Grain/Egg/Dairy/Sugar Free Peanut Butter (Or Sunbutter) Chocolate Pie!

peanut butter pie_

This recipe is my everything! I could eat it every day and never ever get sick of it!

This recipe can fill a large muffin tin ( for slightly larger muffins) or can fill 1 pie pan! I highly recommend using either my pillsbury pie crust copycat recipe or the coconut flour pie crust. Both are delicious and will make your pie or mini pies over the top good!

ALL of these recipes make 12 Mini Pies (using a muffin/cupcake tin for large muffins) OR a 9 inch pie!

First select your pie crust - I have two that are crazy good (In different posts)

Brittany Angell

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  1. Michelle

    Can you clarify the amount of gelatin in the recipe? 24 tsp seems like too much for this recipe.

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