Dairy Free Strawberry Cream Cheese (Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Egg/Nut/Seed Free) with directions to also make Sugar Free.

Dairy Free Strawberry Cream Cheese (Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Egg/Nut/Seed Free) with directions to also make Sugar Free.

Dairy Free Strawberry Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese without dairy can be found at most grocery stores these days. But, typically it contains soy. Soy, once considered a super food has now gotten a bad rap for itself. I don't really care about the debates, what I do care about is the fact that I know Soy does not make me feel well. My hormones are topsy turvy enough with this hashimoto's. I don't need to complicate my issues further. No soy for me.

You cant have soy either? Take a moment to google "Dairy Free Cream Cheese" and you will find a large number of recipes calling for various Nuts and Seeds. Again, another problem for me. Nuts are high in lectins which trigger for me not so pleasant autoimmune symptoms. That meant cream cheese was out- unless I figured out a new way to create it. It took me a few months of heavy thinking, and lots of trial and error to arrive to this recipe. Iris and I wanted to include in our books The Essential Gluten Free Baking Guides Part 1 & Part 2 several "cream cheese" recipes that could work for a large variety of people. In them will be a Cream Cheese Frosting & Basic Cream Cheese that I have not posted here.

Today I'm sharing a recipe that I thought would work glorious in all kinds of Valentine Allergy Free recipes, due of course to its awesome color and flavor. Depending how much sugar you use, it can work great as a thick frosting or can be sandwiched between two cookies.

My biggest goal is to encourage and teach each of you to navigate your allergy free kitchens with confidence. This is why I often give general directions- suggesting you adjust recipes to your own personal taste. That is the case with this recipe. Follow my basic directions and feel free to experiment.

I discovered several months ago that when coconut flakes were thrown into a coffee grinder they made a thick butter very similar to the various nut and seeds butters. That butter acts as the base for this recipe! *Note: some packages of Coconut Flakes are labeled as "reduced fat". Avoid those packages at all cost, those flakes will not grind into coconut butter."

Without further ado- I'm so excited to share the very first Coconut Based Cream Cheese recipe in the history of the world. (I think πŸ™‚ At least that I have ever seen) It has its own little unique thing going on- a little different than traditional cream cheese. But quite, wonderful in its own right. I love it!

Strawberry β€œCream Cheese”

Yield: 1/2 Cup Cream Cheese.


  • 1 1/4 Cups Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • 1/4- 1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
  • (see step 2 below to make unrefined powdered sugar)
  • 1/8 Tsp Salt
  • 3/4 Cup Strawberry Puree
  • 1 - 1 1/2 Tbs Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract


  1. Using a coffee grinder (a vitamix or blendtec should also work) process the coconut flakes into butter. You may need to stir them several times before they process fully.
  2. Next, make your own powdered sugar (or just use store bought). Select your favorite granulated sugar and process it in your coffee grinder or blender until it becomes powdered (Note: make sure to process until the sugar is no longer gritty). I recommend using a mild tasting sugar like Cane or Turbinado. Coconut and palm sugar have a caramel flavor that may not work best in this application. I tested Xylitol and was not fond of its flavor for this recipe either. (For directions to make sugar free see below)
  3. Puree Fresh or Frozen (thawed out) strawberries.
  4. Combine The Coconut Butter, Powdered Sugar, Strawberry Puree, Salt, Lemon Juice and Vanilla and mix together. (This can be done by hand or in a small food processor). At this point, give it a taste test and add additional sugar if you want it, more lemon, more salt- whatever floats your boat.
  5. Its at this point that I really like adding a pinch of Xanthan Gum (or guar) I find it adds a nice smoothness and mouthfeel. If you oppose xanthan and want the cream cheese thicker- make some more coconut butter and add a little at a time.


Store in the fridge.

To make Sugar Free: leave out the powdered sugar and use some stevia to taste. (I tested out NuNaturals Vanilla Liquid stevia and loved my results). The powdered sugar acted as a thickening agent- so you may need to add an extra 1/4 cup or so of coconut butter.

Optional: If you want the cream cheese thicker- add a pinch (up to 1/8 tsp) of Xanthan or Guar Gum OR add as much additional coconut flakes ground into "butter" as you want. The recipe without adding either will be on the thin side. I did this to give each of you more freedom to customize it to your preference.



Brittany Angell

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  1. Alithea

    Once again…you are amazing! I have pre-ordered both books & can’t wait to get them! You have made my life as a mom with a severely allergic kid SO much easier. I really cannot thank you enough. You have always been very forthcoming about your recipes & what can & cannot work as substitutions (my son can’t do tree nuts or eggs, among other things) and I admire you for that.


  2. Kris

    Hi Brittany, this recipe looks great. I had a thought, instead of the coconut flakes, I would try using coconut cream concentrate – it is sold by Tropical Traditions and is probably the consistency you are looking for. It has a very “peanut buttery” type consistency unless “melted”, then it is like a syrup. You have some of the best recipes I have found. Thanks for all your time and effort for those of us that are gluten intolerant and other issues!

  3. Emily Jelassi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Since going GF/CF, I have really missed cream cheese, so I am super-excited to see this recipe! Your recipes are always wonderful. I know how much time must go into each and every one of them, so thank you so much for all your tireless work.
    Question: Are the coconut flakes (used in the recipe) the same as the unsweetened flaked coconut that can be found in the baking isle in every grocery store?

  4. Michelle @ The Willing Cook

    This is amazing! Revolutionary, even. My family hasn’t had cream cheese for so long, and some have never had it. Thank you so much for coming up with this recipe! Along with 4 other bloggers, I have an allergy-friendly blog hop going on today, Allergy-Free Wednesdays. I would absolutely love for you to share this recipe! You can find it here:


    BTW, you have a beautifully simple site. I love it!

  5. Laurel

    As always this looks good enough to eat! It also looks like it would make outstanding ice cream. I’m so glad Emily asked you about the coconut. I had thought you were referring to much larger flakes/shards. Thanks for the early Valentine’s present to all of us. xox

  6. Eryn @ Pumpkin's Pantry

    What a great idea- using coconut flakes instead of nuts for a cheesey treat! My granny used to make strawberry butter with strawberry preserves and powdered sugar that I used to eat way to much of (possibly a contributing factor to my now Ige dairy allergy :), but I’m excited to try this out because it would be a nice substitute and for sure great on a slice of homemade bread πŸ™‚

  7. Beth @ Tasty Yummies

    I cannot wait to try this!! I recently cut dairy out of my diet, so this couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks so so much!

  8. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Coconut butter, coconut manna, and coconut cream concentrate are all the same thing and are all just ground up coconut flakes! You could probably use about 1/2 cup premade coconut butter to replace the coconut flakes here.
    Why have I never mixed coco butter with strawberries?! Come on, berry season! πŸ™‚

  9. Christine Scheeler

    YUM! Can’t wait to try this too! I was just thinking that I can’t wait to get BOTH the books! Both are pre-ordered and waiting to deliver!

    As for knowing your allergies to lectins and such… how did you know? Did you just start eliminating allergy families such as nightshades, etc??

    I ask for myself and for my kid who is chronically screwed up in his immune system.


    Christy Scheeler

  10. Melanie

    I was wondering if you did any experimenting with a chocolate flavor. You think a little cocoa n extra sweetener would work?

  11. Melanie

    Thanks!! Good idea!

  12. Lauren McLachlan

    A friend pointed me in the direction of your blog/recipes.

    Your suggestion that to make this desert “sugar free” and use Stevia is mis-informed. Stevia is made from sugar. Those allergic or sensitive to sugar will react to it.

    There are some of us who may only tolerate Honey as it is a monoglyceride. Saccharine is also a monoglyceride and may be tolerated. We may not tolerate diglycerides or polyglycerides. We must look to the chemical names and true definitions of “sugars”. The word “sugar” missing from an ingredients list does not *really* mean “sugar free”. Not in the chemical sense.

    A clue to if there is SUGAR in any ingredients list look for words that end in
    al, ol, ose, ase, ame or contain sucro, saccharine, saccharide. Syrup — agave or otherwise is also SUGAR. It is not a monoglyceride. Mollases is a sugar. Sugar “substitutes” : stevia, aspartame, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium, and saccharin *are* sugars.

  13. Shaina

    Do you think this would work with honey? If so how much would you recommend? We’re on the GAPS diet and honey is the only allowed sweetener. Thanks, this looks yummy and just in time for valentines day!

  14. suzy

    Perhaps Lauren is confusing stevia with Splenda (which is made from sugar, I think?)

  15. Melanie

    Thanks for posting this! The other week I made a 4 layer cake my sister posted a link to, and it was awesome. I didn’t know what coconut butter was (and used coconut oil instead… ooops!) I thought it was a typo, actually. So today I was looking for a cream cheese recipe that is nut free, and I came across your site and another site. I’m from PA, so getting it as close to Philly cream cheese is essential. I am thinking of blending your recipe and theirs together so it will be nut free (using the coconut butter instead of the nuts) and taste like plain cream cheese. Pray it works!!! πŸ™‚

  16. Claudia

    I’ve ordered “The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guide Part 1” off amazon.ca but for some reason part 2 isn’t even listed! I’m thinking that must be a mistake on the part of the publisher. Can you make it available directly in ebook form?

    Anyway, love your site and am looking forward to at least getting one of your books!

  17. Christina york

    I skipped the step where you cream coconut is there anyway to save it? thankyou

  18. sally

    Thank you for all your efforts and details. I had a little trouble bringing it all together, I am going to try it again. I think my flakes were on the dry side, and the butter never really came together. Looks like a great idea, I look forward to trying it again, with fresh flakes.
    Thank you again, I enjoy your blog!

  19. Susan

    What can I use in place of coconut flakes?

  20. Diane

    I am glad to find your take on this! We are soy,dairy,nut,corn,seed, free- so we eat a lot of coconut! Our daughter also is limited on which proteins. I made chickpea “nofu” this morning, and working on a some sweetened condensed coconut milk now.. hoping to mix some coconut cream sweetened condensed milk and my “nofu” to at least make a frosting or “dessert” base to make faux cheesecake- we will see, but seeing how yours turned out gives me a little faith that if my first try falls short, I can try again!


  21. Stacey

    This might be tasty with chive and onion too!

  22. Hannah

    Hey! I am casein free and have been DYING for cream cheese with my GF bagel! You mentioned using coconut butter in the direction but it is not listed on the ingredients list. I might be mis-interpreting this, but anyways may I have some clarification?

    Thanks so much and I LOVE your website! πŸ™‚

  23. Diana Dias

    Hi Brittany, My daughter Ava turns two end of this month. She is allergic to dairy, egg and soy. I was planning on serving fresh fruits on a stick as on of the items on the menu for her party.Do you think your strawberry cream cheese dip will pair well with it or will it be too sweet? I’m open to other recipes/suggestion. Thanks!!

  24. ZoΓ«

    I think this website is ripping off your recipe…

  25. Renee

    Your recipe looks awesome! I’m trying to think of a way to turn it into a cream cheese frosting for a gluten free carrot cake mix I just bought! πŸ™‚ any ideas? Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  26. Wanda

    I was under the impression that if you have a nut allergy you must not consume coconut products. Is this non truth? I would love to use coconut! Can I?

  27. Bevie

    I keep looking at those beautiful donuts at the top of the page…are these in your cookbook? I want to make them..

  28. Andrea

    I’m new to your site and find it quite amazing. I was sent over by Jeanine over at The Baking Beauties. How do you think this recipe would taste as just a plain cream cheese.

    My son won’t do a “strawberry” cream cheese and prefers just the plain flavor. Also, how long can a batch be stored in the refrigerator?

  29. Jaime W

    Hi Brittany! Question, with this cream cheese recipe, perhaps this could be made into a plain cream cheese and used for a cheesecake?? What would you recommend to use to make this just a plain cream cheese. I do not consume gluten, dairy, nuts, soy or sugar, and I have been dying for a cheesecake!!! Thanks!

  30. Diana

    Hi Brittany,
    This recipe sounds wonderful! I would like to make it today using ‘creamed coconut’ that is sold in a small box and is quite solid when purchased. Have you ever used it in this recipe or others? I plan to add the pureed strawberries and icing sugar and perhaps the Xanthan gum if needed. This is to make strawberry pinwheel sandwiches – dairy and gluten free – for a baby shower this Sunday. I hope it works okay – I will let you know. What do you think about the creamed coconut substitution?

  31. Mackenzie

    omg thanks i’m wheat,dairy, and soy free and I don’t like nuts super excited would taking out the strawberries make it plain and can it be cooked

  32. susans4him

    Hi Brittany,
    I love your idea of this coconut cream cheese. But I am dealing with a child with multiple allergies. And unfortunately one of the allergies is coconut. Is there a possible substitute for coconut flakes in this recipe? Dairy too is out of the question…I hope, I hope…there is…

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