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  1. Sara Marie

    hi, I came across this recipe and am particularly interested in the cashew frosting, but I can’t seem to find it on the page! could I possibly convince you to send it to me or re-post it? thanks so much 🙂 would love to try it

  2. Steph C.

    Hello, I cannot find the recipe either, and would loove to have it, b/c we grow some concord grapes! It doesn’t seem as if it is 1 of your exclusive club ones, b/c there is a link to the recipe right there. Then you click on it, it brings right back to this page. Please re-post!!
    Also, please show some more sample recipes so I can tell how many of your “club” recipes I would be able to use! Thanks

  3. Jen

    Would love this recipe. I’m really interested in the cashew frosting, sounds delicious

  4. Susi LeMaire

    Every time I click on the recipe link it brings me back to this page. Is there a link to the recipe somewhere else? Thanks!

  5. Alexandra Savage

    cant open this recipe either 🙁

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