Grain Free Bagels! (Gluten/Dairy/Nut/Seed Free)



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These bagels are the REAL DEAL. I'm not kidding. They are as authentic and real a a bagel gets. You even boil them, just like the beauties you find at bruegger's.  I made them using Coconut Flour.  I've been spending a lot of time with it lately discovering all kinds of amazing new ways to put it to use. It can create amazingly fluffy paleo/grain free baked goods!


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Brittany Angell

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  1. Shannon

    Hi Brittany. I’m considering signing up for the exclusive recipes but I’d like to know if these recipes (bagels, cinnamon rolls) contain other flours besides coconut flour. I have no doubt these recipes will be great, but don’t tolerate arrowroot or tapioca flours in large quantities. Thanks!

  2. Carol

    Hi Brittany – Can I substitute Almond flour with Coconut flour or some other flour? Sadly, I’m allergic to almonds. Thanks!!! :)

  3. June

    Brittany, the bagels look SO GOOD…are they egg free?

    I love all your recipes!

  4. Veralyn

    How many of the recipes in your club use almond/nut based flours? I noticed one your website (before you added all this new stuff and club membership) a lot of the recipes used almond flour or nut flour. I’m allergic to nuts, especially almonds, as well as anything corn based (which includes xylitol).

    You only had a few items posted that used quinoa flour, and there weren’t a lot of coconut recipes up yet either, so I stopped following for a while. I’m curious about the coconut bagels, but don’t want to pay for a club membership just for 1 recipe that might not work out for me anyway.

  5. Daisy Ripke

    Hello, I’m logged in to my account, the web page shows me as logged in, but your site will not show recipes and keeps telling me to log in so I can see the recipe…. I don’t know how to contact you in regards to this so I hope you get this post. Please let me know when this is fixed. Thanks!

  6. Barbara Blaizis

    I am a member also and cannot see this recipe. I find I have a lot of difficulties on this website.

  7. April

    Hi Brittanny,
    These look wonderful! I am trying to avoid eating too much starch so I was wondering how much this particular recipe uses (ratio? I try to avoid higher than a 3:1 ratio of flour to starch) Thanks so much!

  8. Andrea Trout

    I am a Club Angell member, I am logged in and it isn’t letting me see this bagel recipe. Any idea why?

  9. Cama Morgan

    I followed your directions to find the bagel recipe, but can’t get there. I was able to get to the other recipes.

  10. Lynn Bogert

    Fuuny, I’ve just recently become a member of Club Angell too only to not be allowed access to the recipes…..

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