Fermented, a four season approach to Paleo probiotic foods- Book Review

When I was a young girl my dad and I would take weekly trips to the public market. Our big purchase there would always be beets, so that we could bring them home, boil and pickle them. So naturally when I saw Jill Ciciarelli’s new cookbook, Fermented I became quite excited. As I leafed through the book I was simply amazed. From the book you can expect, a wealth of knowledge on the art of fermenting, and the history behind it and a plethora of recipes that you will love.

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Fermenting is all the rage these days..and for good reason! It played a huge role in saving my health, and putting my hashimotos disease into remission! (You can read more about that here.) I was beyond excited when I got my hands on this book as it gave me all kinds of new ideas.. Jill Ciciarelli fermented thing that I never ever dreamed could so perfectly aged.

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 I LOVE kombucha and drink it as often as I can. My habit was getting completely out of control..and burning a hole through my wallet.  So its been on my to do list to try making it on my own.. BUT I have been petrified.   Thank goodness for this book! Its SO thorough and has easy directions that I'm 100% read to give homemade kombucha a go! Best of all the flavor possibilities endless!

After fawning over the kombucha recipes, I  found the infused vinegars. This book shows you how simple it is to make vinegar and then infuse your homemade vinegar with fresh herbs, garlic and lemon zest.  Brilliant!!

Wait till you see the recipes for  fermented dairy, cocktails and meat!

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Bottom line..this book is amazing.  Eating good bacteria is essential to everyone..and if you have food intolerances or an autoimmune disease.. increasing the amount of fermented foods eat could literally change your life.

Get your hands on a copy of  this book ASAP!!!

Brittany Angell

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  1. Cindy

    I would love to see more posts on fermented foods! I’m really interested in doing more than just water kefir but I’m totally intimidated!

  2. Jess

    I have Hypo/Hashi’s and am under the impression i suffer from Candida as well….i was curious about the sugar content in Kombucha…is this something i should avoid while im trying to heal my Candida? I started drinking it about a month ago with the first two weeks giving me tons of energy…now every time i drink it i feel sluggish…could the sugar be the cause?

  3. Amy

    I’m curious about kombucha and candida as well. So so sick after drinking it. Started out that I felt bad the next day but quickly escalated to a 30 minute window of bizarre facial redness, immediate bloating, and a feeling as if I have a toxic hangover (best way to describe it) but alcohol is not in my diet. For every article I found that said it was safe I found another that said it was off limits. I’m very guilty though of relating suffering to “possibly making a break through”. I don’t always make good decisions when I’m sick and frustrated. I also want to clarify I very much believe in the healing benefits of kombucha. Yesterday it was clear I had no dog left in that fight. Thankfully I get drawn to this blog a lot. I love the honesty here and the kindness. Posters seem to support each other’s differences rather than attack. Also an issue with me when I’m sick. Way over sensitive. It’s a safe place to land. Thanks to Brittnay for providing that place. 4 things happened to me yesterday. I began getting really I’ll very quickly. This was not just because of kombucha, thankfully I was able to confront a couple issues I’d been avoiding. The next was I realized that kefir milk helped my mouth and tummy so much!!!!! I also at a very low point drank some organic fermented apple juice and was able to get out of bed and go to my daughters soccer game. I’m sure it was a backslider moment but I’d do it again. Later that day a cookbook came that I had ordered but forgot. It was filled with fermented food info and put me in touch with a local chapter that provides education, resources and support.. Although I have a great network here, and I am so grateful for it, I still had all this fear about fermented foods. Nothing’s really changed I guess and I’m really sick but yet I feel like a whole lot has changed! For the moment I am content in listening to what my body is telling me and be grateful there is such a thing as milk kefir grains. I’m not quite ready to compost my kombucha scoby’s, as I originally thought. I’m finally able to accept that a day in May does not a good kombucha relationship make but come June kombucha and I might be totally copacetic.

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