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Each time you come to the site, you can log into Club Angell by entering your member  information in the "Club Angell Login" box on the right panel of the website.

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1. My log-in info is not working! Make sure to use the EXACT username and password provided to you in your welcome email. We recommend copying and pasting - for complete accuracy. If you have any issues feel free to email us at and we can look up your account info and send you a password.

2.Where are all the Bonus Club Angell Member recipes? The Club Angell recipes are located on the main blog. Just click on the "club recipes" menu tab. You will also see the recipes mixed in with the blogs free recipes on the recipe search page! However- keep in mind that if you are logged out, or your membership has expired that you will only be able to see photos and the description but not the actual recipe.  

3. Why am I able to log in but cant see Club Angell recipes? When a membership ends you will still be able to log in so that you can keep your account if you wish. Just log in, update your payment info and moments later you will be able to see everything on the blog once again- your membership will last another year! 

4. I want to change my password! Just log into your account and click "my account" and in the new password field just type your new password of choice twice! then click "save all changes!" And your new password will work going forward! 

5) Where can I find my exclusive Club Angell ebooks?  The Ebooks will arrive as a PDF attached in your welcome letter. Simply click on the file to download. If you lost your welcome letter feel free to email us at and we are happy to send it to you again! 

6) Will the member recipes be emailed to me each week?  No! They will only be added to the member archives. If you are interested in following along to find out what was added each week, subscribe to our weekly FREE newsletter Join Here:

7) Im not longer using the email address that I signed up with. Can I change it? YES! Just log into your account- go to the "my account" page and you'll see a section where it lets you update your Name, Email or Password. Feel free to make any changes then click save all changes! 

8) How will my membership renew?  A week prior to your membership coming to an end each year- you will receive and email from us with more details. We suggest at this time to update your billing info , if you are using a new credit card. 

* We have had some issues with members not receiving renewal emails.If you don't receive an email you will also know that your membership ended if you log in and are unable to see full recipe posts. If this happens and you wish to join again- just update your payment info and within a minute you will be an active member again. 

If you wish to cancel/ prevent your account from renewing, please click here.


Have any other questions or problems please email us at - We try to respond within 24 hours! 


Hey Everyone!

Please bear with me, I'm almost ready to unveil the new Club Angell, so in the mean time, if you have any trouble, just hang tight, I'll have it up and running by Monday!

Thank you!