T3 then its possible for your immune system to become sluggish which will allow for Candida and other infections to get out of control.

The bulk of our immune systems are in our guts! If there's a problem in the gut- your autoimmune disease can become crippling. My story is one of Hashimoto's- but these same results can be achieved with all of the autoimmune diseases. I have had friends reverse their MS and begin walking again. Friends that have put their lupus into remission.. I could go on.

During this process I have:

  • Almost fully healed my leaky gut. I can tell this has happened as I continue to gain foods back that once made me sick. In the past few months I have been able to eat Goat and Sheep Dairy and all of the various nuts and seeds. Both of those food groups were problematic for a long time! I'm also able now to eat out safely without worrying I will react to every little thing that I order.
  • I am free of chronic autoimmune attacks! I no longer suffer from daily joint pain. exhaustion and fatigue.
  • My digestion is perfect! No more heartburn or constipation.
  • My energy levels are great- and I no longer suffer from brain fog.
  • My weight is perfect! I no longer have to worry about gaining weight easily.
  • My adrenals are 90% healed. Unless I binge on a bunch of coffee and chocolate- I have a great steady supply of energy all day and sleep like a baby at night.
  • No more blood sugar surges and drops. (These surges were once making my autoimmune attacks much worse!)
  • I will FOREVER remain gluten free and avoid foods that my body isn't fond of. I am in this state of remission only due to my dedication to a careful diet. If I started eating gluten all of my health issues would return.

I need you to understand that you will get better, if you do one thing:


If your doctor doesn't seem to be helping you- find a new one. You must always be open to trial and error. You must be willing to give up favorite foods for a period of time to allow your body to heal. You'll probably have to make financial sacrifices, you'll have to buy quality food and learn to cook for yourself. On days when you feel terribly sick you might have to drag yourself out of bed to prepare HEALTHY food rather than ordering takeout. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to get better. If you take on that attitude YOU WILL GET BETTER. I am living proof. And in the end when you get through this you will be a stronger, happier more beautiful person than you ever thought possible.



Ps. A few resources for you:

Brittany Angell

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  1. Brigitte

    Thanks for posting this! My digestion is becoming increasingly sluggish and I’ve been on a mission to figure out what is wrong with me, which I think is similar to yours in terms of the leaky gut and candida issue. I started an anti-fungal protocol but it made me SO sick that I had to stop, so it’s good to know that you just have to plow through and deal with it, and that it WILL get better. I’ve been getting a bit discouraged because I am not getting better despite making efforts, but it’s great to know that healing takes time and that with persistence and diligence it IS possible to get better.

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing your story, it is very inspirational. I have a similar history and have been researching different protocols to heal my leaky gut. Did you follow any specific diet (scd or gaps)? I have been trying so many different things, get better for a bit, then have More issues. Any guidance you can give in regards to starting out would be great. So much information is out there and it is a bit overwhelming. Dd you follow certain protocols or websites?

    Side note: Love your website, thanks for all your hard work! I have become addicted to your cranberry cake. I make it into muffin tops, freeze and its my little treat. Cranberry orange is mu favorite, but its also great with frozen blueberries and lemon zest.

  3. pat

    Thank you for posting this, Brittany! I’ve been struggling with some of the issues you’ve battled…not for as long, and it’s not as severe! But I think things started going downhill fast after I had my appendix and gallbladder removed in 2010.

    I’m still working on adrenal/gut issues/food intolerances with my naturopath. I’m booking a thyroid test soon. I’m curious: what probiotics are you taking? I’m mixing up some from Solgar and Jarrow and eating a little bit of sauerkraut here and there. Not too much: it makes me ITCH.

    Thank you for all you do, and thank you for your persistence! There have been many times where I wanted to give up. I know I can’t.

    (Psssssssst – more egg-free/grain-free/dairy-free recipes please!!! I really and truly miss eggs the most, I think. I don’t care for wheat, but EGGS! UGH!)

    Lurking and admiring from Toronto, Canada
    pat 🙂

  4. Amy

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 This is my story EXACTLY, minus the removed gall bladder! If you would like to email me I would like to hear how this has also affected your endocrine system/other hormones if at all.

  5. Ricki

    So happy for you, Brittany! I know all too well how difficult it can be to give up those favorite foods and stick with it. But like you, I know that persistence is key. And then being even more persistent once you feel better. Enjoy every moment–you have certainly worked hard enough for it! 🙂

  6. Jerrit

    Thanks! All your post have been very helpful in trying to figure out how to deal with the problem and CONGRATULATIONS on your remission! 🙂

  7. Rowan

    Like others have said, thank you for sharing. I have been fighting Chronic Lyme Disease for several years now, after a long period of dealing with it undiagnosed, and have many similar symptoms. It is an enormous time and energy commitment to make so many lifestyle changes and try to figure out all the little pieces of the puzzle. I appreciate hearing your tips on what worked for you and will likely be adapting some of them for my own situation.

    Great job on finding your way back to health!

    1. Kristen

      As I read this, Rowan, the symptoms do sound so much like chronic lyme. I have a 13 year old that has been battling lyme for years. Thank you for all of the suggestions and recipes Brittany! It sure is a life style change to change our diets so drastically, but it really seems to be helping with the stomach issues with my son. We have been gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free for almost a year now. It is so nice to hear that you are healed!

  8. Kate

    I just found your webpage and am thrilled. You are a brave and strong woman and your story of healing is inspirational to say the least. I had the opposite of you – Grave’s Disease – and I too healed myself with acupuncture, diet changes and vitamins as well as Chinese herbs. I look forward to following your journey (and enjoying your recipes!). Thank you for your contribution to good health.

    1. Evan

      Hi Kate

      First of all, I really admire people like Brittany and yourself who are an absolutely inspriation to all those suffering from these unfortunate diseases. Thank you both so much.

      My partner has recently been diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and I’ve searched all over the internet for a natural cure. We are about to embark on a gluten free diet for starters and some other aspects mentioned here in Brittany’s story.
      Kate, could I please ask what diet changes did you make in particular, which vitimins and chinese herbs you also took in particular? I would be eternally grateful. I can be contacted at

      Thanks so much!
      And best of luck to all those affected! Thanks for giving us hope.

    2. Amanda

      Congratulations on your success in overcoming Graves. I have been recently diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and am looking for natural ways to heal. I was doing low dose meds and diet changes (gluten, most dairy except yogurt, sugar elimination) for past 2.5 weeks, upped meditation and more aware of environmental stressors. I rarely ate meat before, but have actually added it back following Dr. Zaidi’s book. I had terrible rx to both meds so had to come off. Scheduled to meet with dr of Chinese medicine this weekend, and separately another woman who does the NEAT allergy elimination technique. My endo has wanted to do RAI from day 1, but I know that I can heal myself and am seeking holistic mds and Chinese medicine for help. Any advice that you have on your healing journey would be greatly appreciated! I can be reached at I know you may have multiple requests, so even of you just forwarded want you sent to others, I would be deeply grateful! Thanks!

  9. Jennifer B.

    Thank you SO much! Our journeys are very similar and while I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it is helpful to know I am not alone and I am not crazy. You are farther along than me and I’m going to look into some of the links you shared. I see a wonderful doctor in Lawrenceberg, Indiana who practices integrative medicine if anyone is looking for someone. His name is Marcus Cobb and he has a radio show you can listen to online.

  10. Barbara

    I tried to “like” and comment on Facebook but it wouldn’t let me. First of all, congratulations for finally finding a doctor that is helping you and for listening to your body and making dietary changes to help you heal. Did you ever get tested for any of the MTHFR gene mutations ? If you have MTHFR then your dietary changes would have helped you. I cannot tell about your supplements but if you have MTHFR you must stay away from synthetic vitamins such as Folic Acid , etc. The major reason I ask about MTHFR for you is because it might be a key and one of the reasons as to why you lost your baby.

  11. thehealthyapple

    I love you and am so proud of you. So lucky to have you as a best friend. xxxoo Together we will continue to heal ourselves!

  12. Courtney S

    thanks for posting and sharing….i somehow found you ‘by mistake’ but i am so glad i have! within 20 minutes of eating i bloat and gas up and am in so much pain….the blanket diagnosis of IBS isnt cutting it. i also have numerous ‘allergies’ and things that i cannot eat because of the sever discomfort….i have lost all my energy and no longer feel like i can work out (which i used to enjoy)….i am tired all the time, and i could go on!!! so long story short, because of you and your struggles, i have made an appointment with a naturopathic physican here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and i hope that this is the first step towards full health.
    thank you for your delicious recipes and for ‘being there’ lol

    1. brian

      Hi any updates about your case

      Pls share

  13. Virginia

    Wow, it is so comforting to read about someone on the other side. I too have struggled with similar symptoms (though my inflammation is of the skin not joints) for 3 yrs since the birth of my last child. Right now I can eat 5 things with minimal inflammation. I hope to be able to try some of your awesome recipes some day myself, as I am on the path to healing. I have done a lot of what you have, but some things I haven’t. Thanks for sharing!

  14. JEnnifer in PA

    Found your post really interesting. Funny I shared my 14 year old daughters story on my blog today as well although her health never got as bad as what you went through. But she could have had things continued on into her twenties. You are inspiring.
    Jennifer in PA

  15. Karen

    Two questions: 1.) What brand of probiotics are are you taking? I need them to be gfcfsf and it is hard to find them. I have two kinds but my doc would like me to find a third so I can rotate them. 2.) What brand of glutathione are you taking? I tried the liposomal glutathione and had a horrible reaction. Oh, and a third, my doc took me off L Glutamine as it can cause issues with GABA? Does that make sense to you? I’m 18 months into treating Chronic Lyme and it is an uphill battle.

  16. Roseann

    I think your path has made you psychic!
    I was researching this very subject today and was hoping to find some info on your site…lo and behold! I have been though the gamut of gall bladder surgery,thyroidectomy, gut issues, chronic fatigue, etc. and this months malady a t3 of 78! To say the least…I am a bit off-balance. Thanks so much for the encouragement, because as discouraging as this journey can be, I need all the help I can get!
    You are a gem!

  17. Shirl

    Just read this story and it is so close to “me” that I must comment, which I never do… anywhere. I am hypothyroid , proven by labs, and all compounded (and regular) meds give me vertigo . I feel I would beat so many of these symptoms finally if I could just take the meds & speed up my digestion….I am free of so much (food) at this point and would just like to get rid of the lump in my throat permanently.(GERD) Did u ever have that? I was and am mercury poisoned by amalgams. Have had all amalgams removed a year ago, cannot touch fish or tannins in addition to corn, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, yeast, mushrooms, and am trying to stay goitrogen free also. Your recipes give me hope for some enjoyment. But would just like to finally be rid of the lump feeling in my throat. I have gotten over many things but new things pop up. Has anyone gotten over the lump without Armour or meds? Some days it is gone and I am so thankful but it always returns.

    1. Laurel

      Shirl – Are you saying the lump in your throat is caused by GERD? Have you been checked for a goiter? I have Hashimoto’s and a big ole goiter. The swelling of the goiter is very annoying and causes a lump in the throat. I nearly had it removed, but I’d rather keep all of my organs and glands if possible. However, when it wakes up and starts choking me again I seriously think of calling the surgeon.

      If I take Armour then the goiter swelling gets worse… not better. And worse whenever I change iodine/not iodine/type of iodine.

  18. Neeta Bali

    Thank you for posting this story, which is very touching and inspiring and resonates deeply with my own…….After the gall bladder operation, I had a long list of challenges and stayed in bed for two whole years! I am walking now, thanks to the diet and lifestyle changes I made and I still have to be careful, but truly believe the worse is behind me now……I am so grateful 🙂

    1. Amber

      I would like to hear your story on how you healed yourself. Going through a lot of health issues myself after having my gallbladder removed and I’m desperate for help. I have 4 baby boys and need to be here for them!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Staceys

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I think I have some form of autoimmune disease but no doctors can find anything for me but I do feel that a change in my diet and for sure adding probiotics would be soo beneficial, which Ive only read about but to find a doctor that will help is super hard!! That’s great that you have found what is wrong and can now do something about it!! Thanks again!

  20. Tanya


    Did you go to NY to see the Dr that treated you for candida? Or does he do phone consults?


  21. Sherri

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! And thanks for a great blog, too. As everyone has said, it’s so nice to not feel alone in this isolating diet.

    I am battling chronic Lyme (like a couple above, too). Also years of issues…and numerous doctors. What a blessing to find great doctors, eh? May God bless you as you continue your healing journey. It’s good to be ALIVE!

  22. MARIA

    Hi Brittany!

    It’s new for me posting in a blog, but with your great, clear and precise explanation about how your life changed prior changing your diet, I felt I had to. What you’re saying is extremely true and I think it would help tremendously to change someone else’s life.
    In my case, I had terrible migraines since I was 9 years old. They totally ruined my whole day/rutine and couldn’t go forth with what I was doing… I had to go to bed, close all curtains, turn out the lights, and most of the times ended up worse… In the end migraines began with sight loss. I was always ashamed of it because it inclusively gave me problems at work.

    At age 20, from one moment to another, I began having a terrible pain on my shoulders, it quickly went on to attack most of my articulations. My finger got huge as a side effect, and I couldn’t raise my arms nor turn my head naturally. I went to get a shot and not even one applied directly to the vein would help me decrease the pain.

    I had luck because I went to the right doctor respecting diagnosis. He told me I had reactive arthritis. This was a complete surprise, and something I never heard existed before. For a year I was under an anti inflammatory treatment… but it basically was based on pills. No test would deliver us any explanation on WHY or HOW I had that disease.

    I was like that for 9 months (obviously combined with my migraines), until a friend of mine told me about paleo diet. I actually started it because I wanted to loose some weight… but amazingly whilst I began with it, my symptoms improved.

    That was on 2008, from that day to the present, my reactive arthritis has completely disappeared and I haven’t had anymore migraines. This is actually a miracle and had changed my life completely. Now I can say I know what a tensional headache is!

    No gluten, no sugar, and recently no dairy, has changed my life!

    Best regards,

    Maria E. (Peru)

  23. Healthy Jasmine

    I just shared your story and love how encouraging and inspiration it is. It reminds me of my mission to help heal my son’s gut. We are on our 6th doctor for him and I am SO determined to prove others wrong and that I am not THAT crazy mom. 🙂 Blessings to you!

  24. Rachel

    Hi, Brittany! Thank you so much for all your posts and recipes…they have been an enormous resource for me recently as I am trying to heal myself. I have Celiac Disease (diagnosed 10 years ago but sick long before) and I am still suffering from so many digestive issues that just wreak havoc with the rest of my well-being and life.

    I was wondering — what brand of probiotics do you use? I’ve taken New Chapter’s non-dairy based priobiotics before…do you know if that is a good quality brand?

    Again, thank you for all of your insight!

  25. Jen

    This is really inspiring. Our stories are so similar, it’s good to hear from others who have overcome the same kind of issues.

  26. Margaret

    It’s scary how similar the beginnings of your health problems are to my own. I also had a “hyperkinetic” gallbladder, was diagnosed with gastroparesis and severe heartburn at the same time, and having the gallbladder removed only provided relief for a little while. I’d been gluten free for 4 years already at that point, but it clearly wasn’t enough! I still have no answers, and have a lot of bad days, but I’m hoping one of these years my body decides it will heal itself. How did you find out about the systemic candida? I’m wondering if there’s a test I can ask my doctor to order, as I’m guessing that may be part of my problem since the very low sugar/low carb diet helps a lot.

  27. Jackie D

    Thanks so much for sharing! I could sure use some of this advice! Glad you’re on the right path to healing now!!

    P.S. Your recipes are great! 🙂

  28. Hannah Healy

    Wow! What a moving story. I can’t believe all the suffering you’ve gone through, but I’m glad to hear that you figured it out and are moving on a path towards good health!

  29. Kate @ Eat, Recycle, Repeat

    Congratulations! I’m happy to hear how much progress you’ve made on your healing journey

  30. Brenna Waterman

    God bless you for all you do Brittany! I too have pretty much all the same exact health issues as you except for Candida…Your recipes and wealth of information have been a huge blessing to me, i can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you!!!!

    Brenna 🙂

  31. Serena

    Thank you for this post. I’m so sorry for your loss (I know that pain). Your story is very similar to mine, though my gall bladder thankfully is still where it should be. I’ve been having an especially hard time the past few weeks, but this really encouraged me. Thank you again.

  32. Mickey @ autoimmune-paleo

    Thanks for sharing your story! I also have Hashimoto’s and have found healing in many of the same ways you have. I can absolutely verify that it works!

    How long have you been taking a biofilm disruptor? I just bought some and am going to start using it next month as a part of a natural SIBO strategy. I don’t have it bad and would like to avoid antibiotics as I hear they don’t work very well. I haven’t heard too many people talking about how it has helped them so I am curious. Do you take it on an empty stomach before your antifungal?



  33. stephanie ewals

    Thanks for this post. I brought a copy of it to my Naturopath and asked about the Biofilm defense and we are going to give it a try. I was telling her that I was drinking your green juice recipe everyday and she told me that raw vrassica veggies such as spinach and kale (and broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussel sprouts) can interfere with thyroid function. So I now have to steam them before adding them to the juice. Just thought I would share in case it can help anyone else.

  34. Katie

    Wow, you poor thing! Thank you for this awesome list, I’m bookmarking it for reference! I read the description for that Glutathione Recycler K57, and still have no idea what it does haha.

    1. Jolene Brighten

      When glutathione is efficiently recycled it helps balance our immune system (increase Th3 activity), which is crucial in autoimmunity. Glutathione also has an important role in repairing “leaky gut”, a condition in which there is a break down in the natural gut barrier. Since most of our immune system is contained in the gut, we can easily develop food allergies when proteins begin to leak through this barrier. This can then aggravate autoimmunity further and cause many uncomfortable gut symptoms.

      The Glutathione Recycler product helps support healthy levels of glutathione through enzyme support, specifically enzymes that aid in its activity and maintaining an active form of glutathione.

      1. Lisa H

        Dr. Brighton, Where are you located? I have wanted to see a Naturopath for some time now, but live out in the wilds of Pa., although we are in the process of selling our house and moving back to the West Coast(YAY!). I was diagnosed with IBS and Fibro in 1992, hypothyroidism in 2002 and Hasimoto’s in 2004. I am on synthroid and the numbers are where the doc wants them, but with little relief from symptoms. I have been on the FODMAP diet for about 3 mos., and have some relief from my gut, but still have severe flares. I am so tired most of the time I can barely function. Sorry, didn’t mean to get this detailed here(apologies to Brittany, as well)…can you help? Thank you, Lisa

  35. MomLadyOR

    Brittany, you are simply amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and giving many of us the strength to continue on. I’m about 2+ yrs behind you in my journey of healing, but 20 yrs behind you in figuring it out!! Thank you so much for reminding me what I’m doing is worth it and eventually I can be healthy again. Keep up the great work!! Thanks again. You are beautiful in more ways than one. 🙂 Hugs!!

  36. kathryn

    hello brittany, and everyone,
    i have been reading you for a while because i also identify with oh so much that you have to say. Thank you for saying it all out loud and offering us all this place to meet.

    i had first candida symptoms at 14. type 1 diabetes by 15.
    15-25: very regular chronic migraines, acne, general miserable-ness. all the whilst trying to balance see-sawing bloodsugar with multiple daily injections, plus all the anxiety that goes along with that. so not fun.

    by 26 i realised something had to give and that dairy, wheat and sugar were not my friends. this despite being told by several GPs that my diet had absolutely no impact on my symptoms.
    like you, i had no alternative but to find my own way.

    i now do well on fish, tofu, low GI veggies and a few nuts and seeds. and the all important ghee. As my gut heals i notice i need to eat much less because my new food is so nutrient dense and my body is more able to access those nutrients.
    i found the blood type diet the best explaination as to why some peeps need meat ( The Os) whilst others do well on plant based diets ( the As). There is more to it than this but i found it answered so many of my personal questions that i went on to study it in a formal manner.

    despite all this i am very happy ! i achieved a BA first class and an MA with distinction and i now do well with my freelance work. i know that when i decide to do something that i can make it happen. i do aim to be free from insulin injections and feel myself moving closer to this all the time.

    it has taken me many years to get to this point, i see now that i couldn’t have made all the changes in one go, i went at the pace that i needed to. i’m 34 now but am often mistaken for looking 10 years younger (which i attribute to improved, glowing good health!)

    i so appreciate hearing all the stories here, we are all so strong and can inspire every other person in our lives. i know that the best thing to come out of this is that i/we can be shining examples of just what is possible to achieve., true transformation. i take great comfort in that, it is exciting !

    as others have said, do pm me if wish.

  37. April

    Finally! I have been struggling with most, if not all of the same symptoms that you have for the last several years, and have been to many doctors, with no diagnosis besides lupus and fibro. I was told basically there was nothing I could do for it except take medication for the symptoms, which I had to give up because they made me extremely ill. Thank you for providing this information, now I feel like I may actually have a chance at fighting the illnesses I have. Starting a new way of eating today, based on your very helpful info and links, thanks for the chance at giving me an option in fighting my medical issues and not just having to accept them as my doctors said I would have to.

  38. Becky

    Great post. It is refreshing to hear someone call this what it is, remission. You kicked your disease into remission. So often I am bombarded by friends and support people who have latched onto the newest “cure”. I rather think of what I am after as permanent remission. My disease will always be a part of me, I would just like it to stay asleep for as much of my life as possible! Congrats on all of your hard work and persistence.


    Hi Brittany,

    I also have hashimoto’s disease and worked with a practitioner on Dr. K’s protocol. It saved my life as well, after a long process of two years too. I did not have candida however but leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, vitamin and mineral deficiencies among others. I also changed to Erfa thyroid which is much better than the synthethic Euthyrox that I took for so many years. My question to you is, you said you were doing a low carb diet, do you have any idea how many grs. of carbs you where eating every day during this process?…. Just asking because I can see you bake a lot !!!….. I barely bake anything, and although I am not fully Paleo I eat very rarely a GF bread only ocasionally…. Still struggling to loose 15 pounds.

  40. Agne

    Hello, i’m amazed w your story, my labs after first baby showed i’m hypothyroid, but i refused syntroid, and w natural supplements got my TSH in the rangem then had another baby and the TSH went off again. My doctor is insisting for me starting syntroid, but i’m hoping to get myself back. I/ve been getting hives there and there, and thinking what are they coming from. Every morning drinking green juice for a 4 months already. feel the improvement in my body and gallbladder “(i have sand) no more reflux, but recently i got this throat virus, and it’s not going away, throat swollen for 2 weeks already (sore throat), red eyes, kind of allergy (winter?). Taking fish oils, whole food vitamins, thyroid support w iodine. Would you have any advice for me from this short story? I stopped breastfeeding just 4 months ago, and still have some milk coming out…

    1. Jolene Brighten

      You should consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor to discuss thyroid medications. There are several options out there and your doctor should be able to help you make the best informed decision for your condition. Thyroid hormone has an important role throughout the body. Consider having a conversation with your doctor.

  41. Kristin

    I cannot thank you enough, Brittany, for sharing your story, as so much of it sounds like my own. Now I have a star to guide on to return to good health. Like April, I’ll be starting those changes in diet TODAY. The best of luck to you as you continue your journey, and many kind thanks for helping all the rest of us along the way 🙂

  42. bitt

    I hope one day I can say this too. This is very inspiring. I am having issues with my gallbladder too, and heartburn. Although I am already doing the diet. I am waffling back and forth with getting my GB out, and your post helped me decide (I have interviewed a lot of people but we seem to be similar in many ways). thanks for sharing this, I know it isn’t easy to reveal this sort of stuff online. Take care.

  43. Heather C.

    Thanks for providing this, Brittany. My mom sent me this blog and I find it encouraging and useful. I deal with almost everything you listed (no Hashimoto’s as far as I can tell). I’ve been slowly working on improving my health and have managed to lose weight and decrease my inflammation issues to some degree, but I find that I’m continuing to collect intolerances and have only decreased the severity of my adrenal issues a little. Sometimes I still have adrenal crashes and there’s generally a low-level fatigue that sticks with me. I’m considering the GAPS diet, though I still have some research to do. The idea of finding some kind of practitioner is daunting. I know the advice would be helpful, but I struggle with the doctor’s office conversations. I’m definitely going to check out your page. I admire your persistence and determination and pray that I will have the same as time goes on! Best of luck as you keep fighting!

  44. Jolene Brighten

    This is such a great testament and why I love being a Naturopathic Doctor. I am sorry to hear that you struggled so long and this is often the story I hear from my patients. I’ve treated a lot of Hashimoto’s, often in patients who have struggled with their symptoms for a long time. I appreciate this post and your courage to share your story because it brings more awareness to this disease and will undoubtedly help many others who are experiencing your same symptoms. I wish you continued health.

  45. Kat

    I too have suffered from Candida for many years….they actually found it in my stomach during an endoscopy and in my blood! I am going to get the antifungal you talk about and hope that helps…Can you tolerate raw goat cheese with Candida or is this a no? I tend to eat a lot of this but am wondering if i should completely cut out dairy to help.
    Thanks for the helpful tips!!!

  46. The Healthy Apple

    BEAUTIFUL POST. Love you so much and I am so happy for you! So glad that you and I are feeling better and we are healing. Love you like a sister.
    Keep up your amazing work, Britt.

  47. Sarah

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been struggling since I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis last summer- at first the dr’s put me on tons of antibiotics (because that’s their default), and that made what I now know is leaky gut much much worse. I bounced from dr to dr, they all told me to just live with it, and offered narcotics for the pain. I finally in desperation went to my current dr (a wonderful ND who also does accupuncture), and she had me go through a round of food allergy testing. My symptoms are much better and my digestive tract is finally stable, and finally much less faintness/dizziness. I was previously a vegetarian for 6 years, and I had to start eating meat which was hard. For awhile there I couldn’t even drive, I had to have my husband take me places. I had to cut out eggs, wheat, dairy, rice, potatoes, and chocolate. Since I started I’ve voluntarily gone grain and sugar free. Your recipes are such a wonderful gift to those of use looking bleakly at our new modified diet, thinking that all that’s left for us is subsistence eating. Keep up the good work!

  48. sabina

    How did you find out you had systemic candida? Did you have issues with your weight? Did you lose weight as you started to heal? Did you exercise during the healing process? I can not believe how similar our stories are & how much hope you’ve given me. Thank you!

  49. amy

    newly diagnosised. still struggling with acceptance of autoimmune conditions. still trying to find the will & strength for the long battle ahead. but today you gave me hope. today you made me feel not so alone. today i think i can do this. today i believe i can not only live, but someday thrive. thank u. thank u for shining a light in the dark for me today.

  50. Judy

    Great post. I also have Hashimoto’s and following Dr. Khazzarian’s gluten-grain-sugar-dairy-free diet I am 99% improved. Strangely enough, every thyroid pills I ever took, and I’ve tried every kind, did nothing except make me sick. Herbs do all kinds of nasty things to me. I read in the book The Autoimmune Epidemic that there is a theory supplements make autoimmune diseases worse. I had hoped thyroid pills would do something for the fatigue, but only diet remedied the problem. I believe what is left of my symptoms is from adrenal fatigue, but the herbs and supplements doctors prescribe for it do nothing as well. I am intrigued by the accupuncture treatments. Did the practioner require you to take any Chinese herbs in conjunction with the treatments? Other than it took six months, any other details you can share that would help me find a good accupuncturist? As usual, I’m leery of accupuncture from past experience, but I need to do something without pills to support the adrenals. Thanks!!

  51. Elisaar

    Hi! Thanks a lot for sharing your story! You have mo idea how much hope you just gave me and my husband.
    I would like to ask you a question about my crazy blood sugar if you don’t mind.
    I’ve been ill for 3 years now and finally on a diet for Leaky Gut, severe Adrenal Fatigue, and crazy blood sugar rises and drops. I’m grain/egg/dairy/nut/seed/sugar/fruit free and eat on a 4 day rotation schedule steamed organic non starchy veggies next to my all organic salmon/beef/chicken tighs+legs/pork/lamb.
    My problem is, that even after cutting out sugar and starch, my blood sugar seems to react crazy to high protein meats. For example today on the morning I had steamed kale with pork chop and my bloodsugar flew up like crazy ( I have a glucose meter)in an hour and then drops after 2. Within half an hour of eating that I get palpitations, sweats, feeling faibt and dizzy, my face looks like a drug addict and so on. Whenever this happens I don’t feel good the rest of the day.
    But when I eat self made meat balls instead, there’s no problem, my blood sugar rises normally and I FEEL normal 🙂 I’m so alone in this, as my doc and dietician are retards and I ‘m figuring it all out by myself. I’d be so gratefull if you could maybe give me an idea on what to do or avoid. Could it be protein is better to avoid??? Then what do I eat???
    Thank you so much.
    Love from Elisaar

  52. Chambet

    I need recipes for my daughter who is now gluten..dairy..corn free…corn we think is the main issue and is in EVERYTHING!

  53. Jen

    Hi Brittany,

    The multivitamin you take from Thorne, are they the kind of capsules you can open and mix the powder into something else? I have a 5 year old with leaky gut and is waaaay too picky of an eater. I’m sure he is not getting the nutrition he needs. But when he’s allergic to to so many things (gluten, milk, eggs, corn, pineapple, bananas, sesame), I have never found a vitamin supplement he can take. And he dislikes smoothies. Sigh. Many thanks!

  54. Jodi Castallo

    I loved your article! It is so nice to read about other people’s successes and maybe get some great new insights into my own very similar issues. What is the probiotic that you are taking?

  55. Tyra

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey to better health! Not to mention some awesome, yummy recipes! 🙂 I have a lot of health issues and have tried various natural things over the years trying to get relief. I also have 4 kids who struggle with tons of problems as well so it can be more than a little overwhelming knowing what to do for all of us. Any suggestions on what to try when your kids just don’t want to eat the stuff on a stricter diet?? We actually already eat super healthy compared to most people but I really think with all of our issues we need to do more. Have been trying to eliminate grains, etc since the first of the year but things are just rough. And of course just the stress alone makes everyone worse!
    Thanks again for sharing. I love your site and will definitely keep checking out your recipes to help with our food choices.

  56. Debra

    I have struggled through diagnosis of food allergies, hashimotos, depression, bipolar disorder, and being called a hypochondriac. Thank you so much for your persistence and drive to become healthy. I can’t tell you what hope your store gives me!

    Thank you!!

  57. Sarah

    Can you giver a run down of all the mess, vitamins and OTC stuff you take on a daily basis? I’d like to see what I’m up against. You sound like me!!!

  58. Carly

    I can so relate to your story!! Mine started with 2 (early) miscarriages and one healthy baby. Life has never been the same. I had asthma and allergies my whole life. The pregnancies kicked in hypothyroidism, joint pain, horrible sebbhorea (sp.), eczema, and chronic fatigue. It’s been three years and I feel amazing. However, I just cut out grains a month ago and I do feel like it has made a huge difference and I can’t wait to continue without grains to experience even more healing. I do super high doses of probiotics, fermented foods, cod liver oil, lots of fresh veggie juices. I did an elimination diet and I avoid all but meat (grass fed, organic, local), vegetables and some fruits. I’m so happy you feel better (this is my first time on our site)! It gives me hope that one day I will be able to add foods back into my diet!

    1. gayle

      hi you sound alot like me. I just stumbled upon this website and I know now that I have laky gut!!! doctors suck bad!!!

  59. Katharine

    Way to go Brittany!! You are a fighter, and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing about yourself (and of course thanks for all the recipes!). I read your amazing story, and have 2 questions: 1) were all your thyroid levels “normal” on your labs, despite your eventual confirmation of hypothyroidism and Hashimotos? 2) how did you figure out you had a systemic candida infection? I have strong family hx of type 2 diabetes (not weight related) so I guess my prediabetes is mostly hereditary. But I still wonder if there are other underlying contributing factors. Of course I’ve kicked gluten and sugar to the curb and eat low carb, but still have some random health stuff that has me wondering about thyroid. And I can just barely keep my glucose in range despite my pretty healthy diet and exercise habits.

  60. Katharine

    Just realized you answered tons of questions in the comments — I’ll read them! 🙂

  61. Heather

    Wow reading this I feel like I am reading about me! Your blog is so helpful. Thanks so much! When you say low carb, how many grams of carbs do you try to stick to per day? Do you exercise? I exercise a lot, which I believed too much exercise contributed to my hashimotos. Did you have problems with eggs?

  62. Debbie

    I just wanted to say thank you to you Brittany.

    Your site is truly a blessing. I have suffered from a multitude of different issues just as you and am allergic to everything. After being sick for 6 years and 3 of those years battling different infections that would only get worse after each dose of antibiotic I have finally taken control of my health. I found an acupuncturist who also specializes in Chinese medicine. Although expensive, he is the only person who has truly helped me in my journey to get well. I am just now starting the die off process and it is honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is an emotional and very challenging roller coaster and it is very helpful to read your amazing story. I am just turning 24 so it is comforting knowing there are others who understand what it is like feeling this way. I have completely changed my diet to a low carb, zero sugar diet. I was already gluten free which made the transition easier. I love your recipes and am excited to start making more of them. Unfortunately I am allergic to almonds but I will have fun trying to recreate your recipes without the almond flour! Again thank you 🙂

  63. Melissa

    Thank you for sharing your story! I was very sick for a long time (it’s why I started my business) and its nice to know I’m not alone! Thank you Brittany 🙂

  64. Fern

    Brittany, THANK YOU for sharing your story and your advice. This is the best gift… I have been struggling with keeping my Hashimoto’s in check, and been off gluten and soy for about a year, dairy for three, and just found out last month that the chronic sinitis I’ve been experiencing is due to the case of Candida that has been present for gosh knows how long…I’ve always been very mucousy and have had a terrible immune system, always feeling fatigued and run down ‘like I’m catching something’ and I eat organic, clean, vegan!!! Now have cut out sugar completely and on a plethora of herbal antifungals and liver support supplements, did a green juice cleanse and had a colon hydrotherapy session, another scheduled for next week. I’m so upset that after years of going to doctors, no one was able to tell me what the underlying cause of my symptoms were…they just gave me OTC cold medicine, nasal steriods and antibiotics to cover up. UGH! It’s been a struggle and it is amazing to see your progress – kicking my autoimmune disease into remission – that is my goal, too! I had begun to get depressed that I was feeling so foggy and out of it, and I now have hope that there are treatments and doctors that can help get my immune system and thyroid levels back in check. I’ve made an appointment with Dr. Mitchell, as I live in NYC. Can you please email me at so we can chat more?? I have a bunch of questions for you…. and would appreciate some advice on the candida and sublingual immunotherapy!!

  65. Saundra

    I so wish I lived closer to NYC so I could work with Dr. Mitchell!! I live in the western part of the states :). I so need dome help with Hashimotos. I have all the connected autoimmune diseases as well….. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sjogrens, Epstein Barr, Celiac & then just went to my dentist a few works for my cleaning and I have another autoimmune problem in my mouth!
    I’ve been working on this for years! I follow a strict diet … I am grateful go you & others who so willing share your recipes to add diversity go my menus. But I still have major issues and can’t seem to get any if this under control. But I continue to work at getting well through nutrition and supplements. In the meantime I do have to take several scripts to get through the day. 🙁

  66. Dana

    dear Brittany,
    thank you very much for your post. Could you please recommend probiotics you used. I seem to react to most of them as they contain matltodextrin or other kind of carriers that my system cannot tolerate.

    Thank you

  67. Susan Bostrom

    Hi Brittany, Your story is giving my hope that I can find a solution to my chronic pain. You’re one of the few Hashi’s people I’ve ev er met that has the pain aspect to the extreme that I do. Doing most of the things you recommend but am still hopeful that, if you found a way, I can, too! XO Susan


    WOW if this doesn’t sound like my issues to the T….it makes me depressed to see that this has been a 3 year process for you, and that you felt like you had the flu for 3 months in the die stage. I can’t imagine feeling any worse than I do now. Your story is inspiring and hopeful to me. My mother is probably more Pro active in my health than I am….but I can see I need to start taking her and my own health a lot more serious!!! On top of having all the medical issues you discuss…I also have Crohn’s Disease going on 10 years now, hypothyroidism, low vitamin b12 and D levels, anemia, chronic fatigue. My problem is…I try to stay away from Dr’s. I take no medicine…never have! Eating Gluten free does help, but I also have developed food intolerances. At 54 years old, there are no good days for me….in stomach and back pain every day with disrupted sleep. I have no life…all I do is work and sleep, and I require A LOT of sleep!!! Thank you Brittany for sharing your remarkable story. I hope to benefit from your experiences. God Bless you! JoAnn

  69. Bee

    Can u please give more details of the diet u followed? What was the macronutrient ratios/percentages u followed? How much fat, carbs, pro?

    Did u eat fruits, starchy veg?

    It’d so incredibly helpful to see a snapshot of what ur typical daily bf, lunch dinner, and snacks consisted of. Is it possible for u to please provide this? It would give us a ton of guidanc.

    Glad u are bbetter!!!!

  70. Elisha

    Hi, thanks for sharing you journey. Congratulations on your achievements because I know how hard the struggle to heal an autoimmune body can be. I have Hashimoto’s, adrenal problems, candida, vitiglio, etc., and have been blogging my journey to health. I have been doing coffee enemas to deal w/ Candida and to my surprise, I also passed parasites (though I tested negative for parasites before), but I believe the caffeine has further aggravated my adrenal fatigue. Both my cortisol and DHEA have been low for a few years now. Like you experienced, my gallbladder is sluggish and I don’t have stones, but I’m holding on to it for dear life because I want to heal my entire digestive system, and my mom and grandma developed IBS and gained weight upon getting out their GB’s. Do you think you could’ve healed your GB, had you’ve known all you do now? I don’t want to part with it, but if I can’t heal with it, then I’ll get it out. I’m not digesting fat well. I have severe bloating much of the time. I just found out I carry the MTHFR genes too. :/ I’m going to see a doctor, who specializes in the methylation cycle, and I’m going to research your suggestions, though I’m already doing much of it now. Wishing you continual success! Have you looked in to LDN? It works as long as your adrenals do. Many Hashi’s patients have successfully stopped taking NDT and are just on LDN.

  71. Zack

    Hello and thanks for all the info. I was wondering, what time of day did you take the Biofilm Defense and when in relation to meals?


  72. Claudine

    I’ve been “not myself” for over 15 years and in the past year or so I’ve been trying to find more natural ways to get better. Your story encourages me to not give up!! I’ve lived with pain for so long I have forgotten what “normal” feels like! I do know that this isn’t normal, and I am going to keep trying! Thanks again for sharing your story! 🙂

  73. Amy Cook

    Wow…what a journey! I went 18 years of on and off thyroid trouble. Almost lost my third pregnancy but a last minute test to see that I was low on hormones saved my daughter. Finally last summer I started having debilitating panic attacks, my hair was falling out, I was gaining weight like crazy on a vegetarian almost vegan diet and I was so angry/depressed/grumpy. I was also bleeding all month long and when it was my actual period it was almost uncontrollable. Was also dealing with stomach pain but I figured that was just what you did when you ate healthy vegan foods like whole grains, beans etc. I decided I was done with regular doctors and went to a naturopath and she didn’t just do the regular thyroid test but did the antibody test…and yup, off the charts (just said greater than 1,000 for that test). I had almost instant results from going grain free. I am still refining like you said…have had the unfortunate discovery that chocolate was causing my cystic acne. I have bought a vitamix and have added veggie smoothies to boost my greens intake too. It is definitely a process and I still get frustrated at times. I just saw my first endocrinologist and he said that my goiter isn’t too bad but that there is definitely symptoms that I still need some work. We are trying a switch to Synthroid to get my metabolism up and reduce the TSH which I am willing to try even though I had wanted to stay more natural but will give it a go. I think I will balance my naturopath and endo since I like them both and know that likely he won’t focus on the holistic health as much. Thanks much for sharing your story…it is hard to have something that can be so difficult to deal with although you still get by but people have a hard time understanding why we suffer.

  74. Debra

    Thank you Brittany for sharing your story. It’s an inspiration to all of those having similar problems, and to know that there is a solution through nutrition.

  75. Courtney

    Thank you so much for writing this. I have been going through a difficult time with my autoimmune. When this first began I gained 20 pounds within a week!! Crazy right?! I still haven’t been able to get it off but it is all swelling due to my autoimmune disorder. My whole body just goes into swelling mode when I eat the wrong thing. Like today I had quinoa and got so sick, I’m thinking its from the saponin in it and the toxicity got to me. I am so thankful I found your website. It gives me hope with the things that I can eat. I have no problem going on very extreme diets (which got me to where I am) but after so long I don’t have the strength to do it anymore since I have seen no improvement in my health or weight. I will try your recipes!! They look delicious! I hope it can get me through this time.

  76. TR

    I remember a long time ago when I was sick with a cold and first started noticing my chronic constipation, I went to a walk in clinic to see if they had any other answers. I told him that I just started rounds of vitamins and minerals like Vit C and E to get me through the cold. He pretty much yelled at me that humans don’t need vitamins and minerals and that I was wasting my money and time and now wasting his. So… after disregarding his info and prescription, I started more of my journey of how on earth a medical doctor would think this way and still be allowed to treat humans. (He must be an alien or vampire or something 🙂 Or finding out what works for me and not the masses. Learning real, simple, basic, natural and even old-fashined ways of living. But only in the last year, I have heard of Candida, leaky gut, GMO, MSG, diary-free, toxic-free and digestion being more then solvable with fibre (which no one gave me specifics and details and I noticed for myself, certain types of fibre make me more constipated, that to me is counter-productive). Why isn’t this information being taught in media or school…. simple, it doesn’t make money to heal and to tell the truth or be honest.
    I am still adapting my lifestyle and am slowly understanding what real food is and how all of these things need to balance and be strong. I am also learning to not believe in the marketing and advertisements. I was raised that what is made is good for you, you just need to know who to prepare it. Well this is such a big flaming lie as we are noticing with big corporations. So I am having difficulty believing the products, doctors, suppliers, government, media and my own job. Mainly because they are all run by people, human beings who may not be at the same level of respect, truth, communication, awakening, energy and life’s purpose as I am and my ego and their ego clash. I have my ego in a strangle hold but they let theirs rule. I won’t be ruled, above all else, I am free. Also noticing that money is the bottom dollar and that is not the way to enlightenment and love. Regardless, after my word vomit, I am thankful and greatful that you made it through your journey and are willing to share your advice and knowledge, for free.

  77. sona

    Hi Brittany, how long did you go without sugar and any carbs to heal your leaky gut? I have alopecia and my mum has hypothyroidism so we’re trying an elimination diet (The Virgin Diet). Can leaky gut still be healed if you’re on a strict diet for most of the time but say, eat something cooked in canola oil instead of coconut/olive oil? Or if you accidentally one morning use the almond milk that wasn’t unsweetened? I’ve done both those things and wondering if I should start again as day 1?

  78. Chev

    Hey Brittany, it has been inspiring reading your story, I have been sick for over 2years now found out I have pyrrole disorder and now have many other things along with that since it has been untreated for so long, spent thousands on doctors and seen 8 so far! Still as sick as i was 2years ago and currently on a gluten/ dairy/ wheat/ sugar free diet, will defiantly try some recipes! Thanks for the hope 🙂

  79. April

    Wow your story sounds remarkably similar to mine. I had my gallbladder out about ten years ago, then suffered with terrible acid reflux symptoms, then started with chronic pain/ inflammation and the typical hypothyroid symptoms… Extreme fatigue, depression, puffiness, immune system issues, you name it. I received my hashimotos diagnosis about 5 years ago, but am now finally making the connection between leaky gut and autoimmunity. I quit gluten about a month ago and actually feel worse:-). But I’m pretty sure I’m not suffering from a gluten deficiency, so I’m calling it a healing reaction. Thanks for your blog… Reading about your success is inspiring, because I’m already seeing this is not going to be an easy journey! I plan up keep ready. Thanks again!

  80. Cleora B. Connell

    Thank you very much for this story. I understand now about what the doctor said to me. I will be now very careful with my body and will go to my doctor immediately if any gallbladder symptom occur. thank you again.

  81. anita

    Great post – and helpful to an array of AI sufferer’s.

    I went through my own journey of dealing with a specific form of vasculitis and ended up with several of the same conclusions. I have found that controlling stress, sleep, diet and even attitude are the cornerstones for keeping a lid on my condition. 🙂

  82. Kelsey

    Hi Brittany!

    You are so inspirational/ thank you for sharing your story and doing all that you do.

    I’m just wondering – did you loose your period during this time? I have similar symptoms and haven’t had my period in over 8 months. If so what did you do/ what would you recommend?



  83. Melanie Hobby

    How do you know if you’re getting worse from an intervention or if it’s Die-off and you need to keep going?

  84. Tanya

    I have all this — candida, hormone imbalance, Hashimotos. I’ve been free of gluten and dairy for nearly two years. I have been sugar free for 4 months. I eat very low carb (although I have read going too low carb could tax the adrenals). I am now under the care of a Naturopath (tried many, many docs) and treating with antifungals among other things. Once you were on the diet and into treatment, how long did it take for you to heal?

  85. Hope

    Hi Brittany,

    what does “remission” look like in terms of blood work? i’ve gone from TPO ab of 550 down to 461.7 in 81 days… i have a long way to go and a lot of healing to do BUT, I was just thinking and wondering…do the antibodies go down to zero?? is THAT remission?

    Thank you for your time!!!

  86. Lauren S

    Hi Brittany, I just found out one of my friend’s has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and the doctors are going to remove his thyroid and put him on synthetic hormones forever. I know you’re not a doctor, but do you recommend him trying to change his diet first before going to that extreme?

  87. Tracie

    I found this page because I am suffering from morning sickness. I am realizing that I may actually be suffering from the same thing you were. I hope this can help my doctors and I find some relief for me. Thank you for sharing.

  88. Alek

    I love your story!It gives me a hope. I was on diflucan for one month and had adrenal crash.I got demographia. My adrenals are not working as they should and I’m scarred to go back on program. Can you tell me more about sub-lingual immunotherapy.? Thanks

  89. Caroline Yunker

    Avoid genetically engineered foods (aka GMOs). Introduced in 1996 into our food supply these foods are untested by the FDA. 80% of our packaged food contains GMOs. Google “Roundup + GMO + health risks” to learn more.

  90. karen

    your post got me emotional. i too have been very persistent with healing my hashimoto’s.
    it’s been really tough. it’s nice to hear encouraging words. thanks for your help.

  91. Megan

    Hi Im 22 and I have leaky gut and adrenal fatigue.

    For the past two months I have been taking 90billion of probiotics a day (I can’t afford to take more) and 2 slippery elm, 2 magnesium and 10mg of glutamine a day. I have stopped all processed food and all sugar foods, all dairy too.
    for the past month I have been saying I feel all flu like every other day and am all shaken and shivery, but is a good sign?
    Can you recommend anything else that will speed up this process 🙁 thank you ! X

  92. Megan

    I just posted a comment but I put the wrong email address in… This is my correct email. Thank you x

  93. Betsy

    Hi Brittany,

    What probiotic do you use? I need a really good one as I have chronic digestive/gastrointestinal issues.



  94. Susan

    Thanks for sharing so much useful info. I’ve been diagnosed with hashimotos and hypo. Just recently dr discovered that I had dysbiosis. I have some good bacteria but also far to much bad bacteria. Can you help me find the best candida test. I know many are inaccurate. I’ve had 2 blood and 1 stool that was cultured. They all came back negative. I’ve been doing AIP introduction diet but keeping sugars out dud to the candida I thorough. I had. After tests the doc said I need to start eating some stuff. But I feel like there is a problem with me that I feel crappy, used to have yeast infections every other month in the recent past. Then after I started on my first candida diet which was also after a round of antibiotics. What would you suggest that I do to get further testing for candida. I can feel it in me. I was recently informed that I had a cyst on my only kidney. I need to stop this from killing me. I feel like such crap and am scared. I’m also thinking that I will have to get my breast implants taken out as they seem to be a place tro breed yeast . Any info about what I should do next to get my life back by finding a diagnosis? And get someone who can treat it ? Thank from the bottom of my heart! Susan

  95. Alisha

    This was lovely to read. It made me feel a lot less alone – though your struggle is nothing like mine. You are amazing!

    I am 20 year old girl. I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease or Hyperthyroidism a few months ago – after suffering from the symptoms for about 2 years. I am also severely asthmatic, most often triggered during high activity levels and also have nasal polyps that make it hard to breathe through my nose. It has affected the way my mind and emotions work so deeply that I feel like I am losing motivation and inspiration to fight this, move forward and live my dreams through. I know that medications are atmost, only half the healing process. In theory, I understand that it all stems from my perspective and attitude towards my ‘disease’. I am finding excessively difficult to actually believe and live this – I can’t help my negative attitude. And my overactive thyroid gland has an effect where If my emotions are running low, it only takes me down further! My passion is dance – which, obviously is very physically demanding. In this situation, to feel like my body is holding me back from living my life and reaching my goals, is very very difficult. I need reassurance and inspiration. Desperately. I hope I can find it.

  96. CMarie

    I’ve been struggling with hypo-thyroid and hashimoto’s since this past January. For years I’ve experienced fatigue, cold sensativity, gastro issues and hair loss. However, within the last month or so my hair loss has increased and I have a weird burning tingling feeling on my scalp. My Del tested my levels and levels are fine. I’ve also been to 4 dermatologists and they said my scalp is fine and the redness is just dry skin. I’m frustrated with the pain and stressed with the hair loss. I’m 27 and feel like I’m going to eventually go bald. Your story puts to tears because we shared a lot of the same stmpts and its inspiring to know there is hope. You said you visited a NYC doctor. Would you mind sharing this with me?

  97. Mandy

    Hey there, I will keep this as short as possible. I have the same old story, fatigue and IBS issues for YEARS. Countless doctor appointments only to be told over and over I am fine. Constant joint and muscle pain. This past January I had my appendix out, march had an early miscarriage. I pushed for thyroid tests and was told I have hashimoto’s but my TSH is still normal. She did start me on the lowest dose to see if that helped. Not yet. I ended up seeing an internal specialist this week who literally told me to ignore the fatige and if I kept asking difficult questions he would stop seeing me. I have MULTIPLE gallstones and see a surgeon next week. I am seeing a naturopath tonight. Any suggestions on whether to have the gallbladder out or try a more natural approach first. I am tired of being tired.

  98. Mel

    Hi there. So I’ve read through these posts a ton of times and decided to share my own story, mainly because I’m at the point of feeling very discouraged, alone, and scared with my health struggles. There are moments of defiance like “I can and will beat this!” and then in the same day, have moments of despair and think “I’m slowly dying here and I don’t know what issue to fix first”. It can be very lonely, even with the best family and friends surrounding you that are super supportive. My story began almost a year ago after getting an Asyra test. It measures electrical energy in each of your cells and suggests areas that are chronic or acute with inflammation, decencies, and sensitivities. Some people say it’s quackery, but regardless, it started me on my journey to really dive into why I was feeling so poorly. I could barely move my neck from side to side and my shoulders and upper back were constantly in pain. I smelled like Begay 24/7! From that test, I was informed I had sensitivity to gluten and dairy, my hormones were severely low, my thyroid and adrenals were not functioning properly, I had electrolyte imbalances and a few other issues I can’t even remember. I went home and the very next day stopped all gluten and dairy. I went through a “fuzzy” detox for about 2 weeks but came out on the other side feeling amazing! I thought this is it! This was all it was and now I’m cured! My headaches went away, dropped about 5 pounds, all the inflammation in my upper back and neck was gone and started taking iodine drops and suddenly had tons of energy! Life was great for about 5 months. Then started getting numbness in my left leg that would wake me up and felt very unnerving like there was a 500lb bear sitting on my leg! I found a chiropractor and made an appointment thinking it was some sciatic issue. My chiropractor is a wellness doctor and practices Kinesiology. He did some muscle testing and then found it! I had systemic candida in my small intestines and I was not absorbing B3. On the way out he gave me a bottle of Niacin, told me to avoid ALL sugar (fruit, honey and refined) like it was the black plague and gave me a bottle of Candibactin AR. He told me to take 3 Candibactins before bed but to be aware of a “die off” effect of feeling worse before better. I’m a total foodie so this was a bit challenging having already been gluten and dairy free, which didn’t seem that hard, but there is sugar in EVERYTHING. Not to mention you can get gluten and dairy free items at most nice restaurants, but to ask for no sugar, impossible! Our going out to eat was now over.  I went totally radical and cut out all forms of sugar the next day. Went through another “fuzzy” detox but felt better after a few weeks (not to mention I dropped the last 12ish pounds that never wanted to come off despite lots of working out and eating fairly healthy). AT that point I was totally sugar free for a month and now needed to start the antifungal. However, because I’m sometimes a victim of reading too much about something on the internet to be extra prepared, I started reading all these articles about “die off” and “herx reaction” and my head started to spin. I got so freaked out about the die off that I still have not taken the Candibactin. There never seemed to be a good time in my life to be struck down for a week or 2 with flu like symptoms being a mom of an energetic 5 year old boy and working a stressful full time job. Last month I was actually saying how good I feel and that I possibly kicked Candida’s ass with diet alone (silly me). So there it sits, next to my bed, waiting for me to get up enough courage to try. Which brings me to my latest and most concerning symptom and why I’ve decided to dig my heels in and start treatment next Monday with the antifungals! A few weeks ago I started waking up in the middle of the night with a racing heart. I thought it was a form of panic attack and almost called 911 the first time it happened. Those nightly episodes started getting closer and closer together to where now they have been every night for the past 2 weeks. I can barely function because I’m so sleep deprived and feel I’m slowly dying. (Sorry if this is getting long, I’m finding it fairly therapeutic to write down and get off my chest). I made an appointment with an Endocrinologist last week and after a round of blood tests and an ultrasound; I have now been diagnosed with Hashimotos, a nodule on my left thyroid and low Vitamin D3 and Selenium. He thinks the racing heart episodes could be a result of low blood sugar. He wasn’t a ton of help aside from telling me some of my issues could be related to Hashi’s. My chiropractor says that once I get the Candida under control, everything else should fall into place. I then seek one more additional opinion from another practitioner a few days ago and after a good thorough eval, he orders a blood antibody test for Candida, another round of thyroid tests and gives me a script for Fluconaize (of which I’m equally freaked out to take) and Betaine Plus (hydrochloric acid). He also mentioned that he things I have SIBO. I don’t know if he ordered a blood test for that as well but I just got the labs yesterday and am anxiously waiting for the results. He also thinks the episodes of the racing heart could be low blood sugar. So, for the past 2 nights, I’ve eaten a hardboiled egg and a glass of almond milk at 9:45. No luck. Still woke up with the same thing and last night was the worst it’s ever been….2 episodes in the same night. I feel like I’m losing it. So, where am I today…I have requested a 2 week leave of absence and am going to tackle this candida head on starting Monday. I just don’t know if I should take the Fluconazole or the Candibactin AR. My most recent doc said I will not have a die off with Fluconazole because we are going to hit it hard from all angles (which I know that’s how die off occurs so I’m confused). He also mentioned that the digestive enzymes that I’ve been taking (plant based and 6 a day) could be doing more harm than good! ?? He says IF I do happen to get die off, I’m to take activated charcoal and psyllium 2-3 times a day and drink a lot of water. I am worried about my very low blood sugar issue and think that activated charcoal could make that extremely dangerous if it absorbs all the nutrients that I’m already NOT absorbing. So there you have it! Thanks all for reading and maybe my story rings true for others out there scared to share. I will keep you all posted as to how I’m doing next week. Cheers!

  99. Grizz

    Many thanks for your heart warming testimonial. I loved it so much that I posted it over to our Curezone Candida Forum to help people world wide.

    I would also like to point out that Iodine Supplements will greatly help to recover from Candida. Iodine is the best antibiotic & anti fungal that exists. Dr. Sircus says,

    There is a nationwide iodine deficiency crises that results is a set of disease conditions nearly identical to Candida, documented here:

    This is our website:

    and our Candida Forum:

    Best to you,

  100. todd fields los angeles

    It’s in reality a nice and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you shared this
    helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like
    this. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Niki

    Hi Brittany!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I started the drops a week ago and was wondering what your initial experience was and how regimented your diet was (could you eat brown rice?). How long before you felt better and could introduce more foods? We are all different but I would love to connect with someone else who has taken these drops as prescribed by Dr. Mitchell.

    Many thanks and happy to hear how healthy you are now!

  102. Lori

    I have been gluten, dairy, and soy free for four years. My high blood pressure, swelling, joint pain, bronchitis, exercise inducted asthma went away and i lost 46lbs I have both genetic markers for celiacs. I have hashimotos. Which my blood work in normal right now. I did NAET which helped my symptoms a lot. I still have problems with sinus infections, constipation, fibro and my ears ring. I suspect candida. I haven’t gone off sugar yet but am going to give up the addiction. I also do accupuncture and massage when i can afford it. I currently practice budhist meditation, yoga and do accupressure to center myself. I now have low platelets which can be another autoimmune problem. My thyroid antibodies are 30 which is due to staying strict gluten free. I haven’t been tested for candida. Most of my friends and fellow co workers don ‘t unerstand my illness. I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse. I am now on days and work part time which helped greatly too.

  103. Doris

    Dear Brittany,

    I also have Hashimoto’s and take Thyroid Hormones (T3 and T4) for it, but also have recently gone gluten-free and am trying to repair my gut. So I need to take probiotics, obviously. I have been told to take the thyroid medication first thing in the morning and wait at least 30 mins before eating anything else. Also I need to take the glass of probiotics first thing in the morning and wait at least 30 mins before eating anything else. But, because my adrenals are pretty shot (has not been tested, but I am very certain), I am supposed to eat soon after getting up. Also I can not leave the house before eating anything, as I get really dizzy (low blood pressure). So how do I time this?
    It seems to me that I cannot do this right. Any advice?

  104. LisaPring

    For the record, my ENT diagnosed me with Candida overgrowth in my throat and esophagus. Not sure how far it’s gotten, gut-wise… I read your early blog post about the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse- and within an hour of the first dose — my stomach started churning and it was off to the restroom. All I can say is, YEAH, THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Granted, it gave me a fit of diarrhea for a few hours but I’ll take it if it means expelling these toxins from my body.

    Thank you so much for the Lady Soma recommendation! I took 2 pills, popped a probiotic, and now have finally have that horrible thing out of my throat. . .

  105. lynda

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto 14 yrs ago. Seems so long now but I can feel how horrible the years leading up to diagnosis was even now. Anyone taking synthroid, levoxyl- stop. Now. Go with dessicated pig thyroid like armour and naturethroid. 4yrs ago i lost an ovary to endometriosis, which is basically an inflammation so severe my left ovary was the size of a large cantalope. Was it just my Hashimoto? I also had terrible skin- dry, break outs, itchy all the time, dark freckles. Oh and the skin infections!!! And all my life i had a large bloated stomach- im almost 6ft tall, asian, and seemingly thin. But oh no, now, I realize I was actually bloated ALL over. All my life my body was fighting inflammation all the time. No wonder I was always tired!! And yep my blood work always had high antibodies. Anyways, recently I had a bout of reocurring yeast infection, was tired of taking yet another round of ineffective antibiotics which was doing me more harm and went on aged garlic pills by Kyolic. My life changed. In the past 2 mos ALL my skin, hair, yeast, inflammatory issues disappeared. My freckles disappeared. I lost 7 pounds from stubborn places I never thought Id lose. My stomach is flat as a wash board. I had massive Candida overgrowth. I really didnt know what it was until trying to deal with my yeast infection. I didnt know its been causing havoc in my body all this time. It could even habe caised my Hashimoto and my gluten sensitivity. Like you I cried when i was diagnosed with Hashimoto’ because i felt like i literally wanted to end my life and yet many doctors told me i was just stressed, pumped me w drugs, and brushed me off. But this time with the discovery of Candida- i really feel like now i am even closer to curing myself and tryly on the road to ‘a normal me’ which I didnt even know existed. Thank you for sharing your similar story and I hope other women who have similar symptoms not rely on few doctors but take their health into their hands to FIND the answer because it is out there.

  106. Sandi B.

    I just turned 60 in August. I “crashed” so to speak after going through menopause. I found out I had Celiac’s and Hashimoto’s Disease. That was about 5 years ago. I’ve been working with a naturopath who has helped me improve but I’m still up and down with the way I feel and sleeping. I am gluten free but one of my biggest challenges with trying to eliminate other foods like dairy, etc. is that I am very thin and can’t afford to lose weight. I actually need to gain weight. I’m doing several things that you mentioned. I tried the elimination diet but I lose weight too quickly and I felt worse when that happened. A nutritionist who owns a Gluten Free bakery here in south florida told me that I can’t do the elimination diet. She said it’s just not good for me so I started eating more types of food (except gluten) and gained some weight. Now I’m trying to do dairy free too. I’ve lost a few pounds already. I go light on sugar because that messes me up, although I really crave it! Anyway, just wanted to know your thoughts on diet for someone that has the autoimmune issues but can’t afford to lose weight. Thanks. Sandi B.

  107. Mayya

    What doctor did you use?

  108. Kallie

    Hello. I too have been suffering since having a baby. It’s getting worse and worse.can I have the doctors name ? Please

  109. Wendy

    Brittany I am a high risk obstetrical nurse. I would be willing to bet that you have MTHFR. It is a genetic defect and can cause pregnancies issues as well as all of the symptoms you describe above.The treatments above are perfect for MTHFR but an added element involves folic acid. It actually builds up as a toxin in people who have MTHFR. It is a simple blood test and the majority of docs know nothing about it:)

  110. Preet Mann

    Hi Brittany,

    I am 29 years old and I am struggling with stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue and severe digestive issues with nausea, bloating, and severe constipation that does not respond to any laxative and herbal laxative on the market, but only makes my constipation and digestive issues worse. Now, I just depend on enemas. I have spend every day crying for the last 2 years with my digestive troubles. I was tested for candida and I was treated with antifungal, but I could not tolerate natural and medical drug on my stomach. It was a nightmare. In Feb of 2015, I was also diagnosed with adrenal problem via salvia test, high cortisol at night and low in morning. I have extreme gut sensitivity to everything and I was tested for all food allergies and has eliminated gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, and nuts for a year now. I have a hard time tolerating supplements let alone drugs. As of today, I am taking a liver Clear because my natural path thinks that I have a congested liver which is causing problems with my gallbladder. I take probiotics, eat only homemade organic foods, and digestive enzyme with ox bile. So, my question is what did you do to get relief from constipation and digestive issues despite diet change and getting your adrenal heal and thyroid healed?? How long it took you to recover from digestive issues?? I have tried herbs for adrenals, but only end up crashing, so now I am on vitamin c and vitamin b5. I have quit school and work for 6 months now to reduce any stress. Any advice and suggestion are welcome. I am inspired by your story and I feel that there is really hope. Thanks – Pabu

  111. Darius


    I am dealing with systemic candida and I finally got a physician who is willing to Rx Diflucan. May I ask with your adrenal issues (as I suffer from as well) what the dosage(s) of Diflucan were for you? My doctor wants to go with 200mg/day, but I prefer to start at 100mg and they are willing.


  112. Heather Lattig

    Hi Brittany, I just stumbled across your website. I diagnosed my self with hashimotos, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue and candida a few months back.I am working with a nutritionist, but would really like to find a Dr. that I can work with. I live in northwestern NJ about an hour outside of NYC. Do you have any suggestions? I am having a horrible time adjusting to gluten/dairy/sugar free diet. I am a pastry chef! Thanks Heather

  113. Mantra Monday: Keep on Truckin' | The Whole Life Balance

    […] failing at it, despite their best efforts–and that’s okay! It’s not for everyone. Brittany Angell put her Hashimoto’s disease into remission without doing the AIP, to give one example. […]

  114. dan

    i have graves disease and prostatitis, both i now believe to be caused by systemic candida overgrowth, which is the precursor to cancer growth according to my research. my problems began in earnest after motorcycle accident and surgery and being put on INTRAVENOUS antibiotics! [altho the candida problem was already there and had been for years, this just kicked it along] the most promising cure for candida overgrowth iv found is it dissolves the chitin/protective layer around the candida. i think any of the other ‘cures’ are only temporary and shortlived

  115. cherry

    Hello Brittany,

    I’d like to know if you were on medication at any time during your recovery?
    My antibodies are three times as high as the normal range, my fT4 is 25% whereas my TSH and fT3 (fT3 is 75%)are normal, but I do have a large goiter with hot and cold nodules – everybody is telling me I need hormones and get my goiter removed. What do you think?

    I’ve started going gluten-free 4 days ago and want to reduce sugar as well (I seldom consume processed sugar but use coconut blossom sugar for quite a while now). Do I have a chance?

    Thanks so much,

  116. amelia rodriguez

    Hi Brittany
    i was wondering if you are allowed to post the name of the doctor(s) that worked with you during your recovery.

    i am willing to travel wherever to get my gut healed.


    1. Jessica

      Hey!! I was doing some research this morning on autoimmune disorders, leaky gut and candida overgrowth and stumbled onto this blog. I wondered if any of have ever heard of it looked into Plexus for helping to heal and get some relief from these issues? I’m not, by any means, trying to sell anything but if I could help anyone to find relief with their health struggles, I figured throwing this out there and risking being banned is worth it.😜 My name is Jessica Lively McBee on Facebook, if anyone would like to talk. I know how it feels to be desperate to figure out what’s wrong with you. I never did find the answer to that but Plexus figured it out and I can’t even remember the last time I felt this good. Hugs and blessings to you all!!!

  117. Nicoletta

    Hi I’m suffering from graves and hasimotos, I was wondering what probiotics you take specifically?
    And anything you can suggest would be great thanks

  118. Kat


    You are so inspiring. You are one of the first people I found when I began my research into my numerous illnesses, and through you found AIP, made the decision to see a naturopath, and opened up a whole new community of people for myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The fact that you’ve recovered enough to eat and live the way you do now gives me SO MUCH HOPE.

    I have a question for you. For how long did you avoid sugar? I mean all of it – fruits, honey, sweet potatoes, etc.

    Thank you so much!

  119. Ryan

    Hi Brittany,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences … there is a lot of good info in there. amazing to think that candida was likely the source of all the problems. candida > leaky gut/food sensitivities > autoimmune > serious health issues. Have you tried Kolorex (pseudowintera colorata)? Odd that you tested negative for Celiac yet can’t eat gluten.

  120. Johnny Brown

    A message I posted to my doctor on Facebook after finding the truth, which makes me angry. You went to 11 doctors, I have seen at least more than 20 in 10 years.


    Look up leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability. There are about a million websites including universities, medical doctors, naturopath doctors and disease research centers that explain the condition in detail and the link the thyroid gland and other diseases that are caused by not healing your intestinal lining after a long period of time. There is also something else that is commonly expressed: Lack of knowledge among MD’s or willful ignorance.
    You should of known right away after I told you that I was a programmer (which implies I sit alot). You should of immediately made the correlation between auto immune and my intestinal lining if you were at all educated on this issue. The only reason i took the time to write this is the hope that you may further educate yourself and actually help your patients… their lives matter you know. They are more than dollar signs.
    It sure is nice to finally know the truth of my condition and how to solve it. Within 48 hours of going on a diet that excludes Gluten, Lectins, Dairy and Hormones as well as starting a 50 billion culture of Probiotics and other supplements, I have already started recovering. Thyroid swelling is down, muscle fatigue is GONE, Headaches are GONE. HAND TREMORS ARE REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY. BRAIN FOG IS GONE!!!

    I am also eating smaller portions of food to reduce the amount of food in my intestines at one time to aid in digestion and prevent molecules from passing through my intestinal lining.

    I reviewed my thyroid sonogram and took a course on how to read it. It is fairly complex, however… you may have noticed my thyroid is perfectly normal. There is no calcification, no cysts and no cancer. So the obvious answer is that the underlying antagonist that is prompting my body to create antibodies that are attacking my thyroid gland and possibly other glands such as the adrenal gland does not originate from my Thyroid. 80% of immune system production exists in the intestinal tract along the lining. It also effects thyroid hormone production and distribution.

    Sad that I had to basically become more knowledgeable that most supposed MD’s in order to finally have a quality of life.

    I don’t blame you, I blame the system that you work under. You know the nurse at the doctors office in Huntsville said “its not his fault” after I explained the situation.

    You know Dr Lee will give me a full hour for my 150$ and review my medical history WITH ME ON THE SPOT unlike you which gave me less than 5 minutes and could really care less what I had to say about what my body is doing. Instead of listening to me you want to lecture that I should not research for myself to find the answers.

    Now doesn’t that sound more “economical” ? That sounds like a doctor that actually intends to find the SOURCE of disease and cure it, not simply put someone on Inderal and say fairwell and good luck.

    Did you even look at my sonogram? You never even explained an opinion.
    “As with Hashimoto’s disease, the auto-antibodies involved with Graves’ disease attack the thyroid gland cells, causing them to behave abnormally.” “In the past two articles, we’ve explored how Leaky Gut is linked to auto-immunity and specifically auto-immunity in the thyroid gland.4 This information is not often addressed by your endocrinologist, so I want to re-emphasize it here.” ****This information is not often addressed by your endocrinologist****
    Symptoms of Gut Permeability

    Leaky gut syndrome can be difficult to pin down by conventional doctors because of all the unusual symptoms associated with it. Leaky gut presents differently for each person.

    The most common symptoms associated with leaky gut syndrome are:

    -Autoimmune Disease
    Eczema and Psoriasis stomach problems
    -Joint Pain
    -Brain Fog
    -Food Allergies
    -Learning Difficulties – (brain fog/difficulty concentrating)
    – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (every time i have gone to the ER, I complained of intestinal cramping/ constipation).
    Chronic Stomach Pain
    – Diarrhea
    – Sinusitis

    Symptoms marked with a “-” I have.

  121. Lisa

    Did you work full time because this all sounds great but very time consuming for someone who is constantly running around and is twice UR age

  122. Laura

    Have you ever heard of LDN (low dose naltrexone) as a medication to help with auto-immune?

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