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  1. Dawn

    Brittany~ These sound absolutely fabulous, in fact, so much so that I think I may just have to make some this weekend! Thank you for giving me a new receipe to look forward to – love your blog!!!

    1. Dawn

      I did make these this weekend, and they turned out FABULOUS!! I had a hard time finding the Almond flour, so ended up making my own from the blanched slivered almonds I bought at Whole Foods – my sister, nephew and Mom tried them and all said they were GREAT! Next time I may try adding a bit of maple extract, just to see if I get a more “maple-y” flavor to the batter. It reminded me of a short-bread cookie – loved the blueberries in them though!!! YUM! Thank you for giving me a terrific recipe!!!

  2. Moriah

    Thank you for all your amazing recipes!!! My very picky 15 y/o daughter has loved everything I’ve made from your site – and this is saying A LOT for she doesn’t like much. Thank you for making us happy and healthy 🙂

  3. Katharine

    You’re killing me! (actually, quite the opposite – you’re helping me be healthy!). BUT, I was addicted to your chocolate chunk cookie… then I FINALLY made myself try the peanut butter cookies to bring some variety into my life, and now I’m obsessed with those. And now THIS comes along, which sounds like the most perfect low-sugar accompaniment to my morning coffee. I guess it’ll be cookies all day long for the near future!!

  4. Lou Anaya

    I have a quick question for you.
    I am on a very strict vegan diet although occasionally I can cheat and have something I crave
    Your recipes sound so delicious but my diet restricts gluten, dairy,eggs, sugar, oils of any type can
    You help me come up with a recipe for pancakes or cookies that don’t use oil or sugar???
    I have a medical condition that it is imperative to avoid all of the above items.
    Thank you,

  5. Jenn @ Dishrag Diaries

    These are AMAZE. My hubby is in love with them. You need to add a picture so I can pin this! 😉

    1. Jenn @ Dishrag Diaries

      Hm, there must have been something weird with my browser, I can now see the formatted page with the picture. Yay!

  6. Caia

    These are excellent! Even better than the salted caramel brownies! I can’t believe how much they really taste like BB pancakes – I used fresh berries. YUM! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Suzanne

    Just want to say these are AMAZING!!! Might even put chocolate chips maybe nuts to next time. Not sure if that would go with blueberry’s but you never no:) Thanks so much.

  8. Heather

    My husband LOVES the original recipe so I added a Valentine’s Day twist by using dried cherries that I had dehydrated this summer when cherries were fresh and a little red food coloring to make the dough pink! Lastly, I added 3 Tbs of organic unsweetened applesauce to make the dough more cohesive. Thanks!

  9. Katharine

    I finally made these and honestly can’t believe how good they taste. Is it possible I like them more than the chocolate chunk cookies? I used the freeze dried blueberries from nuts.com and they got a little chewy in the oven – fabulous! It’s my first time to try Joseph’s syrup, and the flavor in these is fantastic. I used erythritol, too, and they taste so sweet! I can’t believe they are sugar free! (minus the blueberries). 2 quick questions – (1) where do you land on the omega-6 overload/almond flour concerns that float around? Almond flour is perfect on my blood sugar so I rely on it…a lot…. but would love to know your take. Also – I couldn’t find any recipes with coconut flour when I tried to glance through your recipes. No problem if you don’t use it, but just thought I’d ask in case I missed them while glancing through. Thanks for all your hard work!! It is so amazing to be able to eat great treats everyday.

  10. Katharine

    You are so kind to respond, thank you! That helps me feel better about my almond flour consumption because I, too, take a good dose of fish oil daily. And goodness I certainly don’t want any coconut flour & egg recipes from you since they aren’t good for you! Just wondered. Everything I’ve made of yours (I tend towards the almond flour/erythritol combo recipes) is fantastic. Any plans for another cookbook? I have your gluten free baking guides but would love your more grain free/sugar free recipes in a book! 🙂

  11. Mary

    I’m so glad to see someone taking effort to find good recipes for people with different food allergies or intolerances. So first of all, thank you! Second of all, I found something I wanted to point out. Almost all nuts have both sugars and starch in them and this would mean any recipe with nuts are not actually sugar and starch free, including this one. I cannot digest sucrose or starch, so I realize how difficult it is to make good foods following strict rules. However, I will continue to search this website in hopes of finding recipes I can use! Thank you!

  12. Marianela

    I am making these right now (for breakfast in the morning!!!) and they smell delicious! We learned a few months back that our son is allergic to all grains, and I want you to know that your website is my go-to for all baked goods. I have tried a lot of other websites and the recipes just don’t even come close to yours. You get into the “art” of baking with these very different items and have figured out how to make them taste like the real thing. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into this website. You have made this mom go from crying in the kitchen to being excited to bake again!

  13. Monique

    I’ve just started on a no starch diet recently to control my ankylosing spondylitis and finding truly no starch recipes has been challenging to say the least – so thank you for all of the starch free recipes!! These cookies were my first attempt at using almond flour and they are amazing!!! After a month of no baked goodies or anything sweet besides fruit, that first bite was like a slice of heaven!! Truly. I just might survive kicking the starch to the curb. I can’t wait to try the rest of your starch free recipes.

  14. Danna

    Brittany ~ thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes. I recently made these blueberry pancake cookies and they are super yummy! My only complaint is when I store them in a sealed bag or container, they get soggy. I love the flavor but prefer the consistency of them when they are out of the oven – almost crispy on the bottom and dryer. Any thoughts on storing these so that they better retain their consistency? Thanks!

  15. Leanne

    I’m gluten free and my youngest son has a severe tree nut allergy. Any suggestions of something to use instead of Almond flour? I’m so worried about killing him (his allergy is fatal) that I haven’t really done any gluten free baking since most recipes call for some sort of (tree) nut flour.

  16. Tabitha

    So yummy. I didn’t have any butter so I used half bacon fat and half Spectrum shortening. It worked and made them taste more breakfast-y! No need to go out during an ice storm. Yeah! Thanks so much for your recipes.

    @Leanne- Can he tolerate sunflower seeds? You can make flour in your food processor to replace the almond flour. Then when you make cookies put the nut flour in first and pulse it again some more to get it finer. Your cookies won’t have the fine crumb, but will still be yummy.

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