Gluten Free Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka Bread.

Gluten Free Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka Bread.

Gluten Free Chocolate and

Cinnamon Babka Bread.

If I were to tell you that Babka had anything to do with my families Christmas traditions I would be lying. But, what I can tell you, is that my mother is an inspiring woman. She's beyond creative and every year Christmas breakfast was (and is) always something to look forward to. Be it popovers, cinnamon rolls, fancy omelets or whatever else she dreams up, matched with the perfectly decorated table. This year, I will be bringing a loaf (or 3) of this absolutely delicious Babka bread.

2 years ago as I flipped through a mail order food magazine I saw for the first time this gorgeous loaf of bread with layers and layers of chocolate twisted throughout. This was about the time that I also went gluten free. I noticed early on that a recipe for gluten free babka just really did not exist anywhere on the big old web. I know I wasn't able to produce an edible loaf of gluten free bread (let alone anything else) at that time. So, I spent the past 2 years honing my skills. Iris Higgins and I have been working like maniacs on our two gluten free baking guides due to release in March. Through that process I was able to finally master the bread I knew was always possible. I played with one of our book recipes to create this. And pulling this soft, perfectly textured loaf of bread out of the oven yesterday was all I could have asked for Christmas. Watching my husbands reaction when he tried his first piece was enough to almost bring a tear or two of happiness. Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Wether you celebrate Christmas or not, the holidays are about sharing food that you feel proud of and enjoying it with the ones you love. I hope that this recipe brings some smiles to your festivities. For my Grain Free Friends- today I have neglected you. Though I hope my Grain/Starch Free Cinnamon Rolls give you a nice christmas morning option too!

This recipe will yeild the very best results if you pull out your kitchen scale. Using Superfine Rice flour is essential. Bob's rice flour is grainy, heavy and does not soak up nearly as much liquid. Using it will not work in this recipe. If you are unable to source superfine rice flour locally, head to an asian grocery store. The majority of them carry rice flour. The flour at these stores is ground incredibly fine. It works as the perfect sub for superfine rice flour! (and its a heck of a lot cheaper too). Using Bob's Garbanzo flour will work great. I would also like to suggest that you check out Dakota Praries Garbanzo flour- its my favorite! Their Rice Flour, like asian rice flour is also milled really finely and could be used in the place of superfine rice flour.

Gluten Free Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka Bread

Gluten Free Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka Bread

Gluten Free Chocolate & Cinnamon Babka Bread.


  • 3/4 Cup Lukewarm Water
  • 1 Tbs Fast Acting Yeast
  • 1 Tbs Sugar
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 1/3 Cup granulated sugar (any variety- though white cane sugar works best).
  • 4 Tbs Oil
  • (100g) ¾ cup + 1 Tbs Superfine white rice flour
  • (103g) ¾ Cup + 1 Tbs Garbanzo Bean Flour
  • (132g) 2/3 Cup + 2 Tbs Potato Starch
  • 1 Tbs Xanthan or Guar Gum
  • 1 Tbs double acting Baking Powder
  • ½ Tsp Salt
  • Filling:
  • 1/2 Cup Allergy Free Chocolate Chips (Enjoy Life) Processed in a food processor or finely chopped.
  • 1-2 Tsp Cinnamon
  • 2 TBS Oil.
  • Egg glaze:
  • 1 large egg whisked with 1 Tbs water.


  1. Combine the lukewarm water, yeast and sugar. Mix and set aside to proof.
  2. Into your microwave place 2 large large cups of water and turn the microwave on for 15-20 minutes. This will create a steamy “proofing box”. Run the microwave while you are preparing the bread dough. Keep running it just until you place the bread in.
  3. In a large bowl (or in the bowl of a stand mixer) vigorously beat the 2 large eggs. Once they have become frothy and are bubbly add the sugar and then the oil. Continue to beat on high until it begins to thicken slightly (almost like a custard).
  4. Add the proofed water/yeast/sugar mixture. (It has proofed once it has a head of “foam”.) Beat in. Add in the remaining ingredients (Rice Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Potato Starch, Xanthan and Salt) Mix well. It will be a very sticky dough.
  5. Place a sheet of parchment paper on your counter. Cover it with 1-2 TBS of oil. Cover your hands with more oil and then move the glob of sticky dough onto the oiled parchment. Oiling your hands more as needed press the dough into a large rectangle (like you are making cinnamon rolls). This dough can be anywhere from 1/2- 1 inch thick. Cover the surface with the finely chopped chocolate, cinnamon and then drizzle the 2 TBS of oil on top. Using the parchment paper as your guide roll the dough into a long cinnamon roll log. Then gently and slowly lift and stack the two ends bringing them on top of each other. (the goal is to make the mound into a small loaf shape). Use the parchment through this whole process to support the dough and to prevent breakage. Once the mound is complete wrap the parchment around it and gently smoosh the different sides slightly to make it become a nice uniform loaf. * PLEASE NOTE: you are more than welcome to play around with how you want to roll up the dough. The end goal is to get it into a loaf- how you roll and fold is totally up to you!*
  6. Trim the parchment paper down so that it is just an inch or so larger than the loaf. Lift the parchment holding the loaf and place into a bread pan. Brush half of the egg glaze on.
  7. Place the prepared pan into the humid and warm microwave for 30 minutes (do not cover it). Leaving the cups of boiling water in the microwave with it. Do not turn the microwave on during this time.
  8. While the bread is proofing in the microwave, preheat the oven to 375 Degrees.
  9. After 30 minutes of proofing move the bread pan into the oven. Bake for 15 minutes. Brush the bread with the second ½ of the Egg Glaze. Turn the oven down to 350 degrees and bake for another 20- 25 minutes. If the bread begins to brown too much at any point tent it with a sheet of tinfoil.
  10. Remove from oven and allow to cool 30 minutes before slicing. (The chocolate needs this time to cool- otherwise you will end up with chocolate everywhere when you slice!).
  11. Using a bread knife, gently slice. Store the bread wrapped tightly at room temp. It can also be frozen and thawed for a later date.


*All recipes and text on this site are the original creations and property of Brittany Angell. If you make a recipe from this website and would like to share it, this may be done by sharing photo’s and including a direct link to this website. Duplication of recipe text, or “adaptions” containing less than 4 major changes to the recipe is strictly forbidden *
Brittany Angell

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  1. Diane Eblin-thewholegang

    Wow this looks amazing!

    1. Gayle

      Shared on facebook and I think I’ll try this recipe!

  2. Cheryl

    Simplifying the holidays…I strive for this every year, have yet to achieve this goal, but will keep on trying! This bread looks crazy good…and not so simple. 🙂

  3. Kristine

    Looks yummy! We’re simplifying by staying home. No traveling for us this year!!

  4. Cheryl

    Shared on FB!

  5. Cheryl

    (also shared on Twitter)

  6. Kelly O'Neill Kasznel

    Brittany you never fail to impress me with your inventive spins on traditional, yummy foods made safe for those of us with multiple food sensitivities. This has my mouth watering right now;) I’m stumped on how to simplify the holidays any more than I already have (put up half the decorations that we normally do this year!). With a full time job, 4 teenage kids and a busy house I will be watching the posts for some fabulous ideas though. I’m feeling even more overwhelmed than usual this holiday season due to the fact that this is the first Christmas I am baking GF/CF and want everything to taste as fabulous as ever. Shirley’s Home for the Holidays…GF style is saving me though! Enormous thanks to Shirley and all the wonderful contributors (especially you Brittany:)!!

  7. Margaret

    Yum! My holidays are never exactly simple between my immediate family, step family, and half-siblings. Since becoming gluten free it’s become even more stressful because none of them understand that pieces of fruit (for chocolate fondue, which also has bread and pretzels dipped in it) and salad don’t exactly make a filling dinner, and they’re out of town so I have to go visit them. I’ll be doing my best to bring food that I can eat so that I don’t go hungry this year, and sent my mom the list of Wegman’s brand gluten free items so that hopefully their appetizers will be save to eat.

  8. Sarah C

    There isn’t too much that is simple about this year for us, except that I am now working from home which creates much less stress. I wonder if I could try this recipe without yeast, seeing that is my bigger allergy. It looks so yummy!

  9. Kelly O'Neill Kasznel

    Shared on Twitter:)

  10. Kirsten

    Could you use like Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free flour mix? Or do you recommend not to?

    LOOKS AMAZING!! I am wanting to try my hand at more GF baking, but have been scared too.

  11. Taryn

    This year we are simplifing our holiday by staying home and celebrating with friends instead of driving 13 hours to family.

  12. Pam

    Yum – recipe looks great!

    I’m simplifying this year by not doing as much baking as usual. I have a few gluten-free recipes to try, and that’s it!

  13. Margaret

    shared on FB 🙂

  14. Deanna

    Wow – that’s beautiful! I bet the kiddo would LOVE it. I’m simplifying this year by not going overboard on the baking. Or just not doing it at all. I’ve YET to bake any Xmas cookies. And, I’m okay with that!

  15. Heather Brandt

    We are grain-free as well as gluten and dairy free this Christmas so simplifying means I just make a couple of sweets instead of the many cookies I made last year.

  16. Heidi @ Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

    I think I’m going to steal your photo so I can send it to Shutterfly to blow up into poster size for me…so I can hang it in my kitchen, LOL!

    Absolutely stunning Brittany. 😀

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Deanna

    I shared it on FB.

  18. Rowan

    Yum! I’ve never had Babka bread before, but I think I’ll be making it this weekend!

    I’m simplifying by keeping a shorter list of gift receivers, and making sure I have time for myself before and after big holidays for relaxation and taking care of my own lists!

  19. Margaret

    also shared on twitter!

  20. Deanna

    I tweeted it as well.

  21. Rowan

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  22. Rowan

    Shared on Facebook as well!

  23. Ashley Bechtold

    Ohhhhh simplify for the holidays… I am traveling all over the place so I don’t know how much simplifying that does! But my family likes to go on vacation for Christmas, and it always ends up being suprisingly relaxing once all the traveling is out of the way. Love your Blog and all of your creative recipes! You are such an inspiration for those of us who have had to drastically change our diet. Merry Christmas

  24. Andrea

    Stumbled… Thanks for sharing this fantastic sounding recipe!

  25. Sarah M

    We’re simplifying the holidays by *not* letting dad do the christmas dinner shopping.

  26. Devyn Howell

    Simplify for the holidays… seems kind of like an oxymoron, but I think as long as you treasure and enjoy every moment with your family as you decorate, bake, go to holiday gatherings and overdo… that’s all you can really ask for! No need to simplify if you are enjoying it…

  27. Devyn Howell

    shared on Facebook!

  28. Shirley @ gfe

    Honey, you didn’t let me down! What an awesome recipe, Brittany! If anyone gives you a hard time because this a new tradition/recipe vs an old one, give me their name and I will “beat them up” for you. Hehe. Thanks so much for participating in our Home for the Holidays … Gluten-Free Style event! You rock! All you girls are all blowing me away! I love your giveaways, too. I forget who is giving away what, so I’m newly surprised each day, and overwhelmed at the generosity of our many sponsors. 😉


  29. Heather

    This looks delicious! But I am currently grain-free so I cant partake but I am very much looking forward to trying your cinnamon rolls. I am keeping things simple but not doing as much cooking and baking as I usually do.

  30. Lauren (PB&G)

    I wish I could say that I was simplifying.. but we’re adding meeting his family halfway to the list this year. It’s going to be a 4-6 hour drive one way. Worthi it, though!

  31. sheri

    We are simplifying this year by adopting a family and spending money on them instead of things we do not need. I also shared this recipe on facebook. Thank you.

  32. Brenda

    We’ve been keeping Christmas simple for years now, we bake a few fun things, and have dinner with family. This year we will each buy something that begins with the first letter of our last name for a fun little gift exchange.

  33. Natalie

    I am significantly shortening my gift list and card list this year. It is easier on my budget and my days. Otherwise it is celebration as usual.

  34. Brenda

    shared on facebook

  35. Kelly S.

    I am simplifying Christmas this year by just putting up and decorating a mini tree. Our house is small anyway, so it is a better fit, and it certainly is easier to put up and take down!

  36. Janell

    I don’t like to simplify Christmas, I tend to go over board! However, I do make sure its all fun and not stressful, because that would be missing the point!

  37. Rebecca Woolfe

    Simplifying the holidays- stop to enjoy the small moments with your family…with my son yesterday it was eating lunch by the windowsill (gluten free quinoa with veggie meatballs) and watching the birds in our tree outside….Adjusting our expectations…slowing down to enjoy the unexpected holiday moments. I am looking forward to some gluten free baking with my friend.

  38. Rebecca Woolfe

    Posted on facebook. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Kelly S.

    I posted this recipe and book give-away on my FB page. It would be such a huge treat for me to win one of the books, since I’m wanting to reduce my grain and refined sweetener even more in the New Year since having done The Whole 30.

  40. Audrey J

    I am not going all out on the decorating. It causes too much stress. Especially since there is a cat in the house this year! A few simple decorations and time with my family.

  41. Dana Coughlin

    I am simplifying by keeping the dinner menu simple, we aren’t traveling so that makes it simple too.

  42. Dana Coughlin

    Shared on facebook

  43. julie osmonson

    simplifying this year by my husband taking a day off of work to homeschool my daughter, so that I can go shopping all on my own – get in, get out, get it done!

  44. Lily

    We are trying to simplify the holidays by getting as much done in advance as possible — gift and grocery shopping,etc. Also focusing on the most important parts of the holidays – enjoying time with family.

  45. Dana Coughlin

    Shared on Twitter

  46. Jennifer McMahon

    Hey Brittany, you’ve been a lifesaver for me! Having to drastically change my diet due to a couple of tick borne illnesses has been much easier thanks to you! I shared the Babka recipe, as I do with most of your recipes! Thanks again.

  47. Lily

    I shared this post on Twitter

  48. Damaris Solis

    My kids have moved out, so it’s pretty easy to simplify this year! This is my junior year at Brooklyn College, and simplifying everything is a way of life!! With your recipes, I am able to cook ahead and not have to worry about gluten issues as I have left overs to take with me everywhere. LOVE THIS PAGE!!!

  49. Karen L

    This bread looks and I bet tastes amazing. How can you go wrong with cinnamon and chocolate? :).
    I’m simplifying the holidays by buying gift certificates for my families favorite stores since both my children are older. It saves me time and they are able to get what they want after the holidays, sometimes at a discount! I, of course, will still have a few stocking stuffers for them to open Christmas morning as well as a gift to open Christmas Eve. A tradition in my family :0) Thank you for sharing your recipe. I can’t wait to try it. My husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year and initially I was overwhelmed/intimidated to cook let alone bake gluten free but it has been an absolute thrill because of people like yourself willing to share/educate and support people like me and my family. Thanks to all of you!!

  50. Damaris Solis

    Also shared it on Facebook! Not sure what stumbling is, unless that’s what I did when I got on the subway yesterday……

  51. Charis @ MannaTreats

    wow! I want to try this!

  52. Danette

    Wow! This looks delicious! I haven’t really tried anything like this yet, but plan on it over Christmas break. Simplifying by not rushing around worrying about anything (trying 🙂 and knowing everything will get done. One day at a time 🙂

  53. Karen

    what amazing books in this giveaway and what amazing recipes and new sites to explore. I am simplifying by any means i can. no new stuff that i don’t really need. learning everything i can about being as gluten free as possible. no processed foods, no refined sugar. simple homemade treats and meals. True spirit. thank you for being part of this process.

  54. Sarah Rapport

    Brittany, you rock the gluten free world! shared this on Facebook!

  55. Robbin Rae

    Hmmm…. simplifying? Well, last year I moved on December 14th. Moved in a hurry (ok, really it was fleeing – long story), packing what I could from a 4 bedroom house, moving to a small home on an acre that I had to clear of, well, an acre of blackberries. The driveway was mud, there was a giant burn pile in the mud yard, I’d stripped down and painted the inside because of years of smoke smell, oh, and there was no cover over the door – it was going to be replaced – so in the torrential winter rain of the Puget Sound, to unlock the door I had to just stand there with water pouring off the roof onto my head. I don’t actually remember what I got for my daughter (she was 8) last year for Christmas, I don’t remember much at all. Except that there are boxes in the background of all our photos! So… fast forward to this year, and I WILL NOT SIMPLIFY! I am gleeful being able to actually get out all our ornaments, set up our holiday village, plan and bake and delight in all the happy togetherness and fun. We’ve had our tree up since Nov. 21st! I’m very excited to do more baking (we’ve already made gluten free chocolate shortbread cookies decorated as reindeers and trees) and just have fun in the kitchen with my girl. A big sigh of contentedness. We’re safe.

  56. Karen

    I also shared this post on facebook. thanks again.

  57. Karen L

    Shared on Facebook. Question? What does stumble the post mean?

  58. Robbin Rae

    Oh… posted about you on Facebook too.

  59. Paula Decaria

    This looks so yummy! I definitely don’t simplify the holidays…I love this time of year, and I love being in the kitchen, so yeah, I’m cooking up a storm right now.

  60. Carey

    I am simplifying by putting less Christmas decorations out, and less shopping. Spending more time with family.

  61. Johanna B

    Our Christmas will be small and homey this year. We have a new grandbaby who is really too young to appreciate Christmas but we are introducing him to all our traditions anyway. Such fun but quite low-key.

    yorichent at yahoo dot com

  62. Amanda M

    Looks great! I know how hard you have been working on this and it looks like it really paid off! To simplify the Holidays we are not traveling and just enjoying each other. We limited gifts, and the gifts are not meaningless.We are already done with the shopping even! 🙂

  63. Sarah Rapport

    To simplify my holidays, I we are doing them at home where I will share your blog with anyone who will listen. You have made the gluten free world a better place!

  64. Amanda M
  65. Amanda M
  66. Amanda M


  67. Barbi d.

    This looks so Yummy! I am gathering up recipes for Christmas and this is on the list!

  68. SherriS.

    I’m simplifying the holiday this year by spending less and enjoying family and friends more! Great prizes! Thanks for the chance to win.

  69. Jeff Gallup

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  70. Ellen

    Wow – that sounds wonderful, can’t wait to try making it! We’re minimizing decorations and gifts – just focusing on spending time together instead! (can’t wait!)

  71. Kaitlyn Renfrow

    Wow this looks amazing!
    I’m simplifying this year by picking just a couple of new recipes to try (including the grain free cinnamon rolls). I am focusing less on stressing about my new restricted diet and more on spending time with family and friends.

  72. JULIE

    WOW! Your Babka bread looks like Gluten filled bread! Beautiful…

  73. Michelle Lee

    The family is actually staying put this Christmas so that is pretty simple. Will probably have a nice dinner with my side of the family who lives locally. I won’t go overboard with making food, my mom usually covers it all with all are allergies in mind 🙂

  74. Rachel Williams

    Keeping the Holidays simple is pretty easy for us. To me, Holidays are all about the family and being with them and lucky for us we live so close to the Hubby’s family that we don’t have to go far. I am also so grateful that are kids are still young so they aren’t asking for extravagant items for Christmas, just simple things they think they need.

  75. Rachel Williams
  76. Paula

    Simplifying the holidays, by spending with with just my husband on vacation.

  77. Melissa

    We just found out the my 3 year old and I both have an allergy to gluten. So we really are trying to figure out how to get through Christmas! With two huge Christmas’, it looks like I’ll be trying to figure out some options for goodies as well as meals that we can bring with. Tying to simplify Christmas? I don’t think that will happen this year!

  78. Melissa

    Shared on Facebook

  79. Beth Bezzant

    I stumbled on this…what a fantastic site….I really hope I win and I shared on facebook!

  80. Sara F.

    The one way I simplify my holidays is by starting early and not waiting until the last minute to get everything done!

  81. madonna zelazny

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love this site! I shared on facebook.

  82. Sarah L

    Well, I’m driving half way across the country and back and trying to hit both my family and the in-laws in one big triangle. Doesn’t sound too simple, but this is the one time of year I actually get to see my family so off we go. This is my first gf Christmas and since I am traveling to family’s homes I’m thinking I will need to be bringing several things that I can eat. I already mentioned it to my sister-in-law and she is not planning to change anything about her menu to accomodate me so this bread may be a nice addition that I can bring along to our holiday festivities!

  83. Gretchen

    Shared on facebook

  84. Gretchen

    Simplifying this year because we HAVE to – Dad is dying of cancer & I’m working on my doctoral dissertation. That means no cookie extravaganza, the tree goes up late, and the bare minimum. It’s a sacrifice, particularly for our just-turned-6-yr-old twin daughters, but necessary. There’s always next year!

  85. Pamela

    This bread sounds really good!!!!! Can’t wait to try it.

  86. Gretchen


  87. Vivian

    I am simplifying by not going hog wild with the decorations, etc, and trying to focus on family, healthy food for the celebrations, and remembering the reason for the season… Jesus!

  88. Vivian
  89. Laura

    I am simplifying the holidays by not stressing out on our holiday menu. I keep it healthy and simple with naturally gluten free foods.

  90. Georgianna, Celtic Celiac

    This sounds simply delicious. I am simplifying the holidays this year by buying online and locally, rather than sleping out to malls and other busy places!

  91. Georgianna, Celtic Celiac

    Just uploaded to facebook as well, had to share

  92. Michelle

    I adore…ADORE…babka bread…thank you thank you!!

  93. Tara Rich

    I think this year I’m going to actually use recipes instead of making up my own. I end up wasting too many ingredients. I think I’ll be using the spunky coconut gingerbread man recipe.

  94. Janet

    Shared on FB

  95. Valerie @ City|Life|Eats

    The babka bread looks amazing.

    I am simplifying by focusing on time with loved ones and experiences this year 🙂

    I already own Ricki’s and Kelly’s cookbooks, so would like to be entered just for 7 Quick Start Tips for Living a Healthy Gluten-Free Life if that is possible Thank you.

  96. Georgianna, Celtic Celiac

    Also shared on twitter. @celticceliac

  97. Sarah P

    YUMMM! I am determined to try this for Christmas morn.

    We are simplifying by waiting a bit to put up our tree etc… Saves on electricity and also keeps the season from getting too drawn out. December has a beauty of it’s own!

  98. Valerie @ City|Life|Eats

    Just tweeted this post. Also I already own Ricki’s and Kelly’s cookbooks, so would like to be entered just for 7 Quick Start Tips for Living a Healthy Gluten-Free Life if that is possible Thank you.

  99. Denise Fedor

    thanks for the beautiful recipe! Trying to make this year more simple by making mostly tried and true gf cookies, but may have to try this recipe too. Thanks, Dee.

  100. Stephanie Williams

    We just bought a house last month, so we are definitely keeping things simple and low key. But ya know what? I am just as stressed trying to do simple. LOL. Oh well, its the thought. 🙂 ~Stephanie

  101. vanessa toll

    I am simplifying with the gift I am giving this year. A friend of mine taught me how to knit and I made a scraf for my son and nephew. I plan on making ornaments for the grandparents and candles as other gifts.

  102. Stephanie Williams

    Shared link on FB

  103. Stephanie Williams
  104. Deanna Jones

    Had to share this recipe with my FB friends. I might have to try this tonight! It looks too irresistible to just print and put on the cookbook shelf.

  105. Christine

    I don’t know what new gluten free recipe I will try this Christmas – there are so many tasty ones to choose from!

  106. Jennifer Finn

    I love the Spunky Coconut blog and would treasure owning one of her books!

    I am simplifying this year by making sure that I have some time each day to work on my art. Last year I spent all of December making presents and decorating and it left me drained. I need to work on painting or stitching each day, it fills me up.

  107. Deanna Jones

    I’m simplifying my holiday baking routine this year a couple of ways. First, I started in October (yes, I need to plan that far ahead) and had everyone pick only _one_ recipe to make for the holiday season– Thanksgiving through Christmas. Then I spend an hour(-ish) each weekend making a batch of something, or in the case of the requested cheesecake, making ahead and putting in the freezer for later. So far, the plan is working! And we’re not overloaded with dozens and dozens of sweets to consume at once!

  108. Stacie

    We are simplifying the holidays this year by not hosting any gatherings and just going to several. It’s not by choice it just worked out that way and I’m so fine with that. Three girls under five and a baby due in April, just getting somewhere is enough work for us! Half of my family is gluten free so that side is easy. As for the other side I will make enough treats and sides to bring along for my girls and myself. Hoping to try the babka for a Christmas Day breakfast treat! Looks delicious.

  109. Ricki

    Stunning, Brittany! But I would expect no less from you. 🙂 (and obviously you don’t need to enter me in the giveaway!) 😀

  110. Marissa GF

    Wow, that bread looks amazing! Beautiful!
    Simplifying the holidays… hmmmm…. well, we r not traveling too far (just 5 hours instead of halfway across the country, OR the world; wisconsin and new zealand) 🙂
    And we aren’t getting a tree or doing much for decorating. Simply enjoying each other’s company and spreading love!

  111. Suzanne Nemec

    This babka looks perfect! You really are an amazing person.
    This year I will be pet sitting on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I will be simplifying our gluten free dinner by making a slow cooker meal. That way we will be able to have a nice sit down dinner still even though I will be so busy with my pet sits.

  112. Ana

    Not traveling is making our lives simple this holiday, and now I am definitely adding “making GF babka” to my list, this looks incredible!

  113. Marti Vibber

    Simplifying – Our core family is 6 adults and this year a brand new munchkin (my nephew). In the spirit of making the world a better place for him – and giving each other less material stuff we don’t really need – we each picked a charity we felt makes the world a better place for kids and are making donations in our nephew’s name. Of course he will be showered with a few presents so we can focus on him and not on our stuff.

  114. Starbright

    I think I will try this recipe with a few variations for our family. The kids aren’t thrilled to be gluten free but they are always thrilled with chocolate! Thanks for sharing!

  115. Carolyn

    That looks YUMMY! Simplifying by only buying the kids gifts this year…and probably a little less baking than usual.

  116. Janet

    Shared on Twitter

  117. Christa

    Here’s how we are simplifying: my extended family likes to exchange gifts every year…but in recent years, it has become expensive and stressful for most of us. So this year, we have each drawn one household to buy a gift basket for. We only have one gift to bring to the Christmas get-together. This is so much simpler (and still fun!).

  118. Kate K

    I am so loving this whole series as it’s introducing so many goodies to try and new blogs to explore, like yours! 🙂 We are simplifying Christmas by being less materialistic this year, cutting back on gifts and I pray giving to worthy causes instead. We are new to the gluten free life due to my son’s diagnosis this summer, so every thing I make this holiday will be NEW and Gluten Free. 🙂 I need all the help I can get! 😉

  119. Iris

    Whoa. Kick ass job on this post, lady! I have a lot to live up to! I heart you lots and lots!

  120. Carol D.

    I was going to say that I was trying gingerbread men as my new recipe this Christmas. (Last year the gf deal was too new to try much of anything!) But now…I’m going to try this yummy looking bread for Christmas brunch! Thank you for experimenting! 🙂

  121. laurie

    this bread looks amazing…but complicated. This is my first season GF and I’m totally missing my flours. You make your bread look yummy, but finding all those special flours is NOT simple.
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to browsing the rest of your blog.

  122. Kate K

    Tweeted and facebooked this lovely page and site! 🙂

  123. Christa

    I shared this on Facebook.

  124. Jacqui

    this bread looks amazing! Seriously. The texture looks spot on. If it wasn’t for my daughter’s egg allergy, it would be perfect. I think I may give it a go using a replacer for the egg. I have everything in the cupboard right now, so maybe this weekend we will give it at try!

    We are simplifying Christmas this year by focusing less on gifts and more on time. My daughter is three, so this year she is much more into the season. Instead of all the shopping and most of the baking.. we are spending that time doing “crafts” and reading Christmas stories, and watching Christmas movies. And we are going to be spending some time helping out others. I want her to enjoy the magic of Christmas.. and I don’t think that’s found in “stuff”. She will be getting some small gifts.. but that won’t be the focus.

  125. Rachel Blom

    I’m simplifying the holidays this yr by not travelling or running around to all the different gatherings at friends and relatives houses.

  126. Aly

    I am SO excited about this recipe! We are simplifying the holidays by dividing and assigning the cooking to everyone attending. I plan to make this recipe for my grandpa because babka is his FAVORITE, but I’m going to have to make a lot of substitutions to make the recipe lower in sodium for him because he follows a very restrictive diet.

  127. Aly

    I will also stumble this recipe!

  128. Rebecca Avery

    This is my first year being gluten free so I am trying to make our traditions gluten free.

  129. Joanie H

    Christmas shopping is nearly done, holiday baking for others is done, and the packages and Christmas cards will be in the mail soon. This allows me to work on a quilt for our oldest son and try all the wonderful new recipes that have been posted on this wonderful event and enjoy the simple delights of this season! The first recipe I’ll try is Ali’s gingerbread hazelnut cut-out cookies.

  130. Amber

    This looks soooo delicious & surprisingly not too beyond all reason, mommy-type busy hard! We have been having such a great success simplifying Christmas by keeping tabs of our must-haves on Amazon in a wishlist. When the price drops, we get an email & SAVE DOUGH!!! (Get it? Dough! Ha, puns r fun, sorry, I couldn’t help it!) Then on top of that I don’t have to run to a trillion stores getting the perfect present. Also to save $$ + add that special personal touch, this year we’ll be giving home-baked goodies to acquaintances/teachers etc…

  131. Tracy

    Love the recipe. This year we are keeping things simple and staying home…no travelling. As well there are many new recipes GF that I will be trying. One for sure is Nanamo bars. Oh! and maybe a gingerbread house and of course your recipe.

    Thank you for sharing

  132. Joanie H

    I shared this recipe on fb!

  133. Alena M

    I am simplifying by not trying to do everything myself!

  134. Vanessa

    Would love to try this receipe!!

  135. Barbi d.

    Shared on Facebook. : )

  136. Sharon

    I will simplify by preparing much of my holiday meal the day ahead because this year I will be ready ahead of time!

  137. Shannon

    Oh my goodness this bread looks yummy. Off to share on FB

  138. Barbi D.

    Shared on twitter! : )

  139. Laurel

    Hey Brittany I’m so glad I got my computer back up after 2 days and the dreaded Service Man Visit! 🙂 I want to make this today but I can’t, boo hiss, too much going on. I guess that means there is no simplifying of the holidays around here. There are a couple of new recipes I wanted to try one being the PPK’s Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf, a raw Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake and now this! I need to eat more. 🙂

  140. Janice Leverenz

    Oh my, what a wonderful giveaway! And what I wouldn’t do for a vitamix! 😉

    I plan on simplifying this year by putting less pressure on myself. We’re moving before Christmas and with all that’s going on that isn’t holiday related, I feel like I can give myself a break for once and NOT have to have every singe holiday duck in a row.

    As far as recipes to try, I’ve been eyeing the raw peppermint mocha truffle cake, that was part of your April in the raw series. Every year at Christmas time my mom makes chocolate truffles… I plan on NOT being left out of this family tradition. 🙂

    Thanks Brittany!

  141. Monique

    I’m making spice muffins with almond flour. Simple, not very sweet, and delicious!

  142. Denise M

    This year, i am trying to simplify by delegating the meal and not cooking every course myself

  143. Janice Leverenz

    Shared on facebook… not like I need a prize incentive for that though! 🙂

  144. Kelli

    We’re simplifying the holidays this year by staying HOME instead of driving 920 miles to spend Christmas in FL with my husband’s grandparents. I’m very excited about not having drive that far!

  145. Janice Leverenz

    Stumbled it too. xo

  146. Andrea M

    We are simplifying the holidays by making Christmas day more relaxed – like sweats, movies and games kinda day 🙂

  147. Michelle

    I shared this wonderful recipe and contest on Facebook!

  148. Kelli

    shared on Facebook!

  149. Laura @ Gluten Free Pantry

    We are staying home this year for the Holidays. It is way easier to stay home than travel with 2 young kids through busy airports!

  150. Carmen

    That bread looks amazing!

    I have decided not to simplify this year. After years of bah-humbug, I have decided to throw a Christmas party in my teeny tiny one bedroom apartment. I’m excited to cook dairy and gluten free for all my friends and have them see that I really don’t miss out that much! I’ve been eyeing your pumpkin pie for awhile… should make that soon.

    Thanks so much for providing great recipes for those of us with dietary restrictions. It’s great to have a resource. I’ll be doing Dr. K’s gut repair diet in January, and your website really makes me think that I can do it. Thanks!

  151. Carmen

    And shared on Facebook too!

  152. Suzanne H

    I’m going to be trying this recipe for sure. It looks amazing!

  153. Suzanne H

    I shared on FB.

  154. Suzanne H

    I shared on StumbleUpon.

  155. Suzanne H

    I shared on Twitter.

  156. Catybakes

    I’m letting my dear ones each choose a dish that they really want and I will find a way to make it gluten free, dairy free and delicious!

  157. Arleen

    This looks SOOO good. Alas, no legumes for me. I will definitely check out your Cinnamon Rolls. As for simplify, if it gets done that’s great; if not, that’s OK too. I have MS and do the best I can and have learned to be OK with that.

  158. Becka

    Simplify – have a baby, and you CAN’T get everything done, so everyone else does it!!! Great on all accounts! I should really stop reading these when i’m hungry…. Thanks for the recipe!

  159. AmandaonMaui

    Instead of a big Christmas dinner, we’re doing pupus only.

  160. AmandaonMaui

    Tweeted the giveaway. @gfreemaui

  161. AmandaonMaui

    I posted on Facebook.

  162. Adria

    I wish I had time to make all these recipes but I have a 5 week old (and a 2 year old)… even as I try to leave this post he woke up!

  163. Ida

    Looks awesome…especially the grain free desserts…yum…and the bread looks amazing!

  164. Megan

    I will not be simplifying the holidays this year! 🙂 I am turning everything I used to make and making it GF/DF! I am so excited! its work, but I can do it! Thanks for the recipe and opportunity to win! 🙂

  165. Megan

    Posted on facebook!

  166. Renee

    Chocolate & cinnamon together is one of my favorite combinations. Thanks for the recipe.

  167. Stephanie

    This recipe looks interesting — I have not worked much with yeast. Thanks also for the give-away! My holiday is definitely not going to be simple. This is my first Christmas with my husband of 4 months so we’ll be traveling quite far to see all of our family! And I hope to try a bunch of different Christmas recipes for healthier desserts!

  168. Stephanie

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  169. Stephanie

    I also shared this post on Twitter —

  170. julie

    I am new to gf cooking so I am going to keep it simple with a lemon cake! One day I will work up to your babka bread it looks amazing

  171. Hillary H

    This looks yummy- a strong contender for Christmas morning. I am simplifying by setting small goals for myself. For example, I am filling my fridge & freezer with cookie dough and some make ahead dinners.

  172. kathy

    Simplifying for me will be not stressing if I get all the cookies made, and have the right amounts of everything. No one will go away hungry unless it’s their choice.

  173. kathy

    I now “like” you on FB

  174. Deb

    Wow that looks really good, I like baked goods a lot! I have not decided yet which gf recipe I am going to try for Christmas morning. It needs to be similar to cinnamon buns and there have been some good recipes posted in the last week. It may be your recipe, thank you.

  175. kathy

    Now following on Twitter 🙂

  176. Paul Reilly


  177. Paul Reilly


  178. Stephanie Hanes

    I just tried a gluten free stuffing recipe last week – it was AMAZING! I really want to figure out how to make some gluten free pancakes from scratch. 🙂

  179. Barbara Loomis

    I’ll be making the Babka bread for sure this year. Thanks for the quality recipes.

  180. Amanda

    I have two daughters with allergies. I will be making this Babka bread as a special (allergy free) holiday treat! Thanks for sharing!

    Have shared on FB!

  181. Jey

    Shared on Facebook.

  182. Susan W.

    I hoping we can stick with our plan for Christmas just being my husband, his parents and me. I’m thinking a big pot of stew, cornbread and a pie or two. Maybe I’ll make some cinnamon rolls with chocolate icing for breakfast.

  183. Stephanie Sharp

    I can’t wait to try the Cinnamon Rolls! I’m still trying to get up the nerve to really test out my baking skills in a gluten free diet. I used to love to bake but prefered simple recipes. I’ve seen some gluten free that aren’t so simple. Can’t wait to try it out again!

  184. Kelly K

    To simplify for the holidays I focus on the relationships I have with friends and family, extending myself to help them out during this crazy hectic time, or a nice gesture to make someone’s day. I don’t get too worried about the gifts, decorations, or baking…just take it as it comes. Trying the sugar cookie recipe this year since my family has only been gluten free for 6 months. Thanks for all your recipes and this great site!

  185. Kelly K

    Shared on Facebook! 🙂

  186. Beth

    Simplifying? We tend to go overboard whenever there’s a chance to cook for friends, so I don’t know that simplifying will happen. Love having the holidays as an excuse to gather loved ones and share good food and good times. 🙂

  187. Mary

    This recipe looks delicious. I’m simplifying by starting earlier this year and taking the time to enjoy the season.

  188. Bethany Hein

    I wish I could simplify for the holidays. But having to cook gluten, soy and dairy free, I end up making every dish for the family (wish I could trust their cooking but I can’t) haha. So well worth all the stress though to be with my family.

  189. michelle

    I am trying almond joy bars (no refined sugar 🙂

  190. Barbara

    Britney~ You inspire me to try different things. ALL of your recipes look so delicious. I’m so glad you always include a picture. For the holidays this year we’ve decided not to decorate. I’m actually excited. How’s that for simplifying? ha ha I’ve shared this on Facebook and would like to be entered into the drawing. Keep up the good work 😎

  191. Dan Kane

    I am modifying a recipe for chocolate pecan bars using GF pretzels as a base.

  192. jill carl

    I am including the grandkids more to help simplify with the decorating and crafts and baking.

  193. Christina york

    I shared this on facebook it looks amazing..i am always looking for good gf and dairy free recipes
    thank you
    .would like to be entered in the book giveaway 🙂

  194. Jessica

    We keep holidays really simple with our family. We have my son who has multiple food allergies and my sister who has completely different food allergies and intolerances due to Interstitial Cystitis AND a nursing baby that can’t have dairy. We keep things simple and change some things, but keep most things close to the way God made them. 🙂 I am hoping to make a dairy free/gluten free apple pie (with gala apples, the only kind my sis can have!)

  195. Jessica

    I shared this on Facebook!

  196. Jessica

    I shared this on Twitter! @allergic_2_air

  197. Catherine

    hmmmm, what to make for the holiday? I might try to recreate a sweet bread recipe into gluten free!

  198. Linda S.

    This year I’m simplifying the holidays by doing less gift shopping but more good cooking. This looks fantastic! Happy Holidays! 🙂

  199. AnnMarie Deis

    I am simplifying the holiday this year by not making gluten-free and gluten-laden fare for my parties. In years past, I have made sure to offer goodies and foods with traditional recipes and some with gluten-free recipes. Not this year. (That big sigh of relief you hear from Michigan? That’s me.)

    Happy holidays!

  200. AnnMarie Deis

    I shared it on Facebook!

  201. AnnMarie Deis

    I Stumbled this post as well. 🙂

  202. KellyB

    My list of new recipes to try is getting way too long! With this Home for the Holidays event, I’m finding new bloggers and getting too many recipes. What a fun problem to have!

  203. Elizabeth

    simplifying has been made very difficult by all these recipes because now my baking list has expanded drastically! but this bread looks delicious!

  204. Stephanie

    Simplifying? Oh wow, I wish I could say that I was! I am keeping things quick and easy when I can though 🙂

  205. Janet

    Shared on Facebook. Don’t have twitter accounts. Would love to try and havnt decides which one. It’s look all delicious.

  206. Mary

    Shared on my FB group, many thanks!!

  207. Megan Holder

    Bread and chocolate together–all I can say is YUM! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I think I am going to try the chocolate pecan “toll house” pie presented on day 5 of this event along with the candy cane ice cream presented on day 7 (I just need an ice cream maker :)). There are soooo many delicious-looking recipes, but so far those have stuck with me and I really want to try them. I will also be making a GF, DF version of my mom’s sweet potato pie which will be a first! 🙂

    Happy Holidays!!

  208. Megan Holder

    I shared your recipe on Facebook and tagged you 🙂

  209. Sharon

    Looks amazing! I’m going to try cinnamonbuns thisChristmas. My kids are so excited!

  210. Sharon

    TWeeted giveaway

  211. bitt

    hmmm, my holidays are pretty simple the past few years. don’t get or give many presents, don’t go to many parties and i never host any around the holidays. i am a bore I know.

    i would like to try the brownies out of sweet freedom!

  212. Rachel

    Babka is one of my favorite desserts ever! If I can make that gluten-free, I am so up for it!

  213. Rachel

    I shared this on facebook.

  214. stephanie ewals

    Shared on facebook and we are simplifying Christmas by not putting out all the stuff we have stored in our basement. Just the tree and stockings are up. Every year my kids give up a gift to donate the money that would have gone to buy the gifts and we donate it to a good cause. This year it is my Aunt and Uncle who are dealing with medical problems and need the money. Have a great Holiday!!

  215. Amy

    Wow…look at the texture on this bread! Can’t wait to taste it!

    My son (the GF person in our family) can’t wait for me to make g-free almond toffee bars. I have to admit that I’m looking forward to them, also!

  216. Amy

    Just shared this post on facebook. My friends are being inundated with great gluten-free recipes! haha

  217. Shannon Brown

    I would love to have all three of these books. The Spunky Coconut book was already on my list of things to buy but I’d happily take all three. As for something new to try gluten-free, I’m either going to try making my first batch of chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes. I’ve made other things but still haven’t tried these.

  218. Shannon Brown

    I also shared it on my personal Facebook page.

  219. Nicole

    I am trying a new pumpkin pie recipe that is gluten free and vegan, made with coconut milk. I tested it out on some non-allergy friends and they agreed it was delicious!

  220. Carissa

    We are simplifying Christmas this year by doing a fun gift exchange!

  221. Carissa

    Shared on Facebook

  222. tanya ci

    Posted link on FB!

  223. tanya ci

    I think Christmas will be slightly less simlpe as I might just have to attempt this bread. I am just learning to be braver with the GF baking and am really moving away from mixes. This looks yummy and my family loves their chocolate!

  224. tanya ci

    Tweeted the post> @hopalong15

  225. Seeks

    I am cutting back on who I feel obligated to buy presents for. And on how many presents to get. Instead, our family is asking for more quality time. 🙂

  226. connie

    I can’t wait to try several recipes. Two I intend to try soon are Elana’s carrot cake and chocolate cake. I am new at gf so I am trying to get as much info and ideas as I can. Thank you for sharing all you do.

  227. Kate

    I will make sure to sleep!

  228. Lori R

    This bread looks as if a poticia and a panettone got married, both of which I love. I have gone gluten free about 2 years ago and refined sugar free about 15 years ago. I will “tweak” this recipe to better suit my needs but thanks for so much for the big head start.

  229. alisa joy

    oh my goodness, babka? there is freedom in going gluten-free!

    this year i’m making gluten-free banket. which is the traditional dutch pastry of my childhood. i can’t wait!

  230. Stephanie

    This year we’re simplifying by going away! We’re not doing gifts – our holiday away and the time we spend together will be our gift. 🙂

  231. Stephanie

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  232. Stephanie

    And tweeted, too! 😀

  233. Halina

    Posted on FB! Love the babka 🙂 Just like the one in Seinfeld’s episode …

  234. Christie

    I have simplified the holidays by not doing the advent calendar for the boys. It’s a cool advent calendar, that I can fill with my own goodies or other trinkets. But it’s time consuming, and requires a fair amount of creativity to keep the boys interested (and keep them from fighting). So, we’re skipping it this year. 🙂

  235. Gina L.

    The Chocolate Babka recipe looks AMAZING! I will be trying that one!

  236. Gina L.

    I shared this contest on Facebook!

  237. Linda S.

    This looks amazing! Thanks so much for sharing with us! 🙂 Yum!

  238. Linda S.

    I shared on facebook.

  239. Marykay

    I am sure I will be trying many new gluten free recipes this year as this is our first holiday season being GF. The one I will be trying first is the gingerbread cutout from Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen which i will be making this weekend 🙂

  240. Marykay

    I also FaceBooked this giveaway

  241. Amanda

    We are making own cards and gifts this year to simplify things – I’ve been working on a batch of limoncello for about six months! Thank you for the great recipe!

  242. Colleen Mitchell

    I am working on perfecting my gluten free shortbread recipe this year!!!!

  243. Christine B

    This is my first holiday corn free (second gluten free) so almost all the recipes are new this year, or at least modified. Still trying to figure out how to bake w/o xanthan gum and baking powder since the normal subs (guar gum and baking soda/cream of tartar) don’t seem to work well for me. My best success thus far has been sugar cookies, and this is the first year I’ve attempted those. With all the recipes highlighted for Home for the Holidays, it definitely won’t be my only newly attempted recipe.

  244. Shelly R

    I am trying this recipe ( for my gluten eating family 🙂 ) and your grain free cinnamon rolls for me! 😉

  245. Shelly R

    I shared on FB!

  246. Shelly R

    I tweeted! @hoopyscoopsmom

  247. Anna

    Looks SO good, but I can’t have yeast! I’ll pass it along though

  248. Arielle

    This looks delicious, I think I’ll bring it to the in-laws this Christmas! This is my boyfriend and my first Christmas together and I’m simplifying by hand-making all the decorations and cards. Although there is definitely less decorations than I am used to, they are all so special and will always remind me of this first year of bliss 😀

  249. Jana S

    My holidays have been forced to be simplified because a couple of weeks ago I found out I have candida(yeast overgrowth). I have been gluten free for over a year(because of celiac) and then two months ago found out I am allergic to casein and whey so no dairy. Then with the candida, I can’t have any yeast or sugar. To top all this pleasantry, I am 9 weeks pregnant. I can’t be treated for the candida until after I have the baby. I have to get very creative with my constant eating and new cravings. For gifts this year, instead of giving each other gifts, we are purchasing things from and to provide food(goats, chickens and pigs) and necessities to those in desperate need in other parts of the world.

  250. Julia

    Chocolate and bread…two of my favorite things together! Yum. I am trying to simplify things this year by making most of my gifts.

  251. Liliane

    We are simplifying the season by concentrating more on Christ and less on the craziness of the season! I will be attempting most of the recipes I have seen this week. This one looks soooo yummy!

  252. Stephanie Moschel

    This looks great! Wish we could have it – but there are no eggs in our world. We are going to try Lexie’s Chocolate Pomegranate Clusters though – I think it will be a new favorite!! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  253. Cara

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve always wanted to check out Kelly’s book. As for new gluten-free recipes to try, I actually just bookmarked a bunch from Sweet Vegan. Ricki sure knows her cookies!

  254. monica connell

    I am going to try to make red velvet crinkle cookies gluten free of course! But the Babka above looks awesome. Do not have access to much gluten free here so it has to be homemade!

  255. debra z

    I’d like to try an apple rhubarb pie this Christmas instead of our usual apple streusel pie. I’ve been thinking non-stop about rhubarb lately so just want to get that craving out of my head! 🙂

  256. Josie

    Thanks for sharing your Babka bread recipe – I’d never seen this type of bread before and it looks wonderful.

    This year I’m looking forward to trying a gluten-free vegetarian lentil loaf to serve for the meatless and wheatless at my Christmas dinner.

  257. Jennifer Kopina

    Shared on Facebook….thanks for these recipes!

  258. Joey

    Have my GF dressing in the freezer already, and am making some awesome dinner rolls with a recipe I first tried at Thanksgiving…….found on website called The Art of Gluten Free Baking……..great recipe, Jeanne!

  259. Michelle Crooker


  260. tessa

    I am simplifying the holidays by making Christmas presents instead of buying them. 🙂 Thanks for this recipe, it looks delicious!

  261. Krista

    I’m trying to find the perfect flourless chocolate cake recipe for Christmas eve… there’s so many different ones!

  262. Janis

    I think the new gf recipe I am going to try is this one! It looks wonderful.

  263. Janis

    I shared this on facebook

  264. Mary

    Wow, this is beautiful and inspiring, Brittany! To think we can actually have a sweet bread like this – gluten free – is a Christmas gift in itself. Thanks for sharing! I will be trying this soon….maybe adding a walnut Potica filling that the kids have urged me to bring back on the holiday’s…now I can. You definitely have a gift in baking to be able to create this!

  265. Fiona

    I think my next gluten free baking attempt will be bread rolls or a bagel.

  266. Kimberly

    Shared on Twitter! Love your blog. I am making the holidays simpler by wrapping gifts in cloth or other reuseable materials. 🙂

  267. Lavina

    My next gluten free attempt will be buns or rolls.

  268. Jo

    Wow! I can’t wait to try this.

  269. Jess K

    I will be doing a grain free almond cake with maple buttercream frosting. Can’t wait. Not really a Christmas kind of recipe but definitely a fall-ish/harvesty thing. Yum!

  270. Jess K

    I shared it on FB too! I will have to go out and buy rice flour to try this. Maybe after Christmas.

  271. Kelly

    I had great plans of simplifying, but as I start to look around me, its just as complicated as every other year in recent history. I will be making a gluten free ginger bread house using a recipe from Pamela’s Products. I am tempted now to try your Babka Bread, though!!

  272. Kelly

    Shared on facebook.

  273. Jenny Erb

    I’ve been craving the pomegranate clusters from yesterday and already bought the ingredients to make them tonight!

    I’ve also been swooning over these books for a while now and would love to win one!! Thanks for hosting

  274. Suzy Heller

    How am I making the Holidays simpler? Hard to do…but I’m trying. We are only going to make one turkey and not stuff it (so my son can eat it)…I am letting the kids only pick out 1 pie each for me to make, that they want to eat (not making 6 extra/different kinds) But I am going to go a little crazy on the cookies…well, because I don’t have any one else in the family bring cookies (it’s too hard on the kids with food allergies and then remind people not to touch it if they haven’t washed their hands or to eat what they touch and not pick). But cookies are fun and easy to make and little hands love to help and decorate. Now if I could just make planning my childrens holiday parties at school easier and divide my self so I can be in two seperate places at the same time…it would be all good. Can’t wait to try the Babka.

  275. dori

    We are doing a family Christmas trip the week before Christmas, so when Christmas rolls around I can really, for probably the first time, focus on Jesus birth without distractions! Also gonna give a Christmas party for a girls group home in town…sharing His love…no tree, no presents, no special baking; who knows? This may become our new tradition!

  276. Sarah Louise

    My way of simplifying the holidays comes in the form of ordering a book and dvd for each of my 5 family members, and then being done shopping for the year!

    The best book I have bought so far is *Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the secret changes in your food* by Andrew Kimbrall from the Center for Food Safety.

  277. Michelle Lippe

    Chocolate Bubka, mmmmm “A better Bubka, I think not!” ~ Jerry Seinfeld eat your heart out!

  278. Amanda

    Simplyfing? Not sure that’s going to happen! It’s our first year (my mom and me) being gluten free, and my first year attending grad school in another state, and my sister’s first year teaching English in Japan, and my brother’s first year in college…I don’t see anything simple about it! Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house was completely gluten free (except for pumpkin pie, and we brought our own pumpkin cheesecake which was delicious!), so hopefully Christmas can be equally nice and hassle-free!

  279. Chelsea Gronick

    Im simplifying this year by having a Whole Foods hot buffet christmas dinner, since we will be moving during the holidays!

  280. Simon

    We are simplifying the holidays by doing a buffet-styled dinner instead of a full-course meal, and by cutting on the number of recipes made. Still looking forward to do vegetarian/GF recipes though 🙂

  281. kim c

    this looks delicious. can’t wait to try it!

  282. Brandae

    We are not traveling at all on Christmas Day. With me very pregnant and four little boys who need some quality time with us not rushing around, it will be much appreciated to just BE and ENJOY Christ’s birthday as a family.

  283. Sharon

    I really want to tackle GF baklava this christmas. It was always my favorite!

    1. Claire

      Do you have a good recipe? I’d love to try making it some day!! I’ve never attempted making my own ever.

  284. Melissa C.

    I am trying to simplify my Christmas this year by trying to get my shopping and baking done ahead of time and not waiting until the last minute.

  285. Arlee

    This recipe looks so good! And I love Kelly’s recipes so her cookbook is a good giveaway =) I am trying to simplyfy my holidays by not stressing and having other family members help with the Christmas cooking.

  286. Arlee

    I shared this on my FB page =)

  287. Brittany Turulski

    Thanks for the giveaway! The only thing I am doing to simplify Christmas is to stay home and have everyone come to me this year. We have 4 kids so that is much easier then packing everyone in the car to go to several different houses!

  288. Jessy

    I’m gonna try almond flour cookies! I’ll be simplifying this year’s holidays by not stressing about gifts.

  289. Deanna

    My mouth is watering – I will DEFINITELY be trying this for Christmas Day breakfast!!! I’m sure it’s also FAR healthier than the Monkey Bread I normally make…and also GF for me!!! 😀

    1. Deanna

      DOH!! I forgot to share my simplification – I’m baking a lot fewer batches of cookies, since we’re all (in our house) trying to lose weight. I’m going to try to make GF Mexican Wedding Cakes – they’re my favorite cookies, my grandma made them for me. I’ll let you know how they go (and share the recipe) once I’ve tested them out! 😀 I’ll also be making THIS recipe too….

  290. Deanna

    Shared on Facebook!!! 😀

  291. sandra guetthoff

    Oh you just made my day with the babka recipe…
    We will spend our Christmas holiday remembering the REAL REASON for the Season..Quieitly & peaceful……

  292. Susan

    Staying home this Christmas, with our 50th Anniversary later in the week.

  293. helga

    very simple this year….we are moving over Christmas, too much fun!

  294. Rebekah S

    Yummy! Will have to try this with some sweetener modifications.

  295. Heather

    I will simplify the holidays by cutting out dairy and sugar. Having to keep gluten until I get more testing.

  296. H.

    Wow. Your gluten free Babka recipe is making me cry. I was just, at Thanksgiving, trying to explain Babka to the group of people we were dining with (almost every one of whom went gluten free in the last six months). We only see these people once a year, and I’m the only Jewish gal, and they kept mentally veering toward Baklava — which isn’t the same thing at all. I think I decided mentally that it didn’t matter; it wasn’t like I would ever eat Babka again — which was a very sad thought. So here, after finding you through Elana’s Pantry, I find Babka. It’s such a lovely thing to make and to just have around to have with a pot of tea. I can’t thank you enough for spending your heart and Soul creative and physical energy to make it. I’m making Babka for the holydays! I guess I’m teary because my Inner Child feels so much less deprived right now! Something delicious and meaningful to me that is now healthful too. Oh, and we’re simplifying our lives generally — focusing on the spiritual, the creative and the loving (and eliminating the meaningless as much as possible) including home-baked goods, and connection. Thanks again. Bl?ssings to you and yours.

  297. Heather

    Just posted on fb.

  298. Claire

    We are going to Vienna as our big Christmas trip, and then just doing small meaningful gifts. I’m drawing some portraits for Christmas gifts to save money. 🙂 It’s more fun too!

  299. Claire

    I shared this on Facebook!

  300. H.

    Just tweeted about you! @DimSumKitty H. Raven Rose: I miss cinnamon (or chocolate) B?bka so much I cried 2 find this #gf #glutenfree version ???… You’ve gotta check it out!

  301. Claire

    I stumbled this! 🙂

  302. ingrid

    just liked your site and will share this post on fb after leaving a comment. i am looking forward to trying a bunch of your recipes–however, i will have to figure out how to substitute the egg in the receipes since unfortunately, in addition to being allergic to gluten and dairy, i am also allergic to eggs! happy holidays!

  303. Christine @ Appalachian Woman

    I am simplifying for the holidays this year by not traveling and staying HOME. It is a sacrifice to spend the time away from my family, but there will be plenty of love in our house for the holidays along with a ton of good food.

  304. Jaime

    We just started a gfcfsf diet for our 8 year old this week so I will be making lots of new recipes this year!

  305. Michelle

    I know I will be making this Babka for the holidays…pre-gluten free I was addicted to Green’s Babka from Brooklyn and this looks like it may be as good or better. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

  306. Amy

    * shared on Facebook
    I am keeping things simple this year by not overcommitting myself to too much Christmas “busyness” and enjoying the true meaning of Christmas & my family. I haven’t decided what new recipe to try yet, but I am making a tried & true GFCF gingerbread cookie recipe for my son and his classmates.

  307. Shelby

    We try to simplify by keeping our focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and on our family, rather than the commercialization of the season. We keep our gifts reasonable, but meaningful, we make crafts together, we spend time snuggling, and of course, we enjoy yummy, healthy food!

  308. Diedre Weaver

    i shared on Facebook!!!!!! would love to win never have won!!!

  309. heather

    We are staying home and just spending time together, without all the distractions of school and sports….lots of family dinners and baking

  310. karey gennarelli

    I was frantic about the holidays coming up since I just found out that my son has celic and is sensitive to dairy and egg.I also have been having health problems so our ND put me on a no milk no egg gluten diet..But my whole world has seem to become simpler since I found you on Facebook.Knowing I can make meal that my son will eat and want made my job so much easier..I look forward to being able to buy your books..So my holidays became simplified by YOU..thank you Karey mom of 4

  311. Laura

    I’m currently searching for a gluten free cookie recipe that will wow everyone! There are plenty of options out there, so I guess I just need to get baking =)

  312. Laura

    Shared on fb!

  313. Andrew

    We’ll be simplifying this year by not traveling.

  314. Andrew

    Shared this on facebook.

  315. stacy Cimino

    Trying to just slow things down 🙂

  316. Lorraine

    I will be making this Babka cake and also Elana’s Pantry Gingerbread Apple crisp recipes this weekend. I am hoping to have all my menu items tested and prepared ahead as much as possible in order to simplify Christmas Evening and Day.

  317. Rebecca Reilly

    Loved this post..Your books look wonderful as do all your food pictures. I posted on my FB wall.. Merry Christmas or whatever your choice is this season…..and a very Happy New Year..

  318. nicky quinby

    I shared this on Facebook! 🙂 Thank you for experimenting in the kitchen so we can all benefit.

  319. Chrystal in Canada

    Oh this recipe looks lovely. Thank you for the creation of it.
    In simplifying for this Hanukkah/Christmas, I am simply not getting wrapped in the hype. I didn’t last year either, and boy, what a difference! And the key to all this, is praying that God would bless and guide our celebration times, and for His presence!

  320. Mary

    I can’t wait to try your babka recipe! It looks divine! I’ll come up with a vegan version, and if it works out well, I will report back and let you know!

    I will simplify this year by making everything ahead of time and bringing it with us. That way, we will have all our safe, gluten free, soy free, peanut free, dairy free, egg free foods ready to go, without having to worry! That will give us lots of time to play with my little niece!

  321. Pauline Kuehn

    Shared on Facebook!!!

    When I found out I was gluten intolerant I thought my world was coming down around my ears. I had NO IDEA where to start. Then I found this site and you have given me my appetite back!!! Thank you!!!

  322. Richa@HobbyandMore

    its too close to the holidays to simplify anymore:) but i will be sending out some of my vegan cookies as a dry mix, so my non vegan friends and family can try and be a bit inspired to choose a little vegan this season. lovely babka!

  323. Jenny Nicholson

    One new recipe I’ll be trying the Gingersnap cookie recipe on Elana’s Pantry.

  324. Rebecca

    Simplified, No traveling during the holidays; stay home and enjoy the holiday in my own house.

    That looks amazing!

  325. Debra Soderman

    What great Holiday recipes! I posted the site on Facebook!!

  326. Rachel

    I’m trying to bake less cookies this year so I can save some money and calories!

  327. Rachel

    I also just tweeted this post!

  328. Joy

    I’m planning on making something chocolatey with cinnamon for Christmas. This babka looks like the winner on my list! Thanks for sharing it with us so we may share it with others!

  329. Karen

    This looks divine! I am excited to have so many new options for my first gluten-free holiday season! I have been trying out many new recipes and plan to try out the grain free cinamon rolls this season 🙂

  330. Diane

    We simplify by focusing on the light of the season: how can we bring more light into the world as a result of our actions? Helps keep the focus on giving and being grateful for what we receive.

  331. Vicki

    With half of our household GF and a full time job for the first time in years, this holiday season is all about simplifying. I am bypassing all the extras that I usually do and make in exchange for more family time. So far, so good.

  332. Jennifer

    We always keep the holiday season simple at my house. We don’t purchase presents, we just enjoy each other’s company and some delicious food! It’s so much easier and less stressful for everyone all around.

  333. Molly

    Thank you for this recipe! it looks amazing! It makes me want to try making “potica”, my holiday favorite…which looks similar. I will be simplifying by cutting out the processing of my recipes and trying to use as much real and whole food as possible! wish me luck!

  334. tanya

    simplifying means staying home and enjoying God’s blessings!

  335. Jennifer (@gfadvocate)

    oh, my my my my ….that looks lovely, incredible. Wow! And what a special site you have too. I look forward to looking though more of it!

  336. Meghan W.

    We are just slowing down in general this year and not doing much so we can enjoy what the season is all about. Plus trying to get rid of the gluten come this holiday season means I’m going to try and make my mom’s shortbread recipe gluten-free.

  337. Jennifer (@gfadvocate)

    oh, i shared this on my FB page!

  338. Jennifer (@gfadvocate)

    posted on my PERSONAL page

  339. Jennifer (@gfadvocate)

    and I tweeted this! thanks for being part of this!

  340. Mary Wikle

    I would love to try the babka bread recipe, it sounds wonderful!

  341. Ellen

    I wish I wasn’t simplifying the holidays this year. I love the chaos, the cooking, and the cookies. Unfortunately I’m on a strict meat and vegetable diet for the time-being due to health issues, so this year I will be keeping things simple by default!

  342. Amber C

    I really enjoy your posts and can’t wait to try some of your recipes! I think I will start with the Babka. I’ve never had Babka, but this looks AMAZING and I LOVE CINNAMON! This year we are simplifying the holidays by sending out family pictures as gifts instead of buying gifts for my side of the family. We also just bought a house near my husband’s family so it will decrease our driving from a 300 mile round trip to about a 150 mile round trip instead. Yay for simplifying!! Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing your recipes! I already shared this post on FB. 🙂

  343. Amber C

    Now I see that you wanted a separate comment telling you that I shared on FB. I can follow instructions. I shared on FB. 🙂

  344. robyn

    oooh, i’ve been wanting one of kelly’s books! we’re really just slowing down this year, much simpler christmas…only three gifts and lots of handmade lovelies for friends and family!

  345. robyn
  346. Anna

    Yumm! My new gluten-free Christmas recipe is going to be lemon squares. I’ve always loved the ones my mom’s made, so now I’m going to adapt it to my own. Thanks for the post!

  347. AJ

    I will be trying this recipe! It looks so good. Thanks for sharing it and Happy Holidays.

  348. Andi

    I am lucky enough to take my little family to visit with my parents – and have a gluten-free dinner! I’d love to try this yummy bread to take with us… just too delish!

  349. Andi

    I shared on facebook – it’s just too yummy not to share!

  350. Carol

    I know you have only used garbonzo bean flour however my daughter is highly allergic (and the reason we are gf) could we make a flour out of another bean and sub it? If so what bean would work best? We are so new in this world and finding more and more allergies as we take this wild ride of food interolerance and allergies
    When the holiday season and work schedule slows down I want to try this as it looks soo yummy

  351. Antoinette

    This year I want to make a GF dessert that will surprise my extended family at our holiday gatherings. I’m the only GF person and they generally feel sorry for me, but I want to show them that being GF can be absolutely delicious and fun. I’m excited about this holiday challenge with all these recipes. I’m going to really surprise them!

  352. Chrissy

    Eeckkkkk … definitely not simplifying the holidays. I LOVE this time of year and I don’t mind being crazy busy for it! As for what gluten free recipes I’ll be trying, since this is our first year being gluten free, I’ll be trying to make my favorite cinnamon roll recipe gluten free. Fingers crossed they turn out!

  353. Janine

    i shared on FB!

  354. Sarah M

    This will be our first gluten-free, dairy-free Christmas, but after our first Thanksgiving I want to simplify by creating a menu that keeps us from cooking all day long! Either make more stuff the day before or just recipes that don’t require standing over the stove all day. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your recipe, it looks AMAZING!

  355. Sarah M

    Shared to facebook 🙂

  356. Laura

    Thanks for a fabulous looking recipe. By the way, the chickpea is also called garbanzo, not garbonzo.

  357. alli

    Sounds awesome

  358. Teslaca

    I’ve made the holiday baking a tad easier this year by getting together with a couple of friends and making a day of it. It’s more fun and we can make a lot more stuff in a day and then we just divvy it up and freeze most of it.

  359. Dawn-Marie Valdron

    I will likely try the cinnamon &chocolate babka recipe with an egg replacer.

  360. domestic diva

    We’re simplifying by making homemade gifts instead of buying them.

  361. Dionne R

    Oops, missed the deadline but I shared on facebook anyway. Yum! I can’t wait to try this one!

  362. Susan Jonell Roragen

    Boiled Spiced Apple Dumplings look super good. I think I HAVE to try these!

  363. jessica

    Simplified by doing most shopping online and wrapping as I go so its not all last minute. Which will give me time to try some baking this year, I haven’t had much practice since going gluten free 5 months ago.

  364. Sheila

    I’m not hosting Christmas dinner this year, my sister is, so my holiday will be much simpler!

  365. Elisabeth

    Wow, this bread looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us, can’t wait to try it!!!

  366. Kim

    Shared on FB

  367. Captain Momma

    We are cutting back this year. Few presents, not going all out on food and stuff and just realxing at home with our wee family 🙂

    This sounds like an amazing giveaway! Any of the books would be welcome editions to our home.I need to make some cinnamon buns for the kids to enjoy 🙂


  368. Karin Goodman

    Would love to win any of these cookbooks.

  369. alli

    I am terribly, super allergic to rice and I have no idea what to substitute in your recipe for the refined white rice flour that would create just as pleasing cake texture, taste, mouthfeel, and rise in this Babka..

    Can you please recommend another GF flour (can’t be corn tho, have allergies) that you are sure will be just as great tasting and great looking…?

    Also any good egg replacer suggestions for this Babka ( have allergies…) would also be much appreciated! Thanks!! ~alli

  370. Angie Halten

    I am drooling! I can’t wait to try this one out this weekend.

  371. Micki

    We will be staying home and also doing a grab-bag gift exchange this year with my brothers and sisters; the nieces and nephews numbers have grown substantially in the last 2 years!

    I have been following you on FB for awhile now and love your posts. Although the give-away is over, I wanted to say thank you for helping with the GF transition in my life.

  372. Micki

    Oh, and for good measure, I still tweeted this post. 🙂

  373. Shaina

    This looks so good! We are simplifying our holidays this year by focusing less on presents and more on just spending time with family and friends!

  374. Amajjika

    The way my holidays will be simplified is to let the produce at the local organic farmers market dictate my menu. But this recipe will definitely be the one thing I plan for! I can’t wait to try it and get creative with other fillings! Thanks for sharing!

  375. Erin

    This bread is amazing and super easy to make! I made it for a brunch party that I had today and it was a total hit!! Very tasty!!

  376. liz

    wonder if i can use tapioca flour or arrowroot in place of rice flour? i’m not doing grains. has anyone tried this yet? i love the looks of this babka!

  377. Reyna

    Hi, it looks so yummy! I am dying to try a babka. Do you think is there some way I can use my bread machine for this bread? And how can I just make this just with cinnamon and not chocolate? Thanks a lot

  378. Margaret

    This looks delicious and I am going to make it. I’ve got about 6 or 7 different kinds of flour but not Garbanzo Bean flour. Go figure. Is there another flour that I can substitute for the Garbanzo Bean that would work equally well? I’m running out of pantry space and would prefer not to have to buy yet another GF flour.. if possible! 🙂

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