The Paleo Approach Book Review.

February 8, 2014


A few years back, when I was sick as a dog and plagued with daily chronic autoimmune attacks- I was desperate for answers, desperate for explanations, desperate for HELP. I saw doctor after doctor to piece together the complexity of my hashimotos disease. I spent days and days on the verge of tears (many in full blown melt downs).

Those were the most trying years of my life, for which I am thankful, as they made me who I am. But, I would not wish what I went through on anyone.

Had this book- the Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne  been released when I first got sick, it would have saved me many months of confusion. For that reason I will back it 150% . Its a game changer, and is something that EVERY doctor and EVERY patient with an autoimmune disease needs to own.

You have the power to fix your health, to resolve chronic pain. I will preach that from the roof tops. You have the power and don't let any doctor tell you otherwise.  Confused about leaky gut, about food intolerances..and about how paleo can help? This book IS FOR YOU.  Even if you aren't really into Paleo..you will learn boat loads.

The reason I stand behind paleo so firmly is because it literally saved my health. I had a very bad systemic candida infection, my adrenals were tapped out, I was borderline diabetic and everything I ate was making me sick. All day everyday for almost 3 years I suffered from every single symptom of hashimotos with no idea how to get it under control. As a last ditch effort I turned to the autoimmune version of the  paleo diet and followed it to the T!  A year later my health was back in working out. I kid you not.

These days I eat more 80/20 Paleo Because I can.. sometimes even 50/50. I don't keep that hard of track, nor do I force myself into a mold. But I am continually inspired by the fact that paleo helps to keep a focus on real food- and with it I find myself eating far more veggies that I would otherwise.  While my health may be better, and while I may be able to eat much more variety, I remember like it was yesterday what it was like to be able to eat NOTHING.  Which is why this blog will forever be dedicated to recipes free of tons of allergens.

Please, if you have any health issues- especially autoimmune immune related..BUY THIS BOOK. Its will bring clarity to so many of your health struggles. I get so many health questions all the time, and because I'm not a doctor I don't feel comfortable giving advice. But this book, this book will tell you exactly what I have been longing to somehow share.

You can read more about the book here.  

Read more on how I put my hashimotos disease into remission here.

Cheers to wonderful health for each of you!

Brittany Angell
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