Dairy Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. (Gluten/Egg/Coconut Free)

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I am very fortunate to have gotten to a place with my health that I tolerate dairy really well (I used to be extremely lactose intolerant). So I really didn't fiddle around with dairy free ice cream because it never tasted as good to me. Until Now..

Last Summer we visited our friends Primal Palate and Hayley made us a DELICIOUS Cashew based ice cream. With her permission I took that recipe and started playing with it and trying out some of my own ideas..and after the first batch made I knew I was completely hooked. This ice cream is AWESOME. My husband who is drives me nuts at time with his ice cream pickiness devours this stuff. He said it reminds him of frozen custard. Its on the rich and creamy side.. and we just really dig it. Especially since its dye free!

I have already made a second Expresso Chocolate Chip version which will be coming your way this week.. and I have a long long long list of other flavors I'll be working through. Because.. ICE CREAM!

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Brittany Angell

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