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  1. Tracey Brown

    Hi Brittany
    These look very interesting and versatile. I have a question about frying them in the oil. How much oil do I put in the pan? Do I want them covered, or only a tiny amount or the bottom third? Guidance please! Tracey

  2. Chris

    Can you make these without cheese or non-dairy cheese?
    What is the purpose of the starch and water vs. flax egg?

  3. Elizabeth Good

    I CAN have egg, but it’s nice that you figured out a way to do this sans eggs! I made latkes last year out of some low carb veggie instead of potato–turnip I think. Was delicious. This year I didn’t make anything for Chanukah, but since Chanukah is all over, will wait for next year’s winter holiday season to try something in the latke family.

  4. Christy Bills

    I’m super excited to make these! My super-novice questions – do I need to peel the parsnips first? Should I rinse them after grating? If I’m using egg, do I just mix it with the grated parsnips without further ado? Thanks!!

  5. Holly

    I just made these this morning 🙂 Only used half the cheese and real egg. Added garlic and onion powder. My husband & I enjoy the flavor and the texture is good. A little zing from the parsnips makes these unique and enjoyable. I’m going to try one later with some plain Greek yogurt and a little applesauce. Thanks for the recipe!

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