Fruit Flavored Cool Whip (Dairy & Soy Free)

Fruit Flavored Cool Whip (Dairy & Soy Free)

Fruit Flavored Cool Whip

Sure, I enjoy making pretty much everything from scratch. But sometimes its nice to be able to just grab something to make without measuring anything, chopping, or doing this and that.

I made this "cool whip" the day after thanksgiving. I was craving something sweet and I happened to have two ingredients in my kitchen that I figured I would throw together - I was more curious than anything.

Fruit Flavored Cool Whip

Healthy Top Whipping Cream

and a box of

Fruit Flavored Cool Whip

Simply Delish Natural Jel Dessert (vegan)

Now, both of these products have gums, and a few other ingredients that some like to avoid. Because they are processed, this is not something I would eat every day.. I consider it a once in a while treat. I prefer food in its natural state 99% of the time. But, this little "un-recipe" was too much fun not to share!

All I literally did was chill a box of the whipped topping in the fridge- then I scooped its contents into a bowl, and then I dumped in a box of Orange. "jello". (I have tried this also with the strawberry flavor!) I whipped for a few minutes until the whipped topping became fluffy. You will end up with about 4 cups.

The whipped topping alone is made from almonds and cashews and has a distinct flavor- its a little different than regular whipped cream. But. I like it. (you may or may not). If you can have the ingredients I say its worth a try!

Prior to making all my dietary changes, there was a time when I LOVED eating frozen cool whip. I tried freezing this, and it tastes just the same. That's honestly my favorite way to eat this!

On facebook I said this recipe was sugar free.. I screwed that up.. somehow I missed sugar on the label of the healthy top. It contains 2 grams per serving (not bad!) and the "Jello" is sweetened with xylitol!

So, there you have it. Nothing fancy.. just a fun idea 🙂


Brittany Angell

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  1. Deanna

    Ha – I was thinking it was going to be coconut milk and natural jello. So close…. So close. 🙂

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