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  1. My log-in info is not working! Make sure to use the EXACT username and password provided to you in your welcome email. We recommend copying and pasting - for complete accuracy.
  2. How do I use the coupons?  The coupons are for online use only. On the Club Angell coupon page you will find promo codes listed for each company. Use these promo codes on the various company websites at checkout and your discounts will be activated!
  3. Where are all the Bonus Club Angell Member recipes? You will find the Club Angell Bonus Member recipes in two places. They are mixed in with the free blog content- however if you are not logged in the member recipes will not be fully visible. You'll only be able to see the intro of the post and photo. Once you have logged in the full post with the recipe will show up.

    Another way to find club recipes is to click on the "Club Recipes" main menu tab. This will lead you to a blog roll filled with club recipes. Again, you will need to make sure you are logged in to view all the recipes.

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Hey Everyone!

Please bear with me, I'm almost ready to unveil the new Club Angell, so in the mean time, if you have any trouble, just hang tight, I'll have it up and running by Monday!

Thank you!