Gluten Free/Vegan Lemon & Rosemary Olive Oil Cake.

Gluten Free/Vegan Lemon & Rosemary Olive Oil Cake.

First and foremost I am DELIGHTED to share that I have begun working with a very talented Photographer. Matt Calabrese has already brought a whole new element of beauty to Real Sustenance and I couldn't be more grateful. I urge you all to check out his website to see some incredible work!

Now.. on to the cake! Lets get right into it.

This Mediterranean Inspired Cake is just the right amount of sweet- while the Olive Oil and Rosemary create a slightly evergreen flavor. I was hesitant to try this recipe as I found the idea of fresh rosemary in a cake to be an odd addition and imagined that it might overpower the flavor. But- my curiosity overcame the hesitation and I was extremely pleased with my delicious result. One of the GREAT perks of baking with gluten free flours- is that you can select healthier Protein & Fiber packed flours and get results that are just as good as using white refined gluten containing flour. If I was not Gluten Free- and wanted to give a cake a healthy boost the only option that I might have would be to use whole wheat flour. (though I say this generally as I have never worked with spelt or kamut- so I cannot speak to their use). But I can say that using whole wheat would make this cake particularly heavy and it would lose its delicate flavor. So what I'm suggesting here is that even if you don't follow a gluten free lifestyle-try experimenting with some of the awesome flours that are available. You could begin to pack in nutrients that you normally might not find in a classy dessert such as this one! If you really want to go the healthy route try using unrefined natural sugar- When I made this cake I used half regular white sugar and half Xylitol. (I would have used all xylitol but ran out)

Many gluten free cakes and breads as you may know don't always rise as much as one might like AND they pose more risk of falling when you pull them out of the oven. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this beautiful and delicious smelling cake out - it held its gorgeous risen form. I topped the cake with a simple Lemon glaze. This cake can be frozen- or left out for up to a week- though keep it covered as it will begin to dry out.

This cake can be Corn Free if you use Guar Gum in equal amounts in place of the Xanthan Gum. It can also be Rice Free if you Use Millet Flour in place of the Rice also in equal amount.

I highly suggest making this cake for an upcoming holiday dinner party- Its uniqueness will turn heads.

Here is the Link to the recipe!

Gluten Free/Vegan Lemon & Rosemary Olive Oil Cake.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Mara Migraineur

    Hi Brittany! I know you’ve just migrated over, so I imagine that being informed of the kinks will help you. The link to this recipe…just comes back to this page, no recipe!

    Also, the roti recipe photo is just a photo, no accompanying blog!

    Thanks, Mara

  2. junebug

    No recipe. Link doesn’t work. Would love to try it.

  3. Penney Garrett

    Yes, where is the actual recipe??

  4. Pamela King

    Just joined the club! I’m trying to link to some recipes, including this one and your basic pie crust, and the links don’t work. Would love to check them out!

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