Grain Free Blueberry Lemon Bars. (Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free)


THIS.recipe. This one is what inspired me to write an entire e-book of breakfast recipes.

Why?  Well you see these bars are made with coconut flour and have NO EGGS. And they taste incredible.  Let me repeat that.

Coconut Flour + Egg Free = Delicious. 

Say whattt? I didn't think that combo was possible. It took me 3 years of  constant baking to figure out a magical selection of ingredients to make it happen.

So.. I got on a roll and wrote an entire e-book of grain free simple and crazy yummy recipes most of which are free of eggs.  Plus of course I left out dairy, sugar and so many other common offenders.

You can check out the whole recipe list HERE. (Also, as a bonus when you purchase the E-book you also automatically become a Club Angell member. Which has  a laundry list of perks on its own such as coupons, forums and weekly bonus recipes!)

To give you guys a sneak peek I decided to share this amazing little recipe for these blueberry lemon bars on one of my dearest friends blog:  The Spunky CoconutHeard of it? I'm sure many of you have, if not..considered yourself introduced.

Go get the recipe & spend some time on Kelly's Blog. You will be blown away.

 Grab your copy of the Easy Breakfast Recipes E-book here.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Sarah M.

    Can you tell me if any of these recipes contain nuts (other than coconut)?

  2. Brianne

    These are delicious. I added lemon zest to the batter and added a streusel topping with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg (and more lemon zest)… Amazing!!! I had to swipe 2 pieces from the pan that I’m bringing to a lunch date today. 🙂

  3. Camala Fowler

    Can you tell me, if I leave out sugar entirely would that completely change the texture?

  4. Mary MCGonagle

    I’m now a member. I would like to see the recipe for the lemon blueberry bars. How do I get to it?

  5. Wendy Arredondo

    I’m trying to get Grain Free Blueberry Lemon Bars. (Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free). I’m a club angel member and I can’t get to it. What am I doing wrong? Please help 🙂

  6. Elizabeth

    I’m signed up but can’t seem to get this recipe…help please! It looks delicious!:)

  7. Stacey

    These are so good!!! I added the zest of one lemon and a few more blueberries, and these turned out great! Thanks for being awesome Brittany!

  8. Tamara

    I tried to make the coconut flour version of these but they didn’t really turn out. 2 things I think I may have done wrong…in the measurement portion of the recipe it says “1 TBSP Baking Powder” but in the instructions it says “baking soda”. So I guessed and used baking powder but I’m not sure if that’s right. Also, I substituted the sugar with coconut sugar. I don’t know if that was a great idea. It came out quite dense, brown and didn’t cook properly in the middle. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do better next time?

    Also, in the almond flour version it says “1/2 Cup *Granulated Sugar (see substitution notes below)” but I can’t see any notes.

    Thank you! 🙂

  9. Erin Hill

    Just thought you’d want to know, in the coconut flour recipe for this you list Baking Powder in the ingredients, but Soda in the directions. Also…. they are delicious! My husband just devoured all of it this morning 🙂 Erin

  10. Lisa Michels

    I am a club member. How do I get these? Also, does the New Member recipe come through email?

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  11. Toni Smith

    I’ve signed up for this newsletter three years and always seem to never get them. I’ve checked my settings etc…what gives? Also I signed up recently and was supposed to get two free books and I have not?!

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