Grain Free Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls! (Gluten/Nut/Dairy Free)


Hey there..we have an exclusive Club Angell Member recipe on our hands   If you want it, head on over my Club Angell Info page and sign up to be and become a VIP member today!


These Cinnamon Rolls taste like those Honey Buns sold in stores. Soft, moist and fluffy. I honestly shed a little tear when they came out of the oven and then did some happy screeching and celebrating (and woke my husband up from a nap..whoops!)   I was so blown away and thrilled by the texture. Its taken me 4 years of constant baking/recipe development to figure out how to make Coconut flour do THIS. I'm beyond excited..and I have a strong feeling you will be too when they come out of your oven!

If you want the recipe go to my  Club Angell Info page and sign up to be and become a VIP member today!  Remember, new exclusive recipes get posted every week (and you'll gain access to the archives as well) Don't miss out on the fun!

ps. In the Easy Breakfast Recipes E-book you'll get a number of fun dairy free cream cheese frosting recipes. Any of which would taste awesome on these cinnamon rolls!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Elissa Knox

    Why am I not seeing the Cinnamon Roll Recipe? I am a member and am logged in… what am I doing wrong?

  2. Megan

    I’m logged in, but can not see the recipe either. I keep having this problem with the members only recipes…

  3. Ellen

    I can’t find the “exclusive recipes” area either. Do you Hhave a direct link for that?

  4. Tanya Murtland

    It is not working for me either. Please help. I keep logging in and it tells me to log in again. I can never get to,the recipes.

  5. Shari Cox

    UHOH The cinnamon roll recipe is not here now. It was the other day but it has gone, help, I want to make it.

  6. Melody Hartzler

    I didn’t see a comment feature on the actual recipe, but can you use coconut sugar in the rolls vs. the organic can sugar?

  7. Jamie

    Hi, these look great. However, I wouldlike to know from anyone who has tried this recipe if the results were worth joining the club. I realize it’s $10 for the year, but if the recipe is not working for people it’s not what I want to pay $10 for. Thank you.

  8. Kerry Armstrong

    The cinnamon rolls were amazing. They were light and fluffy and yeasty and very much like I remember home made cinnamon roles tasting. My not gluten/grain free husband LOVED them and he is not a big sweet’s guy. So yummy and they were easy to make!

  9. Melissa Hughes

    I had been planning to join your club as soon as I read what you were doing (which I applaud you on, and think is a great and unique business strategy). It is *this* particular recipe that has me reaching for my credit card and making sure I make that very affordable membership happen, now. I look forward to continuing to follow ALL your work and delicious creation, and wish you ALL the Best in this New Year! Keep up the good work! <3 Vitality Enthusiast

  10. Stacey Bone

    I am guessing you can’t sub butter! I tried and the dough was so sticky!

  11. Robin Novotny

    Brittany, I am logged in and I cannot see the cinnamon roll recipe either. Please help. Those rolls look amazing!!!!!!!

  12. Kathya Singh

    Logged in, but don’t see this recipe. I have been able to see all the exclusive recipes except this one.

  13. Carmella Ray

    I’ve tried like 30 times and can’t get to this recipe.i am a member and I tried the drop box. shows other recipes but not this one :(

  14. Deborah Owsley

    I am also unable to see the cinnamon roll recipe. I am logged in, u gave gone to exclusive recipes, but no cinnamon rolls. The top recipe is the waffle cone

  15. Stacy Harriss

    I only have two pages of recipes on my log in. This recipe is not there and it is why I joined the club.

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