Grain Free Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls!





Brittany Angell

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  1. Kerry Armstrong

    These were just amazing. I made them last night and they were my first thought when my kids woke me up at 3am and I snuck out to the kitchen for a few more bites… I thought about them all through my yoga class. They taste so much like a wheat cinnamon roll, and so fluffy and tender, and yummy!

  2. Marie Zinkand

    will coconut sugar work in here or no?

  3. Angela Smith

    Do you think these will freeze and reheat well? Although my husband and I would probably love to devour them all at once, that might not be best!

  4. Angela Smith

    I don’t exactly know where I went wrong, but my cinnamon rolls kind of all melted together, more like cake than individual rolls. They taste delicious, though they look nothing like your picture.

    1. Katie Anderson

      She updated the recipe! It was the missing tapioca 🙂 same thing happened to me and a few others!

  5. Brandy Hambright

    Can you do everything the night before and Put in the fridge. So in the morning all you would have to do is let them come to room temp And bake.

  6. Andrea May

    Is there any way to substitute something else for the shortening? These look amazing!

  7. Chatchanee Wangroatrit

    Shame! There’re no coconut flour available in my country.
    I would love to try this recipe.

  8. Elizabeth See

    Mine were not fluffy, but I didn’t use fast acting yeast and I think that was the problem.

  9. Holly Hill

    I made these for a friend who eats gluten, white sugar and all the typical SAD foods. She LOVED them and said they were better than the regular ones she eats!! Thank you for an AWESOME recipe!

  10. Cassandra McManus

    I’m wondering what kind of coconut flour you use? I always make my own in my vitamix, but my coconut flour recipes NEVER turn out. The dough is always runny and my baked goods turned out flat! I want to try this recipe!!

  11. Trista Kite-Federspiel

    maybe a dumb question, but do you leave the oven door open for the 30min rising time? That step was a bit unclear for me

  12. Deane Pennington

    Thank you for this recipe. Mine weren’t as pretty as yours but they tasted very nice.

  13. Sylvain Turcotte

    Hi, I need to replace the eggs in all my recipes. What is your recommendation

  14. Michelle McElroy

    Hi Brittany,
    Can I use coconut oil or butter instead of the shortening?

  15. Michelle McElroy

    Good to know, thanks!

  16. Kimberly Parsons

    Can you leave the guar gum out?

  17. Marni Gallerneault

    I’ve never used cane sugar before. Is the cane sugar a syrup or a granule in this recipe?

  18. Erynne Hammond

    is it possible to use baking soda instead of baking powder? Thanks

  19. Robin Shore

    Wondering if you could par bake them the night before and finish them in the morning??



  20. Melaine Metas

    Does coconut sugar work in place of cane sugar?

  21. Mary Cooper

    Hi Brittany, Do you think I could make this recipe the night before and bake them in the morning?

  22. Katherine Schoolcraft

    Hey Brittany! The ingredient list says 1/2c applesauce but the directions says 3/4c, which one is correct? 🙂 I’m measured out but I just caught the difference! Thanks lovely.

    1. Jillian Chamberlain

      Totally too late, but for anyone else wondering.. The recipe in her book, which is the same, says 1/2 cup apple sauce, so I’d go with that.

  23. Holly Durn

    These cinnamon rolls are AMAZING! Thank you, Brittany, for working a magic spell on coconut flour—I never thought it could do what does in this recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, and mine looked exactly like your photo above, except that the bottoms were pretty burnt after just 35 min. baking, while the tops of the rolls were barely starting to brown around the edges. Maybe I will try something other than a metal pan next time.

  24. Amber Washam

    Am I missing the recipe for the icing?

  25. Marissa Strobel

    In the past when I’ve made cinnamon rolls (GF but not paleo), I’ve refrigerated overnight (or frozen and put in the fridge the night before) before the rising stage with good results. I just put in warm oven to rise in the AM then fully bake. Do you think I could do either scenario here? I feel that it would be better to have them bake up hot and fresh when I need them vs. fully cooking and freezing after, but wanted to get your thoughts! Thanks!

  26. Laurie Crockett

    Can you substitute the cane sugar for coconut sugar? they will just be darker ?

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