Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies!


 I haven't been able to sink my teeth into a fudgey brownie in who knows how long!! These brownies bring me back to the days of high school, they used to sell them for 50 cents in the cafeteria at lunch time. Back then I had no known food allergies- and since my mom fed us extra healthy I would sneak money to school so I could get my fill of little debbie's every so often.

Looking back..what were schools thinking selling that unhealthy crap to us kids that need to focus on work? Yikes! I'm sure most schools still do..

So, I give you a much much MUCH healthier version, made with almond flour free of food dye, refined sugar. Gluten and Dairy!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Miranda Applegate

    Holy smokes, these are insanely good. They are moist, fudgy, and the ganache is decadent. Sometimes I see people say when they post a recipe that someone would “never know it was gluten free/paleo” and I usually find that it isn’t true.

    You truly cannot tell with these.

  2. Katherine Meinholz

    I have a question – what size pan are you supposed to use? I’m guessing 8×8, but wanted to double check before I started.

  3. Emily Burger

    These look so good! My question, though, is what is non-dairy butter? I keep seeing it in your recipes, and maybe you have a tip or FAQ page somewhere (I really have tried to find the answer on my own) but can’t figure it out! I can’t have dairy but I WANT THESE.

  4. Kelly Kreimer

    I made these and they are so good! Question though, do we melt the butter with the chocolate? That’s what I did, but I feel like the texture was a little off. Thanks!

  5. Kayla Hansen

    Can you sub arrowroot instead of using tapioca?

  6. Jennifer Lyman

    Am I missing where it says the pan size? Thanks!

  7. Stephanie Koochack

    I cooked it for 35 min in a 8×8 and it was a little jiggly but I took it out b/c I didn’t want to burn… It was still very raw once cool. super tasty! next time I’ll try cooking a lot longer

    1. Erica Iwamura

      Mine are in the oven now. Have been for about 35 minutes now and I am having the same thing happen. Glad its not just me. I am at a higher altitude so maybe that is why…?

  8. Karen Squires

    I also had a question about the pan size. I put it into a 8 x 8 pan and thought it was too thick. I moved it to a 9 x 13 pan and it turned out great! Everyone loved them! Will be my go to recipe for fudgey brownies.

  9. Sarah Hummel

    Mine never set up. I ended up baking over 50 minutes and it was still super jiggly… threw it in the fridge and now they are rock hard. Taste AMAZING though 🙂 Just not the texture of a brownie. I have no idea what I did wrong, but I am definitely trying again!

  10. Nawal Awaijane

    Brittany Angell you’re a genius hands down! I made these in a mini – cupcake pan and only had to bake it a little over half of the time. These are outstanding, no one will ever know they’re paleo! I made them as a thank you gift, but now I don’t want to part with them!

  11. Julie Reale

    How many tablespoons in total of butter?


  12. Simone Stewart

    What weight is a stick of butter? We have various sized butter blocks in Australia

    1. Brittany Geisler

      In the US, a standard stick of butter is 1/2 cup (or 4 ounces). Hope that helps!

  13. Sarah Jane Pugh

    You are a genius. These are literally the best brownies I’ve ever had. THANK YOU.

  14. Stephanie Rodriguez

    My son is allergic to almonds. Can I sub regular gluten free flour? Rice flour? Thanks!

  15. Christy Bartelt

    Stephanie, we use cashew meal in place of the almond flour. They turn out perfect! Love these. Making them again today for mothers day

  16. Rachel Vaughan

    Could I use Ghee instead of butter/non-dairy butter?

  17. Jennifer Nevins

    I was wondering if you could substitute coconut palm sugar for xylitol? Thanks

  18. Tara Tuttle

    Can you use xylitol instead of coconut palm sugar?

  19. Adriana Miranda

    Hello, Brittany! Thank you for this recipe!
    Can I use cocoa powder instead of the chocolate chips?
    Thank you!

  20. Tara Tuttle

    Is there any way to substitute the butter? Like Applesauce instead?:)

  21. Sarah Katzman

    Does it matter if you use regular almond meal (like Bob’s Red Mill), or blanched almond flour? Or is that overly picky? (I live on a military base overseas and I can get almond meal at the local grocery store, but have to special order blanched almond flour. Worth it though!)

  22. Andrea Rodriguez

    Just joined and I am wondering what took me so long! I follow you on Instagram and you are truly inspiring! My 8 year old and I just made these. They are SO good! She couldn’t wait for them to cool and declared the best brownies ever! Thank you!

  23. Kayla Hill

    These are amazing! Thank you!! Very fudgey brownies and don’t fall apart into a million pieces! I used choclate jimmies instead of candies to top my brownies but that’s just for my families preference.

  24. David Van Eeckhout

    Could I use Baking chocolate instead of regular chocolate chips?

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