Gluten & Grain Free Bagels!

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Hey guys! I am sooo excited to share this weeks  bonus  recipe with you 🙂

I don't recommend making any substitutions to this recipe. For the daring bakers- the eggs *might* be able to be replaced with a "flax egg" mixture.  But that could take a little trial and error! I'll be playing with this recipe in the future to add more modifications.  If any of you make successful substitutions, please come back and leave a comment here for others to see!

Before we get started here are a few important notes:

  • I used Potato Flour in this recipe because it has magical magical abilities. It helps give these bagels a real bread texture! Potato flour is different than potato starch! Very different. It soaks up liquid like a sponge!! Make sure to buy the right thing!!
  • I selected Potato Starch as my starch as it generally is fluffier than Tapioca and Arrowroot.  You have a few options if you want to exchange it out.. you can use Sweet potato starch! (which is also known as sweet potato flour, and is sold by Barry's farm) Or you can use tapioca or arrowroot for slightly different results. (but still good!)  Tapioca and arrowroot starch absorb a tab bit less moisture than potato you might need to use a tablespoon less of water in the recipe.
  • For the yeast, I used Fast Acting yeast! Its important you purchase and use this type as well, or else your bagels wont rise as quickly as intended for this recipe.
  • I don't recommend swapping out the coconut flour!! If you can have gluten free grains, check out my bagel recipe in the Essential Gluten Free Baking Guide Part 2.

Like most Gluten Free Bread recipes, these bagels taste best warm! So I recommended heating them up a tiny bit, if they are a few days old. Or of course you can toast them 🙂

Feel free to freeze these bagels too and pulling them out as you want one!



Brittany Angell

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  1. Melissa Estrin

    Hi Brittany, do you know if I can substitute Arrowroot or Tapioca Flour instead of Potato Starch or flour? I’m trying to stay more ‘paleo’ as I’m on a weight loss plan. Just a bit of potatoes and rice reverse my progress and I bloat up. Thanks

  2. Holly Hill

    I made these with tapioca flour and they turned out great! I did use the 2T potato flour. They were great!

  3. Elizabeth See

    Mine did not rise as much as yours. I couldn’t find Fast Acting Yeast, but bought Rapid Rise yeast. Is it the same thing? Otherwise, I did everything you said. Still in the oven so I can’t comment on taste though.

  4. Elizabeth See

    Ok, they are out of the oven and I think my yeast must have been the wrong kind. These taste very yeasty. 🙁

  5. Nicole Balsome

    I would love to make these but my belly and my son we don’t react well to Xanthan or Guar Gum what can I do instead


    So far Everything I’ve ever made on your blog has come out perfect.. Until these guys 🙁 I thought perhaps it was the coconut flour, the packed part is a little iffy. Like what if I pack more than you do? Is there a way next time you make these, if you remember, can you note the weight of the packed 2/3 cup of coconut flour? Pretty please? Thank you!!

  7. Michele Osoria

    Elizabeth See, I used the same yeast and had the same flavor outcome. I hope Brittany responds regarding the yeast to use. On the upside, the texture was far superior to a store bought brand I recently tried.

  8. Diane Soderlund

    Can I use rice flour rather than potato flour?

  9. Yvonne Crozier

    These were a fail for me on the first try. They tasted good, just really gummy and heavy texture because they didn’t rise. At all. I did recipe exactly as written, assuming the Fleishmens Quick Rise would work as Fast Acting. Well, I guess it doesn’t! They didn’t rise at all in the 30 minute rising time. When they came out of the oven they were baked on the outside and gummy and not done on the inside. I did manage to salvage them to use as mini-pizza crusts by cutting them in half and baking them about 5 more minutes with the cut side up.

    Looking forward to trying again if I can find a yeast that says “Fast Acting” on it! Thanks for all your work, I hope I can match your results next time!

    1. Debbie Worley

      Mine came out the same as your, pretty on the outside and raw on the inside. I also question if I’m packing the flour enough. Any tips would be appreciated!

  10. Katie Holquist

    Mine tasted like a soft pretzel. What did I do wrong?! Also, should I use the paddle attachment, or the dough attachment of the mixer?

  11. Marisa Friedrich

    Made these today and everyone loved them! The only minor tweak I would make next time is to add a little bit of salt to the dry ingredients. Otherwise, they were fabulous!

  12. Maria Waters

    Second batch is a fail for me. Used all of the right ingredients (guar gum not xanathan) measured carefully. Used just bought packets of fleishmen’s yeast for pizza — it says on the bag that only need 30 min to rise. The dough seemed very heavy and somewhat crumbly. Can guar gum go old and not work? Texture is more like a pretzel — a bit gummy on inside. Didn’t rise much. But these do not taste very yeasty so I’ll still eat them. Feel a little disappointed.

  13. Maria Waters

    Just wondering if guar gum is the culprit here. Can you let me know if you used guar gum and your batch has failed to rise ladies?

  14. Bethany Petri

    Mine are in the oven now. But already I know they didn’t rise. I even left them in for more time to see if anything would change.. I used the exact same yeast, brand new, it foamed, bubbled, frothed and all of that. I still went ahead and did everything else. We will see how they turn out. I used all the same ingredients, and measurements. And I used Xanthan Gum.

    1. Bethany Petri

      They are out of the oven now. Mine are also gummy, and not fully done in the inside, but nice and brown, and toasted on the outside. Maybe the rawness comes from the dough not rising? Not sure if I will try this one again. Alot of work, for it to come out so so. But tons of other recipes I love!

  15. Mandy Buck

    Hi Brittany, I am living in the UK and it seems impossible to find actual potato flour (have ordered what looked like a yellow flour online but it when it arrived it was really potato starch flour), but I’m missing bagels so much I boiled and mashed some potatoes, left them in the fridge for a few days and used 4 tablespoons of slightly dry mashed potatoes (since they were not properly dehydrated I used more – I need to get a dehydrator!). It actually worked for the bagels, it looks like your photos and tastes really yum – Thanks! However I thought I’d try it with the donuts and that was a bad idea! Do you have any experience of dehydrating potatoes to essentially make your own flour??

  16. Piettra Targa

    Brittany, is this 350 F or Celsius? Thank you!

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