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Some of you may know, I started working on a Paleo/Primal Bread book due out next fall. I was so excited with how great this recipe turned out, that I decided I needed to share it now, rather than make you all wait until the fall.  I can't wait for you all to try them!! These calzones are soft, and fluffy in the perfect bready way but also chewy. I know you will love them.

Fill these calzones up with whatever your heart desires! We kept things simple and used italian sausage and mozzarella cheese. I needed about a pound of meat to  use up all the dough.

Before we get started here are a few important notes:

  • I used Potato Flour in this recipe because it has magical magical abilities. It helps give these calzones a real bread texture! Potato flour is different than potato starch! Very different. It soaks up liquid like a sponge!! Make sure to buy the right thing!!
  • I selected Potato Starch as my starch as it generally is fluffier than Tapioca and Arrowroot.  You have a few options if you want to exchange it out.. you can use Sweet potato starch! (which is also known as sweet potato flour, and is sold by Barry's farm) Or you can use tapioca or arrowroot for slightly different results. (but still good!)  Tapioca and arrowroot starch absorb a tab bit less moisture than potato you might need to use a tablespoon less of water in the recipe.
  • For the yeast, I used Fast Acting yeast! Its important you purchase and use this type as well, or else your calzones wont rise as quickly as intended for this recipe.
  • Can't have yeast? You may be able to leave it out, in which case you can skip the step of letting them rise in the warm oven. While I have not yet experimented with the recipe, I have a feeling that if you increase the baking powder to 1 TBSP and  then replace a TBSP of the water with a TBSP of lemon juice that you may still have good results.   If anyone experimenting with this, please let me know your results.

Brittany Angell

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  1. Damaris Solis

    Hello, is there a paleo version of the flour recipe? I can’t do potato flour or potato starch. Thanks!!!


    Instead of shortening can I use coconut oil that hard….room temperature?

    1. Elaine Li

      Ditto. Is there a potato free version of this? Thanks.

  3. Angela Snow

    I made these the other night, they are great! Thank you Brittany for all your hard work.

  4. D Suzanne Baker

    Ahhh Brittany, these are perfect! I am eating mine as we speak (stuffed with spinach, marinera, onions and ground turkey). The crust has such a nice and doughy texture. I did not have the right yeast and I used your lemon juice substitution and it turned out great. They were a pain to fold, as the dough was sticky, but so worth the effort! 🙂

  5. Mary Price

    Is there a paleo version of flour I can use?

  6. Elissa Knox

    Well I was super excited to make these for dinner tonight but just realized that I do not have potato flour, sigh. I bought the potato starch today and thought I was prepared. Is there any substitute for the potato flour? If no they will have to wait until next weekend. Thanks

  7. Nicolle Colvin

    Yum!! I did the no yeast way too, turned out great. Was a hit and my husband has no clue it was gluten free 🙂

  8. Kelly Surace

    Do you think that these would freeze well and reheat later? Just wondering. 😀

  9. CB

    These calzones are amazing. I am still in disbelief! A few failed recipes into my wheat free journey, I decided to never try to tweak any of Brittany’s or anyone else’s recipes, even though I used to always try to “improve” on my traditional recipes (if I was even following one). Boy is my new philosophy paying off! It took me a while to gather the ingredients for this one, but it was well worth the wait. Thank you Brittany for doing all the work for me! Can’t wait to experiment with what to stuff in these delectable pockets!

  10. Karen Alessi

    I used this dough to make pizza and BOY was it GREAT! REAL pizza is back! Thank You,
    Karen Alessi

  11. Mary McKinney

    Is there a way to not use gums in gluten free products. I know they hold things together but I was wondering if there is a sub?

    1. Katherine Meinholz

      I’ve seen a lot of recipes using psyllium husk, psyllium husk powder (they are different), ground flax seed, and ground chia seed as binding agents – and have had good luck with those. I don’t like using the gums too much myself – have noticed esp. with xanthan I don’t feel as well. Guar gum doesn’t seem to bother me as much. Check out a book “Nourishing Meals” by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre – their blog is I’ve been really happy with quite a few recipes out of their book Most of their newer recipes use the above binders, though older ones will have the gums. Brittany does have other recipes using these binders as well.

  12. Lisa Magel

    Is it ok to use tapioca starch rather than potato? As it’s only 2 tbs potato flour – I will try subbing spelt, as not allergic to gluten (intolerant) and allergic to nightshades (potato). What are your thoughts?

  13. Chelsea Lyons

    Any substitutes to make them egg free?

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