Gluten and Dairy Free? WHY?

Gluten and Dairy Free? WHY?

Gluten and Dairy free you may ask me? Why would you do that to yourself?

My story is simple.

For years I struggled (more and more as I aged) with Digestive issues. I felt confused and frustrated as I have been extremely health conscious for many years now. Why when I was eating whole grains and organic fat free yogurt did I find myself feeling like dirt. IBS the doctors told me. Yet they couldn't tell me what to do about it. "Increase your fiber" this was almost comical- I already LIVED on fiber.

This past February I hit a wall. I was in and out of the ER with heartburn and Abdominal pain, that existed after and in between every meal. Not to mention the nagging post nasal drip, headaches, muscle aches, and EXHAUSTION. I fired my Dr and found a Holistic MD. On my first visit she handed me a giant packet titled the Elimination Diet. The Elimination Diet requires one to remove common allergens (Dairy, Soy, Gluten, Eggs, Nuts and Corn) from your diet for a months time and then re-introduce them back one at a time to pinpoint exactly what your body doesn't like or want. I starred at this packet for a month- in complete denial that I might have a food intolerance. As blood tests,cat scans and x rays came back normal- I finally gave in and I did it. Sure enough I learned that Gluten And Dairy were not the friend I once thought.

My husband being the great supporter that he is went Gluten and Dairy free with me. Might I mention that he has never experienced a digestive issue beyond a stomach bug in his life. Within a weak to our surprise- His seasonal allergies and Asthma that haunted him were gone. Knee and Joint pain he had lived with for years was GONE. Eye tension pain- GONE. His energy levels went through the roof. He is a runner and he noted that his stamina improved dramatically.

I shared this info with several close friends that also struggle with allergies- they went Gluten/Dairy free and had the SAME results. So today I write this hoping to share it with you- and IMPROVE YOUR LIFE :) In posts to come I will give shopping list, Do reviews of gluten and dairy free products on the market, post informative articles and share recipes that will give you REAL sustenance. Food that will contribute to your well being rather than take from it.

Here's to BETTER health and enjoying what we eat!


Brittany Angell

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  1. Teresa

    I need to start a Gluten/Dairy free diet. I have environmental allergies that I have been getting shots for regularly, and I still get every cold/flu/sinus infection in circulation. I have arthritis in just about every joint in my body. I have IBS, depression and anxiety. I am 35 years old and falling apart quickly. So I've decided to try changing my diet before I start replacing my joints. I have been on various diets through out my life, as most women have. However, my go-to-foods have always been whole wheat and diary. I am having a hard time picturing how this diet will fit into my life in order for me to stick to it. I am not a cook or a baker. When not "dieting," my diet consists of take out or delivery. Thank you for your webpage. It gives me the encouragement that I need. Here's hopin' for a miracle. :)

    1. CB

      Good for you, Teresa! You can do this! Do lots of research online and learn one thing at a time. You are investing in the rest of your life and you are SO worth it. Not everyone is willing to do what you are attempting. Stick with it. There are many resources out there that prove there is a LOT to eat/enjoy even without gluten and dairy. Dream about what the new you will be like once you relieve your body of these burdens!

  2. Patty

    What would be a good substitute for organic evaporated cane juice in a cake mix

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