Grain Free Boston Cream Donuts! (Gluten/Dairy/Nut Free)



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A-STINKING-MAZING!! Boston Cream Donuts are probably one of my favorite flavors of donut. I've been completely and utterly devastated to not be able to eat them in ages because of my intolerances. But here we have it folks, magic! Magic in the form of recipe development that is!

Take a bite of these donuts and custard will squeeze out; suddenly you will be transported to a place of chocolate fairies and desserts that make you thin. Okay, so i'm being kind of dramatic but seriously...YUM!

...if only there was a world were desserts made you thin...Lets all live there together?

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Brittany Angell

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  1. Susan

    Hi Brittany – I placed an order for Club Angel 1/25/14 – but so far have not received confirmation and I am unable to get into the site to access your site. Please assist. Thanks

  2. Corey

    I featured this recipe on my 7 Paleo Donut Recipes to Try round up. They look amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

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