Double Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies! Paleo & Vegan (Gluten/Egg/Dairy/Nut Free)

Choc chip mint cookies

You absolutely cant go wrong with these soft baked double chocolate chip cookies with mint! PLUS best of all they are extremely allergen free- made with coconut flour and your choice of either tapioca or arrowroot starch, applesauce, the granulated sugar of your choice (Palm Sugar, Organic Cane or Even Xylitol to make them almost sugar free!)  I recommend doubling the batch and keeping a bunch in the freezer to pull out all winter long.


Brittany Angell

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  1. Sara Cobb

    Because of you not about using Hersey’s special dark,I assume you meant to write 2 Tbsp. of cocoa powder not coconut powder, right? Just checking! 🙂


  2. Laura Rupp

    Just verifying, you mean cocoa powder, right?

  3. Sara Evans

    I made 2 variations of this recipe last night. Both were super tasty, but the one’s I made with Salted Kerrygold Butter came out a way better consistency than the one’s I made with all Nutiva Palm Shortening.

    The cookies made with BUTTER, are moist, chewy and solid. The cookies made with SHORTENING came out very light and almost crumbly. For the butter, I actually didn’t even warm it up, just took it straight from the fridge and added it to my stand mixer.

    The following ingredients I used in BOTH recipes I used: Rapunzel Cocoa Powder (not as dark at Hershey’s Special Dark), homemade Almond milk, Coconut palm sugar, and only 3 drops of Peppermint oil because I was using straight essential oil (not cut with alcohol). Hope this helps the following bakers!

    Thanks for the recipe Brittany!

  4. Cassondra Castaneda

    This recipe is for the peppermint patty stuffed cookies but it always redirects to here, the chocolate mint cookies :/

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