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  1. Amy

    I Love Almond Flour! My favorite way to use Almond flour this Christmas is making Chocolate Peppermint Mini Doughnuts with Coconut Flake Sprinkles! Thank you so much for this offer, and thank you for all your delicious posts!

    1. Jenny

      Hey! Your Chocolate Peppermint Mini Doughnuts with Coconut Flake Sprinkles sounds awesome! Do you have a link to the recipe? Thanks so much!

  2. NancySmith

    I like to use almond flower in cookies for my (2) sets of twins! Yes…. 2 sets. double the cookies double the fun!

  3. Lizzie B

    Looks and sounds soooo yummy! I had been tempted to try this with your Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll dough, but chickened out. Very happy you came up with this!

  4. Lauralee

    Looks delicious. Unfortunately my daughter is not able to eat starch of any kind. Do you have any suggestions to substitute? I love your website/blog and recipes!

    1. Bekah

      I don’t do starch of any kind either. In Brittany’s ‘Cranberry buttermilk breakfast cake’ recipe it called for 3/4 c. starch. I substituted 1/2 tbsp Glucomannan powder and 1Tbsp of coconut flour instead. That worked pretty well but I had to cut the oil from 1/3 c. to 2 Tbsp and the milk from 1 c + 1 Tbsp down to 3 Tbsp because it was coming out way too moist. Those subs worked perfectly!

      I haven’t tried that substitution yet with this recipe but I plan to. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      If you’re not familiar with glucomannan powder, you should do a little research. It’s derived from the root of the Konjac plant and it is 100% soluble fiber with no fat, protein, sugar, or starch. It’s also gluten free and wheat free. But it is 10 times more viscous than starch so recipes must be adjusted accordingly. It is usually used as a thickener in liquids (like gravies) but I’m experimenting with baking with it.

      Good luck!

  5. Maggie

    I know my kids will love this for Christmas morning!
    A little constructive criticism, because I’ve been interested in your recipes and followed your site for awhile. It is SO unfriendly to make pins on Pinterest that go back to your main site instead of directly to your recipe. Do you really want to make it so much harder for readers to find what they want? I know why you do it but how about instead trusting in your fabulous content? Readers will come back and search for more when they see how creative your recipes are! Please consider stopping the practice of Pinning to your main site. It’s so mean to your real fans. Much respect from a interested follower, I can’t wait to see what you make next!

  6. Mary C.

    Which recipe in the book? We can’t find it πŸ™‚

  7. Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit

    Before going gluten-free, I’d never had monkey bread… but since then, I’ve seen it all over the blog world, but never done gluten-free. Well done! I’ve tried making almond flour recipes subbing out ground sunflower seeds and can say that it DOES work for people that are wondering.

    1. Lorraine

      I was wondering! Thank you!

  8. Roseann

    You continue to amaze! This will be great for Christmas morning brunch!
    Thanks so much!

  9. Jennifer Lees

    Hey i was just wondering if i can make this without a heavy bottom pan. i don’t have one and i am kind of new to this baking thing. any suggestions would be amazing!!!I made your brownie cookie bars they other day and they were so good! thanks for all the hard work you do.

  10. Sarah

    Hello Brittany,
    thank you for your recipes. They turn out wonderful and it’s so nice to eat healthier! I pass out the dishes to friends who eat wheat, and they love them. Whoo hoo right?? :). I wanted to mention that I live in the pacific northwest and I have found the recipes to be dry, and have needed to add about 1/4 cup of shortening type substatute… ok, I confess, I eat gee so that’s what I used….I don’t know why things are drier up here (Portland area) but every GF recipe I try I have to add in more apple sauce/shortening…. Thanks for mentioning the almond flour yesterday. I wondered why mine is gritty in some recipes, and I use Bob’s red mill. Keep up the good work!

  11. Laurel

    This recipe looks amazing and easy to make to boot. I simply adore your hair in the new photo. Do you have all that curl and that color naturally? Anyway, it’s gorgeous and you are too cute. Thanks for all of your hard work on this blog!

  12. Meredith

    This looks amazing! We had to tweet it and add it to our “Safe Christmas” Pinterest board. Happy holidays. Your fans, Plate It Safe.

  13. Joann Mitchell

    Just curious why not coconut flour? If you do use coconut flour what alterations or substitutions would you use? I am allergic to gluten and all nuts and love coconut flour and have found it for the most part to be much like nut flours. Please help. Thank you!

  14. Veronica

    Hi. Does anyone know if this could be kept uncooked overnight in the fridge and baked in the morning? Thanks! Looks delicious.

  15. Amy

    WOW! This looks amazing!!! πŸ™‚ My mom used to make a monkey bread using the same method of rolling individual (yeast roll dough! EEK!) and then dipping each in a stick of melted butter. She would serve them in place of dinner rolls! I’ve really missed them! Do you think I could do the same thing with your recipe here by just eliminating the sauce and the sugar?

  16. Andrea

    How does this taste the day after? Is it dense?

  17. Tamara

    Look delish! Can any of this be prepared the night before…or can it all be and then just put in the oven in the morning? I’d like to make it for tomorrow morning, but if I can premake it today, it is far more likely to happen!

  18. Tami

    First I do want to express appreciation of this blog and all your work on it!

    Your excitement made me excited to try this recipe but it was a BIG FAIL –on Christmas eve πŸ™ The texture is all wrong for monkey bread in mine (more grainy than doughy) and then I had never baked with my ownsunflower seed flour before (ground in my blendtec) and had no idea it would turn GREEN! My 7 year old refuses to eat it because of that no matter how hard I try to convince her it is festive. I realize most households won’t havesuch a picky eater but wanted to warn others if they read comments and have not yet been initiated into baking with sunflower seeds (elsewhere online this green effect is discussed so it’t normal and to be expected). I don’t know if the texture has to do with how I ground the flour or just the way therecipe is. I think I will be back to sticking to coconut flour recipes after this as I can’t seem to ruin those but rarely have luck with almond flour recipes πŸ™ … There are some great coconut flour based donut recipes that I think would be a great start on monkey bread recipe so I may experiment in that direction later this week.

  19. Jennifer in PA

    We had these for breakfast today, Christmas. They are amazing. We loved them and they came out really nice. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. We love REal Sustenance around here.
    Merry Christmas.

  20. Kacey Bostrom

    Good morning! I made your monkey bread for a Christmas gathering for my family and then two days later used the leftovers to make a dairy free bread pudding. THank you for giving us such great holiday treats! You are a blessing to my family.

  21. Andrea

    My dough was very sticky and wet, is that normal?

  22. marie

    I live in NYC and don’t have room for a bundt pan. A glass one work fine? Other ways to make it look festive?

  23. Anna

    Monkey Bread has been a Christmas tradition with us for years. When we went GF it was one of the few things both my husband I knew we would miss. I’m so happy that we won’t be losing our Christmas tradition. Thank you!!!

  24. jennifer

    Hi I’m new to this eliminination game. Your site is great. I want to try making this for my son but wondering why this is not corn and soy free. Is there something or some ingredient I’m not seeing that is soy, corn or corn derivitive?

  25. Sarah

    This looks amazing!!! Can I use arrowroot powder for the starch? Also, do you know the carb count for these?


  26. Sarah

    Can I use arrowroot powder for the starch? Also, do you know the carb count for these?


  27. marcia

    This recipe looks amazing! I have to invite people over to try it.
    Can I use coconut oil instead of the 1 c of butter in the recipe?

  28. Julie P

    Do you think if I make everything ahead and place in pan, can it sit for awhile until I bake it? thinking of making ahead and then baking at my in-laws house.

  29. Melissa smith

    Hi! Hoping I can use ghee. I am aware it is a non dairy butter but the richness and yummy fat should be great, just not sure if the consistency will work in the dough or if you need a more solid oil for the dough like coconut oil or butter. The caramel sauce can have ghee since it melts anyway I think!!!

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