Gluten Free Layered Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars (Gluten/Grain/Starch/ Egg/ Corn /Soy Free) With Directions to make Sugar Free.

Gluten Free Layered Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars (Gluten/Grain/Starch/ Egg/ Corn /Soy Free) With Directions to make Sugar Free.

Gluten Free Layered Brownie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Its January 2nd. I suppose you might expect me to post a salad recipe.

The truth is, I don't believe in those extremely silly short term healthy eating plans. They annoy me to be perfectly honest. I believe in healthy eating year round. That can include dessert. You see, following the paleo diet I don't have to count calories, nor do I have to worry about how much I eat. I enjoy what I eat and wake up the next morning fitting into my skinny jeans just the same as I did the day before.

Its all about choosing the foods that make you feel best. A high protein low carb, sugar free diet is what makes me feel light, clear minded and energetic. No bloated belly, slow digestion nonsense. Once you feel the difference in how you can feel, any desire for old food habits will disappear.

The other day I was working on a recipe for grain and sugar free Swiss Rolls. During this process I accidently made Grain and Egg Free Brownies. I did a quick search online and discovered there were limited recipes like this. I held on to my notes thinking at some point I might use them. Last night at midnight the idea for these bars popped into my head. So.. here they are.

* If you are looking for just a everything free Brownie or Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe- feel free to snag half of this recipe and bake it alone. If you want to make brownies I suggest doubling the recipe, otherwise you will end up with some super thin brownie bites. *

To make this recipe sugar free use xylitol in place of the granulated sugar. All chocolate chips, even the allergy free brands contain sugar. Feel free to leave them out or try using some raw cacao nibs instead. Xylitol sometimes acts a little different than sugar and I am still learning the ins and outs of it. A reader tried this recipe today using it and she gave great feedback. She said the bars were very moist and that she loved them that way. If you are concerned about this and would prefer a dryer bar you might want to try using 1/2 -1 Tbs less of milk in each recipe.

Please note that Hain's Featherlight Baking Powder is corn free. Other brands may not be. It was also brought to my attention that Vanilla Extract often contains corn. In the case of this recipe feel free to omit it and use extra milk instead. You might also consider adding some fresh Vanilla Bean instead. Also, I wanted to mention that I like to use a small 6 x 6 pan for my almond flour recipes. I do this as I know Almond Flour is not the cheapest. I'd like for you all to be able to make my recipes for a reasonable price. In the case of this recipe, if you do not have a small pan, that's ok. Just fill a portion of a larger pan. (This cookie dough will not spread- it should hold its shape during the baking process).

For those sensitive or allergic to almonds- I suspect that most of the other nut/seed flours should work in this recipe. This is just an educated guess as I have not tested it out myself.

One more thing worth mentioning. If you just want to use regular inexpensive white sugar.. that's fine. But, if you do this I would suggest removing 1/2-1 Tbs of milk from both the brownie and chocolate chip cookie recipe. Highly refined white sugar contains a ton of moisture and it ground finer than any of the natural sugars. It may make your bars come out a little undercooked. Lowering the liquid amount should help balance the moisture content.

These bars are extremely good. One of my best creations to date. Hope you love them as much as we do!

Gluten Free Layered Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Gluten Free Layered Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Layered Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


    Brownie Layer
  • 1 1/2 Cups Blanched Almond Flour
  • 1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder or Carob Powder
  • 1/4 Tsp Salt
  • 2 Tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1/2 Cup of Granulated Sugar. (any variety should work refined or unrefined)
  • 1 Tbs Vanilla Extract
  • 3 Tbs Nondairy Milk or Water.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer
  • 2 Cups Blanched Almond Flour
  • 1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
  • (Any variety of sugar, though keep in mind that Palm or Sucanat sugar will darken the dough)
  • 2 Tsp. Baking Powder
  • 2 Tbs Oil (or melted butter, melted coconut oil etc) (I love Garden of Life!)
  • 1 Tbs Vanilla Extract
  • 1/8 Tsp Salt
  • 3 Tbs Nondairy Milk or Water
  • 1/2- 3/4 Cup Chocolate Chips (Such as Enjoy Life )


  1. Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees. Line a 6 x 6 inch Baking Pan with Parchment, leaving a bit of an overhang to aid in removing the bars after baking.
  2. Make the Brownie Dough. Combine all the ingredients and use your hands to mix. The dough will be thick and may not come together just using a spoon. Press this dough evently into the bottom of the prepared pan.
  3. Using a clean bowl make the Chocolate Chip cookie dough. Combine all the ingredients. Like the Brownie dough this will need to be mixed together by hand. Adding in the Chocolate Chips last. Press the cookie dough on top of the brownie layer in the pan.
  4. Place in the oven and bake 26-29 minutes. Around the 18 minute mark you may want to cover the top of the pan with a sheet of tinfoil as at this point it will start to become golden brown.
  5. Remove from oven and allow to cool before slicing. (I like to throw mine into the freezer to speed up this process).


Store at room temperature or freeze for a later date. I personally LOVE eating cookies straight out of the freezer.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Ruth

    Can’t wait to make these! I so agree with you about eating healthy year around. I have lost 60 pounds this last year while eating goodies – just timing them well. I make things and freeze them to enjoy over a period of time. Thanks for this – destined to become a favorite, I am sure! I have missed having a good brownie that is gf/df/ef. Thanks!

  2. Susan Adams Oliff

    O.M.G. my mouth is watering…..I cannot wait to try these!

    CORN ALLERGY note – (I’m allergic to corn..)
    Enjoy Life chocolate chips are no longer safe. There have been reported reactions that must be from cross contamination, as the company states there have been no changes to their formula. Now it may still be okay for some who are not very sensitive but if you are very allergic I wouldn’t risk it.

    To make this safe for me to eat, I would use homemade almond flour made from raw almonds from the gluten free section on (Bob’s Red Mill has bad corn cross contamination issues), Hain Featherweight baking powder, kosher salt (not iodized), homemade vanilla extract*, coconut oil from Tropical Traditions, Droste cocoa, and Rapunzel 55% semisweet chocolate bar chopped into pieces for the chips.

    *To make your own vanilla extract, you just need some vanilla beans, safe alcohol (like Luksusowa potato vodka or Ciroc grape vodka) and about 90 days in the dark. Slit the beans down the length of them but don’t cut through or in half, put them in some vodka, and put the jar/bottle in a dark place for 60-90 days, shaking every few days. Voila!

    Hope that helps the corn allergic readers! πŸ™‚

  3. Laurel

    I just happen to have some homemade vanilla and Rapunzel cocoa and chocolate chips. I suspect that just as soon as I finish off my not Raspberry bars my husband will be sending you love letters. πŸ™‚ You are so awesome.

  4. Mary

    These sound delicious. I saved the recipe to try next month. We are relatively new to the paleo diet. After the craziness of the holidays, I’m looking forward to not making any sweets for a while. These will be a welcome treat for Valentines Day though! THANKS!

  5. pamela

    Do you think I could substitute the granulated sugar for honey?

  6. Mary Fran Wiley

    Oh my, these look dangerously delicious!

  7. Melaina

    These look awesome!! I try to stay away from almonds… any suggestions for a different flour to use?? Thanks!

  8. Shirley @ gfe

    Incredible. LOVE.


  9. donna

    Would coconut flour work? I dont do well w almond flour and it also gives me a metallic taste :/

  10. Allison

    A 6×6 pan? Do you mean a 9×9 pan?

  11. Possum Combes

    I’m disappointed & don’t understand – you love to eat sugar free etc but have submitted a recipe with sugar in it & admit you haven’t tested it with a sugar substitute??!!

  12. Jenna Burns

    As someone with major allergies, I TRULY appreciate all of your efforts to make my world a better place. Recipes are one big science experiment. You have to test all different medias to figure out what works.

  13. Mary Fran

    I know you used regular sugar just for me πŸ™‚

    You always impress me with your creative use of flours and sugars.

    And for the person who is mad that you didn’t test it with natural sugar/xylitol, well just poop. Writing recipes is hard work. At least you didn’t forget to type in the amount of flour you need in a recipe and then get hounded by one person 8 times in 4 hours for not fixing it fast enough. Sorry you got a crab today!

  14. Pascha

    Thank you so much I can’t wait to try this. The two flours I get to eat are almond and coconut and am thrilled when I find a recipe with one of them.

  15. Kristina

    Love you Brittany!!! Keep up the great work. There are a lot of us who LOVE what you do! I have Hoshies too and I am thinking of following a stricter diet like you do. I was gluten, soy and refined sugar free for a long time and felt great. Then I got prego and could only get white bread and potatoes for soooo long. Any thing GF made me sick. Now my little one is 6 weeks old. She is having some GI issues and rashes so I am going to start to take things out of my diet to see if it helps her as well. I already avoid gassy foods which is hard when your a vegetarian. I may start to eat some meat so I can get some more protein. She can’t handle it when I eat beans or legumes. And oh how I miss quinoa and lentils.

  16. Laurel

    I absolutely LOVE how forthrightly you responded to creepo above. As others have said most of us have food issues and know how to substitute for our individual ones. You said the very thing I always think. You are not on anyone’s payroll, you do this with a caring, loving heart in an attempt to help. Personally no one gets to talk to me like that unless they pay me and they’d better be paying me to experiment. You are the BEST. Also, my husband ate all my Naan. Now he thinks he’s getting brownie cookies. πŸ™‚

  17. Ruth

    These are soooo good! I used coconut sugar, coconut oil and almond milk. I pressed them into part of an 8×8 and by the time I pressed the cookie dough on top they almost filled up the pan. After baking it was basically an 8x 8 pan and I think a perfect thickness. Gotta get them cut up and in the freezer before I polish off the whole pan πŸ™‚ thank you for posting!

    1. Stephanie

      Did you use the granulated coconut sugar or the carmel consistency kind?

  18. Laurel

    I’m clogging up your blog. OK, so I’m greedy. So what? These lovely cookies/brownies er.. bars are in my oven right now. In an 8X8 pan. I’m going to bake them 25 minutes I think because they’re thinner than in a 6X6 pan. I did make one alteration, I added about 1/2C of finely shredded coconut. Now I am going to juice some greens!!! xox

    1. Stephanie

      Coconut in these would be fantastic.

  19. Melanie

    Alright Brittany, these are in my oven right now! I have so much faith in you that I am making them (with out trying them beforehand) to take to my Daughters school for a birthday celebration in a little bit. The dough tasted fantastic and I just know these will be amazing. Thank you again!!

  20. Christine

    Made just the brownie portion yesterday. Doubled all the ingredients and used palm sugar and rice milk, plus I added a Tbsp of ground chia seeds (just because I seem to all them to everything these days). The only thing I had a bit of difficulty with was blending it all well enough that none of the beige flecks of the almond flour showed.
    The recipe turned out great. Holds together really well. Cuts beautifully. Tastes devine.
    The whole family enjoyed them.
    A big thanks.

  21. Christine

    I made these tonight and they are incredible!! My entire family loves them. You would swear you were eating something not so good for you. πŸ™‚ These are delicious and satisfying! Thank you for an awesome treat πŸ™‚

  22. Elizabeth

    Wow; that looks amazing. I LOVE the way you began the post, with no apologies for a dessert recipe for the New Year instead of a salad! Very clever writing style, got my attention right away, so perfectly worded! (I appreciate good writing). I just made your raspberry streusel bars tonight (insanely delicious!!) so this will have to wait…but OMG. You are one of the few folks out there doing real, true alternatives for those of us who cannot eat ANY sugars in most of your recipes, and you give the xylitol alternative in this one, so I cannot imagine why Possum had such negativity. S/he must need more chocolate in her/his diet!

  23. Stephanie

    I made these tonight and used xylitol instead of sugar. They have cooled about half an hour and they are quite moist. I am just now remembering you said to use less milk or something if using xylitol. They are still fantastic with great flavor. I used trader joes almond meal for the brownie portion and it worked fine. I forgot to add the chocolate chips and it’s great without them. I have never used xylitol so I’m not sure how I feel about it. Thanks for a great recipe. If they don’t harden up a bit more I will freeze them and eat them frozen. You don’t disappoint!!

  24. Mary

    Oh yummy… I ran out of granulated sugar and used maple syrup instead for the cookie layer, which turned it into kind of a crumbly pie instead of bars. But it’s a yummy pie! This celiac’s hypoglycemic nursing mom thanks you!

  25. Tracy

    I made this recipe while my kids were at school today so they came home to a wonderful treat. My 10 year old daughter asked me to write to you to tell you she said thank you for the recipe and to tell you how yummy they are:0) Thanks for all of your hard work…it is truly appreciated by my whole family!!!

  26. Brandae

    I baked these in an 8×8 pan last night using sucanat (non powdered), unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and coconut oil. They are really good warm and gooey AND frozen too! It’s a great recipe. Thank you so much!

    I used the Enjoy Life chocolate chips without a problem – I have a corn allergy too.

    Question: do you pack your almond flour in cups when measuring?

    Can’t wait for your cookbook!!!

  27. Elizabeth

    After practically going to heaven with the raspberry streusel bars, I tried these and I must have done something wrong. Dismal results. Hard, boring, DRY, seem overcooked, and not good. I used erythritol, just as I did for the raspberry bars, as it is my preference over xylitol. My oil was walnut oil. I didn’t even reduce the liquid and they were so dry even before cooking that I could barely mix the ingredients. Oh gosh, that is a LOT of money down the drain…besides the erythritol & pricey almond flour, I used SunFood cocoa powder (not cheap!) as I need a mold-free brand, and chopped up Lucienne’s stevia-sweetened chocolate bars for the chocolate chips (also expensive!). I wonder what happened! I’m sad. ;-(

  28. Elizabeth

    Thanks Brittany. It’s folks like you that are the food geniuses~knowing exactly why it worked on the streusel but not these. I gave some to a pal who said it was very good indeed if I just thought of it as a choc chip cookie though. I am sure you spend a LOT of money on this!! Thanks so much for putting the money part in perspective; that helped a lot. Now I see it as the cost of the experimenting. I’m sad more because I just really wanted the taste experience. No biggie though.
    I am beyond grateful for your recipes and all that you do! In the low carb/paleo world, I have found it difficult to find dessert and bread alternative recipes that don’t use ingredients I avoid (dairy, glycemic sweeteners). I have my own other needs with chronic lyme and gut issues etc. too, so I have to experiment a lot. But your recipes, having just discovered how great they are, make a wonderful starting place! Thanks again!

  29. Savannah @ Sweet and Savvy

    Wow! These look amazing! πŸ™‚ I love making REAL treats that taste so much better than anything processed ever could!

    I would love to make these , but I have trouble finding Almond Flour. I am a huge fan of peanut flour, and have a stockpile of it around. Do you think I could sub Peanut Flour ? I know it would end up having a peanutty taste.. but I’m not sure if I’m opposed to that. πŸ˜‰

  30. Tiffany

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for creating recipes that use almond flour!! I personally only like to use Almond and Coconut flour in my baking and am able to find some useful recipes here!

  31. Elizabeth

    Hi again dear Brittany, Queen of the Perfect Recipes,
    Just a bit of a response to your last note to me. First off, let me just say: I appreciate SO much that you are doing more with alternatives to glycemic sweeteners!

    It seems to me~~I’m not certain but I think~~that all erythritol is derived from corn. I do not eat a lick of any corn at all; however I have wound up using erythritol quite a bit since I love my sweets and do not like xylitol. Erythritol has the lowest glycemic response of any sweetener that I know of. This is quite critical for me~more so than the possible corn derived substance. Stevia is sketchy for me with allergies and the research that it can cause hypoglycemia (sometimes I have noticed this, and was so glad to see supporting research online for my personal experience). I use it a little bit, like in some of your recipes as you suggest. Coconut nectar or crystals give me the worst blood sugar issues, so I am sure that it’s not good (I’m a canary; my body knows things before the research catches up!). I am always looking for the best sweeteners that are truly non/low-glycemic! Lately I am thinking yacon might be the best one yet, but it is pricey. That is the whole inulin family: yacon powder or syrup, straight inulin (such as the Just Like Sugar products), & jerusalem artichoke powder. All very pricey stuff though. I hope they will become more popular & the prices will drop. I am soooo glad you are smart enough to not use much agave!
    If you do look into erythritol, make sure to get a non-GMO brand. The two I know of are: NOW foods, which is GMO; Wholesome Sweeteners brand which is not (Whole Foods carries that one, not that I like WF). The Truvia stuff I don’t trust~big company; they don’t tell you all of what is in it for fillers, and why support a big corporation for our food, anyway?

    I love what you do, your integrity, your generosity and spirit of adventure here. Your recipes are beyond amazing, and I wish I had time and energy to try them ALL this week! (want to come over and cook for me?). There are too many good ones! I do wish you (or someone!) would come up with a true healthy low carb “bar” like the Atkins ones that uses low-carb sweetener, is truly portable (needs no refrigeration), and uses no whey, milk or soy powders in it. The Paleo & low-carb recipes I’ve seen for those either do have those kinds of powders to make them bar-like, or need refrigeration. I wind up taking the Atkins with me in the car for emergencies, as I need something I can leave there indefinitely with no little icebox, or put in my purse, but it’s truly a Frankenfood. I haven’t figured out a substitute. (if either of us did, we could rake in the big bux). πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for all that you do and your lovely blog & responsiveness!
    All the best to you! ~Elizabeth

  32. Nicole @ Special Diet Creations

    I’m dying to make these but I don’t have a 6×6″ pan. Would an 8×8″ or 9×9″ pan work, or would the bars be too thin? Maybe I should increase the ingredients by a third?

  33. Debbie O'Phelan

    I made these and I love them. Tweaked the recipe a bit. Added a bit of rice bran, ground flax and my dried almond pulp ground and dried from my almond milk I make trying to get the fat content down a bit and the fiber up. Also added 1 whole vanilla bean scraped to the top AND bottom layer. I bake it in a bread pan and cut a slice then into 4 chinks per slice. I really love this recipe and I’m super picky. I used a coconut oil/ghee mixture by green pastures and toasted walnuts along with cut up 80% dark chocolate bar. Super, Super , Super yummy. thank you so very much for sharing.

  34. Thia

    Bless you!! I have found it darn near impossible to find a gf almond flour recipe that does not call for eggs. I’m so thrilled! Now, I do need to experiment with alternative sweeteners– I think I’ll give palm sugar a go, and cross my fingers I do ok with it. (I know i can have date syrup and rice syrup, but those are liquid.) I’m so glad I found your site! Thanks!

  35. bitt

    so it sounds like the xylitol version works if you just let it cool for awhile? otherwise perhaps too soft? really want brownies! πŸ˜‰

    1. bitt

      made the egg free brownie layer with xylitol and it turned out great! i was glad you mentioned xylitol can be moist. i waited a few hours to cut them until they were dry and it worked great. hope this helps anyone in the future.

  36. Dani

    These are in the oven right now- my mom is pretty stressed out right now, and I wanted to do a girls night for her (face masks, chick flicks, CHOCOLATE!!!!) We are both Paleo/low carb, so I made these with stevia! Thank you so much for your creativity- I’m sure she will love them!

  37. Holly

    I made these for my office holiday potluck and they were a hit! I didn’t tell anyone they were gluten, egg, dairy, etc. free, and I don’t think anyone noticed – they were too busy scarfing them down. Thanks for a great recipe, Brittany!

  38. Laura C

    What a fabulous community you have developed here. I now have to take time to bake your fabulous recipes and to read all the comments. Baking binge today to prepare for bake to school. Our daughter is back to college soon where it is so difficult to eat so sending frozen baked goods is ideal. The brownie/choc chip bars are fabulous. I always use 50/50 xylitol and coconut palm sugar. Just a bit more glycemic but the good minerals are a bonus and coconut oil cuts down on the impact giving us a win win. Also made the cranberry orange buttermilk breakfast cake (wow) and by popular demand another monkey bread. My New Year’s resolution is to work my way through every recipe on the site! Thanks for the great job. It’s hard to keep teenagers on the plan and you certainly help with that.

  39. Bethany

    Thanks for posting an egg-free brownie recipe! These were great.

  40. Shelley W

    Made these today….OMG r they good!!! But deadly… I could eat the whole pan. I also needed a cheesecake crust so I made the cookie portion of the recipe and used it as my crust … was a huge hit…all the non GF guests loved the cheesecake πŸ™‚

  41. T

    I just found your blog from this recipe on Pinterest. I am so excited to try a bunch of your recipes! I just made this one. Although I didn’t have all the specific ingrediants, they still turned out great! We don’t have extreme allergies here…but we try to be as sugar free, grain free and low carb as possible. Some of the changes I made were: In the brownie layer I used 1.25 c raw almond meal (ie ground almonds) + 2T ground flax; for the sugar I used 3T coconut sugar + 1/2 T stevia powder + 1 T unsweetened apple sauce; for the ‘milk’ I used 1/2c coconut milk (increased because of the flax). In the cookie layer I used 1.25c almond meal + 1/3c coconut flour; same sub for the sugar as the brownie layer; 1/3c coconut milk (increased because of the coconut flour). So far I have only eaten them warm and they are great! The almond meal obviously changes the texture but still tastes fine (I need to get more almond flour…). They have just a hint of sweetness…..which is what I was going for since my family is ‘de-sugared’. πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great blog! I am going to be around here a lot!

  42. Maeve

    THANK YOU! I just made these for Easter, and they are delicious! I have been gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and wheat free for about 4 months now. I love to bake and was so sad that I wouldn’t be able to bake. That is until I found your blog! I am so excited to try more. Thank you πŸ™‚

  43. Judy

    If I wanted to use raw cacao powder instead of cocoa powder would I use the same amount?

  44. Holly

    I decided to try just the cookie layer with what I had on hand…Bob’s blanched almond flour (even though I know it doesn’t work half the time in your recipes!), xylitol, canola oil, and raw cacao nibs. It turned out okay…the nibs negated a lot of the sweetness from the xylitol and it ended up having almost a sesame seed taste. It did spread somewhat in my 8×8 pan but that didn’t affect the time I baked it for. I might try this again with a chopped up bar of sugarfree chocolate and a little more xylitol and see how that goes!

  45. Oliver

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I gget several e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

  46. Erin Evans

    My only question is, are there any changes for high altitude baking? I’m at 7,165 feet and baking can be interesting up here πŸ™‚
    Thank you for all that you do!!! I very much appreciate it!

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