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  1. Allison@KingArthurFl

    So glad you liked the mix! Let me know if you'd like to sample others. I know you're anti-mix, but they're great in a pinch! And the brownies and cake – seriously good, even to wheat-eaters like me! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie Riling

    These are the best! So moist, gooey and packed with flavor!

  3. Sarah

    Okay, I'm starting to feel like a moron. When I click on the link, it brings me back to the same page. How do I get the recipe?

  4. JEnnifer in PA

    I tried this and they were delicious. We had a really hard time rolling them out though. I realize I didn’t use the whole psyllium husks. I used the ground up husks instead as that is what I had. Will that make the difference as to why they did not roll out well?
    Jennifer in Pa
    The Entwife’s Journal

  5. Felicity McRae

    Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! I tried it today and it was the yummiest thing I have eaten in so long. You are a godsend!!!

  6. Tiffany

    Dying to try the pumpkin sticky buns but the recipe won’t open. Please help. They look wonderful!

  7. Maria

    Where is the recipe? The link doesnt work and i’d also like to try this recipe out

  8. Jen

    Yep link is broken also looking for this recipe.

  9. Jacqueline

    Link not working and I was really hoping to make these for Christmas breakfast. Help!

  10. Amy

    Hello. Every time I try and click on the link for the recipe it doesn’t open.
    Please help!

  11. Amparo Barajas

    Hello, the link still isn’t working for this recipe (sorry to bug). Any word on whether this will be up again? Thank you for your help!!!

  12. Jamison Beemer

    The link is not working…

  13. Sally

    Ugh, the link to the recipe is not working and this is one of my favorite recipes! Will it be up again soon?

  14. Jacqueline Schloemer

    Please fix the link!

  15. Sandi Wilson

    I can’t get into the recipes even though I signed up through email. Can you help>

  16. Rhonda Resnick

    First of all I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! and tell you how much I love your Website!!! Everything you make is amazing!! My daughter has Celiac Disease and it has been a very difficult road for her! You have made our journey with Gluten & Dairy Free so much easier and of course so Delicious!!!!

    I have been having trouble with the website recently…. It keeps telling me I have the incorrect login and I cannot pull up the recipes, it keeps going back to the same page over and over again! And I am so missing being able to see what is new! If you could tell me what to do that would be great!!!

    Thank you again… and so very Grateful!

  17. Kassandra Caballero

    I’m unable to see the recipe. Am I the only one?

  18. sara

    When I click the link, it brings me back to the same page! I’d LOVE to have this recipe, can you try posting the link again? Thank you!

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